26 January, 2010

Good Morning, Wakey Wakey !!!

….. is how the whole thing would start – every morning !!

If there’s one act that feels like a never ending climb on Mount Everest, it absolutely has to be the act of waking up Macademia and Pecan in the mornings. There are days when Mommy has come dangerously close to contemplating pouring a bucket of water over their heads. The only thing that stopped her from doing so was that sliver of doubt that a bucket of water might not accomplish the task either. All it would do was leave Mommy dear with the rather enviable task of laundering a whole load of wet bedsheets and pillow covers – not to mention – the mattresses !!!

Head would prevail over the heart (oh yes ! the heart used to scream out aloud saying “go get that bucket of water and do it now !!”) and the idea would be dropped, much to the heart’s and to Mommy’s chagrin.

Noise simply was not having the desired effect – or rather, noise was simply not having a.n.y effect. The infamous Teddy Bear alarm clock would scream until it seemed like its lungs would give way any minute, the poor Teddy Bear would try in vain with its multiple greetings of “good morning”, in an effort to wake atleast one of the nutty siblings – but all was in vain. The neighbors probably used to wake up when the Teddy Bear screamed but nah – not Macademia and most definitely not Pecan.

Mommy has, plenty of times, tried to shake them out of their slumber. Needless to say, that strategy has not been anywhere close to a success either. Mommy would pat herself on the back when Macademia would open one eye and start rumbling and grumbling like a dormant volcano about to erupt. “Ah ha ! That’s one down – one to go”, Mommy would think and get busy shaking the other sibling. Whilst efforts got underway to get Pecan to wake up, Macademia would find the path towards rather blissful sleep once again. Just as Pecan would start swatting Mommy’s hand away like one swats a rather errant fly, Mommy would be entreated to the sounds of Macademia’s soft snores – yet again !!!

It is small wonder that the joints of the bunk bed need to be tightened ahem … rather often. One thing’s for sure – Ikea’s bunk beds can withstand the force of an adult head pounding and thudding against it – rather repeatedly. In case any of you are in the same boat and need to rather desperately bang your head on furniture, you know where to shop !!!

Yesterday too was one such day when Mommy was at her wits end. Nothing – absolutely nothing – could rouse the nutty siblings. Pouring water was out of the question. The Teddy Bear had given up on these two a long time back.

Desperate measures were called for !!!!!!!!! Totally desperate and frantic, as life seemed to be getting out of control, Mommy paced the room, pursing her lips, whistling away to counteract the stress, wracking what was left of her brains, trying to figure out some means of waking Macademia and Pecan up.

And then, out of the blue, inspiration struck !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yes ! Inspiration struck and the idea was implemented – immediately and the effect it had was astonishingly effective !!!

Mommy now throws this question at you, yep – you ! :).

What do you think Mommy did to rouse Macademia and Pecan from their slumber ?? What was it that achieved the “near impossible”??

Tell, Tell !! Mommy's listening :).

Edited to add

Mommy's ITouch was put to good use that morning. Just the previous day, we'd watched the movie "3 idiots" and the nutty siblings had been really taken in with the song "all ij well". Playing "all ij well" out aloud that morning worked like a charm.

Just in case you're thinking that "all ij well" has made life easier for Mommy - you'd need to know that "all ij well" worked very well the first day, reasonably well the next day and did not have any effect whatsoever, on the third day.

Things, pretty much, are back to square one !!!!!!

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4 voice(s) said so:

charu said...

did you start singing/threaten to sing "jab life is out of control.....aal izz well"? It's the latest blackmail that's working for now at my place. Charu.

INDY said...

Oh poor things! It must be the weather! I'm finding it hard to get out of bed myself in this HK cold! But, maybe you cooked some yummy breaky and the smell woke them up? and keep hitting the snooze button!

Andy said...

tell me fast, I am out of ideas and that bucket has reached the bed

Sunshine said...

my mom used to open the curtains and start talking to us...at some point of time she would say something so outrageous that one of us would have to answer hence waking up!