18 September, 2009

Market Day Stalls

Yesterday was Market Day at Macademia’s school campus.

Their school does come up with rather novel concepts – thus creating an atmosphere in which the kids are enthused enough to give it their best and the whole thing works out to be a huge learning experience as well.

Yesterday’s Market Day Stalls were one such endeavor.

The Year Six students had to set up their own Market on the floor on which the Year Six classrooms are located. They could use the classrooms, their own desks, the corridor to sell their wares.

Who would be shopping at their stalls ?

Their customers were the Year Four students, Year Five students and of course, the teaching community at their school.

While this seems rather uncomplicated at first glance, it was quite a task for the Year Six students.

They had to make decisions on whether they were going to be working alone or in groups. They had to decide on what they were going to sell at their stall. They had to prepare their own posters/advertisements to entice the Year Four and Year Five students and the teachers to buy the product which they had up for sale. They had to decide on what they were going to sell – it could be food items, craftwork, misc items . They had to decide on whether they were going to sell readymade stuff (bought by them from the market commercially) or to make their own at home and sell it at their stall.

Most importantly, they had to decide on the pricing of the item. If they worked in groups, the profit would have to be equally shared among the group members – irrespective of how much each one had sold individually. But they could divide their duties – one would be in charge of advertising, one in charge of the money etc. If they chose to work alone, the profit was all theirs to reap but there was so much more of work to be done – all by that one student alone.

For the Year Fours and Fives too – the task on hand was not as simple as it seemed. They would be given teaching money (fake money) @ 7 dollars per student. They had to spend it wisely – look around all the stalls, decide what they wanted to buy and then budget their expenses.

Macademia had already decided that she was going to work alone on this particular project.

"If I were to work in a group, lot of time will be wasted just deciding what to sell. I'm seeing it happen with others - if one likes one item the other person in the group does not. So I rather work alone" she said.

Then came the clincher when she said "I'm going to be working just as hard in a group as I would if I set up my stall all by myself. Also, there are kids who will do nothing but just by being a part of the group, they would get a share in the profits. Why should I share the profits with people who don't work ?" she asked.

Macademia was clear on what she wanted to sell at the market stalls. “Not food” she said.

When asked “Why not food ?”, the reasons stated were

1. Most of the children are going to be selling food.

2. The Market Stalls would be open immediately after snack time at school. So the kids would have already had their snack just before they hit the stalls. Highly possible, their tummies would be quite full from their snack boxes. So selling food is not such a good idea.

3. Cooked food could well get spoilt in this hot humid weather. It would have to be cooked in the morning before leaving for school and it would have to stay (without refrigeration) until late morning (say 11 am). So it is not a very safe idea either.

4. The item has to be of use to people. They should be able to keep it for quite some time and use it in their daily lives. So I choose to opt for craftwork.

Now Macademia wanted ideas on what kind of craftwork could sell. Also, it had to be the kind of craftwork which we could put together in a couple of days time. There had to be a good number to sell and it had to be done quickly. We put our heads together and decided that bookmarks would be a good idea.

Macademia wanted to sell one more item besides the bookmarks. We began by thinking about what children use regularly at school.

Pencils and Pens !!

We then put our heads together and came up with the idea of making something to put on the ends of the pens and pencils that would jazz up the concept of “just a pen and pencil”. We decided to try and make these pen/pencil decorators with material such that once that particular pencil was small – the children could just take off the decorators and put them onto another pencil or pen of their choice. Basically, the pen/pencil decorators had to be reusable.

And after two days of work, these were what we came up with ….

Bookmarks ....

Leaf Shaped Bookmarks

Heart Shaped Bookmarks

Yet some more bookmarks :) ...

Pen/Pencil Decorators - Flowers and Hearts

Here are some cars, the school logos, a basketball and a police badge

Yet another basketball, a soccer ball, a star, some more school logos, a smiley face and two pretty pretty butterflies :))

The kids loved it, the teachers loved it and sales were indeed very brisk.

All in all, Market Day has been deemed a huge success !!

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Altoid said...

Lovely G! And so useful and colorful and kid-friendly. Noted this post, I'm definitely going to use these ideas :). I am not surprised it was a big hit and a successful sell, they're all so eye-catching and unusual.

Aditi's Album said...

Such great ideas and thanks to you, i'm going to bookmark them for future use.

Kodi's Mom said...

does macadamia have an mba with specialization in handicrafts? no?
just checking. her entrepreneurial sense and thought process was so sensible.
and the bookmarks are absolutely lovely. lucky folks who got to buy them!!

dipali said...


Itchingtowrite said...

wow! extremely good thinking
she is a business woman in the making

Nagesh.MVS said...

wow! extremely good thinking
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Mama - Mia said...

awesome awesome awesome is all i can say!! :)

Sue said...

Oh, smart thinking. And I loved the bookmarks and decorations. Would definitely have bought some.