18 August, 2009

The summer holidays .....

....... had been rather busy with the nutty family starting their househunting. Things got progressively insane as the nutty family prepared to move into another apartment (oh yes ! we actually found one !!) . Once the move was done and over with, the senior members of the nutty family a.k.a Daddy and Mommy – pretty much teetered on the brink of insanity – while they worked at making home look like home and not a cave !!

A new apartment found, moving done and over with and as we are almost settled in - the summer holidays too have come to an end.

Well – almost. Just another day to go. Schools re-open on the 20th of August.

Much to Mommy’s chagrin, she has been feeling a bit low about this actually. Exactly how confused can one get ??? Through the summer holidays, Mommy was pretty much ready to jump at the accusation that Macademia and Pecan were absolutely driving her up the wall. And now that schools are all set to open, Mommy realizes that she would kind of miss having Macademia and Pecan around – all day.

Well, all good things come to an end and so is the case with the summer holidays too.

Macademia starts her last year of Primary School and the next academic year will see her stepping into Secondary school. Mommy wonders how exactly time zipped past at the speed of light – she still remembers the little toddler who loved to chew on shoes and the little child who used to quite literally “roll” into kindergarten everyday – insisting that her butterfly clip was the only one she would wear to school.

Pecan steps into his second year of Primary School with good memories of the first year. The first year of Primary School which saw him come out of his shell, grow in confidence and get more assertive. Come the next academic year, Pecan will start going off on overnight camps too.

So here’s to a brand new school year and here’s wishing both the nutty siblings another great school year to come.

To the both of you, as you head back to school, here's a quote that says it all ….

May this coming school year bring you happiness galore
And may you enjoy it – right to the very core !!!

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8 voice(s) said so:

Neera said...

And I too join you Gauri in wishing Abhay and Appu yet another wonderful school year ahead. Shall keep looking forward to more updates from the same as always :) Much love and blessings to both

Indy said...

Congrats on the successful house move! I went through hell in March as we(or rather mostly I) moved our thing sfrom an apartment in one tower to the new apartment in another tower!We live in Tung Chung y'see!Quite a pain arranging everything from scratch!

Hope your two lil ones have a 'rolling' year ahead!!!!

Just Like That said...

schools matter so much- not for the academics part, but for the memories-- here's hoping that M and P have simply lovely memories of their new schools.
And here's to happy days in your new home too, Gauri! :-)

upsilamba said...

Wishing the nutty siblings a wonderful year ahead!

choxbox said...

wishing P & M a great year ahead!

Kodi's Mom said...

wish you nutty lot a delightful year ahead!

Jonam said...

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Nagesh.MVS said...

wishing P & M a great year ahead!
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