20 August, 2009

The Quietness of Mornings ....

...... was something Mommy had forgotten about over the past couple of months. Ever since the summer break from school began, there was no need for the nutty siblings to rush out of bed in the mornings. They could sleep in as late as they wished to, without worrying about the alarm clock ringing out a loud and shrill “Good Morning”. The very same held true for the adults in the household as well.

Mommy had, over the past couple of months, temporarily given up on her role of the walking talking alarm clock. Mommy used to be the “back up” alarm clock for Macademia and Pecan – in the event of their teddy bear alarm clock failing in its duty to wake the siblings up.

Invariably, the teddy bear would fail. While it would successfully wake up half the apartment block (yes, it is that loud !), the nutty siblings would continue to snooze in veritable peace, bundled far away in their own la-la land.

Over the past couple of months, the adults in the household too had slipped into the habit of waking up much later than they normally would have – when school was on.

Today morning was different.

Mommy was out of bed at the crack of dawn – well – not quite. Mommy was up and around by 5.30 am. All was quiet and the entire house was still. Even Timmy the Turtle was fast asleep, its limbs all stretched out in the bathtub. It barely bothered opening one of its eyes and gave what Mommy gathered was a rather disgusted look. “Who in God’s name wakes up at such unearthly hours ?” was what the look seemed to say. It was a look that spoke volumes, actually. And just as Mommy was about to say “sorry for having disturbed your slumber, Timmy”, Timmy yawned and just settled back to sleep – just like that !!

Mommy opened the windows and looked at the roads and realized, much to her surprise, that there was barely any traffic at this time of the morning. No sounds of vehicles or blaring of the horns, no pots and pans clanging anywhere in the near or distant vicinity – nothing. Nothing but a softness, a calmness that pervades the senses and settles itself in.

An abundant peace seemed to manifest itself, a quietude, a stillness – a distinct sense of tranquility. Almost out of habit, Mommy’s hands reached for her IPod which then went on to its dock and seconds later – the soft tones of the Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram filled the air.

Yes – there is indeed something magical about early mornings. That sense of peace, of oneness with oneself and ones thoughts, the calm and the quiet of nature too – as the barely softest of sun rays begin to peep through the fluffy white of the clouds, the serenity that abounds …. is a feeling that is refreshing beyond compare. All is silent, except for the soft, muted chirping and twittering of birds – heralding the beginning of yet another day.

As Emme Woodhull-Bache once said

"I love the sweet smell of dawn -
our unique daily opportunity to smell time,
to smell opportunity -
each morning being, a new beginning."

Macademia and Pecan were up and about too – by 6.30 am – all excited about the prospect of a whole new year at school. Mommy leaves you with a picture of Macademia and Pecan, all set and ready for their first day of a fresh academic year at school.

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9 voice(s) said so:

GentleLavender said...

Macademia and Pecan look supercute, liked their pic and your writing style. Such pure, 'dawn-lie' thoughts. I look forward to read more.

GentleLavender said...

Of course, I meant dawn like. Typo:)

Suma said...

what excitement to go back to school!

it is so nice to wake up before everyone else and enjoy the magic...though of course i wake up only when i HAVE to!

*goes away muttering to herself another 15 days more!


Sumana said...

Oops it is going to be like that from next week. Kids had a 2 week off because of the swine flu thingy.

mybabynaren said...

The early morning quiet and peace is very Godly me thinks. It gives you a great moment to catch up...have u noticed how different the peace of the morning is so very different from the peace and quiet of the night? I personally feel so very anxious about the peace of the latter...somehow the morning is so refreshing and quietening. I love their uniforms!

Cynthia said...

Oh, this photographs brings back so many memories of the first morning of going back to school as a kid. Look at those beautiful smiles!

mnamma said...

All the best to Macadamia and Pecan for beginning another year at school. They look very smart in their school uniforms.

Trish said...

aww they look verysmart indeed..all the very best to the nutty siblings..:)

Nagesh.MVS said...

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