05 October, 2009

Is Planet Earth a living thing ?

The Abhayisms have all but stopped, have they not ?

It’s not as if Pecan has stopped dishing out wisecracks. Oh no ! He has not. It’s just that there is something different about the “Abhayisms” now.

Situations do bring about witty ripostes and retorts do fly quite often. But they are somehow different in composition. There are times when the quips and questions seem quite “grown up”.

That babyness, that innocence that one associates with a wide eyed wonder that only little children are capable of – it is that gullibility that makes all the difference.

There is an element of assurance about Pecan nowadays. Something that was not so evident even last year – but something that is so markedly present this year. There is an air of confidence and even when he retorts with a quip – he does so in a rather measured manner.

The thoughts which seemed rather scattered before – so scattered that they used to fly in from all directions – are now focused.

Where there used to be high pitched giggles hitherto, now there is a knowing smile. Where there used to be that slight element of uncertainty while putting forth facts in his statements, now there is a stillness, a certain element of poise.

Where there used to be an element of “oh I need to check on that before I say it out aloud”, now there seems to be a distinct sense of assurance, one of self-belief and self-reliance.

So where Pecan used to dole out Abhayisms that used to have people rolling on the floor, uncontrollably laughing – he now dishes out what we’ve termed “gyaan”.

The questions and queries have an element of seriousness about them and at times – are quite profound. Wherefrom do such thought processes originate – he does make us ponder over that question many a times, nowadays.

“Sometimes he seems way beyond 6 ½ years of age” was what Vic said the other day.

The queries, yet again, seem to originate after a lot of thought having been attributed to them. It is not a “flash in the pan” kind. He’s thought about it and when he puts forth his queries, it is almost as if he is asking for inputs, different angles to the query – rather than the solution as a whole. Some more angles, so that he can ponder over it some more and come up with more complex questions.

“Would you say that Planet Earth is a living thing ?” was one such query.

To be honest, it threw me. How does one respond to something like that ? It cannot be responded to immediately – just some answer just to stop the questions from flying across. It was a question that deserved more respect, it was not a query that could be answered with just a Yes or a No.

“What would you say ? Is Planet Earth a living thing according to you ?” I asked him.

“See – Planet Earth has things on it that helps people, animals and insects to live. It has grass for animals to eat, it has water for people and animals to drink, it has oxygen for all living beings to breathe. But all these things are there ON Planet Earth. So Planet Earth helps living things to live. No other planet in the solar system can have any living thing living on them. They’re too cold or they’re too hot or they don’t have air that people can breathe or they don’t have water. Seeds are put in the soil and they grow. Clouds give us rains. Oceans have coral reefs – and coral reefs which look like stones or hard sponges – are actually living things …..”

“So God made only Planet Earth the place where living beings can live. That is why I’m confused. That is why I asked if Planet Earth is a living thing ?”

I think the point he was and is trying to make is that only something living can sustain another life. That is what I’ve managed to gather from his thought processes.

So, I now pose this question to you who is reading this at this very moment –

In your opinion, is Planet Earth a living thing ?”

Dr. Ralph Gerrard once said

"Reason can answer questions, but imagination has to ask them."

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6 voice(s) said so:

choxbox said...

that is a very deep question G!

i usually deflect all such Qs to older sib. i find the answers amazing, and often wonder why i didn't think of it!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

That is such a thought provoking question. It got me thinking seriously. How smart, logical and imaginative our kids are! They are so young but their hunger for knowledge is so inspiring.

memyhubbynbaby said...

Your boy is so SMART!
It depends on how you define 'Living'.
The Earth does not respire, create its own food, etc., so I don't think it will be classified as 'Living'by the Science books. But it is in motion because of this huge force/energy. There is also an energy within all living objects which keeps us going. If we consider all these energies as one and the same, then it is 'living', and if not then it isn't :)
Did I add some more confusion to this topic? :)

Mama - Mia said...

how many years old is he again? as much as i am awed by the Q i am even more impressed with his line of thought! :)


Nivetha said...

Mmm ... Very nice debate...

dipali said...

Such an amazing question! Technically I guess it isn't a living thing, since it doesn't, for example, reproduce! But it certainly facilitates Life as we know it!