17 July, 2009

Potter Mutter ......

“Wingardium Leviosaa” “Wingardium Leviosaaa” “Wingardium Leviosaaa” came the curious sounding chants – growing louder by the minute.

“What in the name of God is that ?” wondered Mommy, as she wracked her brains (or what is left of them) and tried rather desperately to figure out what exactly was going on. She succeeded as much as a human with aquaphobia succeeds in swimming backstrokes in the pool.

Exactly !! She failed rather miserably, to put things mildly.

The chants were growing louder and soon began to reverberate through the house “Wingardium Leviosaaaaa”.

“Ah ! The nutty siblings must have found an insect” gloated Mommy, all to herself. And “Wingardium whatever-that-is” must be the botanical name for the insect, thought Mommy.

“Wingaaaaaardium Leviosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” came the screech and it sounded rather painful. Painful enough for Mommy to conclude that the nutty siblings were sitting with the “Children’s Encylopedia of the Human Body” and had come across the name of a disease.

“Yes. Why did I not think of that before ?” muttered Mommy to herself, under her breath.
"Wingardium Leviosaaaa does indeed sound like a disease". A rather painful affliction, speaks volumes of misery untold. “Wonder who’s had the misfortune to have come down with that malady” wondered Mommy.

To further clarify things with Macademia and Pecan, Mommy made her way to the kids’ room and was greeted with shouts of “Rictusempra, Rictusempra”. And a few milliseconds later, both siblings descended upon the hapless Mommy, tickling and poking – while a rather baffled Mommy tried to figure out what had happened to the siblings.

“Locomoter Mortis” screamed Macademia, “Petrificus Totalus” screamed Pecan, while Mommy grew more horrified by the minute. “What in God’s name is this ??” she wondered, while a part of her baffled mind noticed that Macademia and Pecan were looking as pleased with themselves as a cat would look after having polished off an entire bowl of full cream milk.

The look on Mommy’s face was confused and dazed enough to send the nutty siblings into an uncontrollable spate of laughter. Mommy had heard of the term “rolling on the floor laughing” – and now, here she was, actually getting to see it firsthand. And seeing Mommy looking more traumatized by the minute was proving to be a source of intense mirth and amusement for the siblings.

“Expelliarmus” “Expelliarmus” they screamed in unison.

“I’m having Tarantulagra” said Macademia. “Me too Me too” screamed Pecan, through the tears that had begun to flow from such uncontainable hilarity.

Mommy, by now, was not even sure this was actually happening or whether she was seeing things.

“Finite Incantetum” “Finite Incantetum” chanted the siblings while Mommy was busy sending fervent prayers up to whoever would listen at that point of time ……

Once things had settled down and the situation was relatively calm and peaceful – mainly because the siblings had ended up hiccupping madly after having laughed their heads off – Mommy dared venture and ask them what was the language being spoken.

“It is Harry Potterish” said the siblings.

Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!! Realization dawned !!!!!!!!!

Mommy has never ever been able to appreciate the Harry Potter books.

Ok Ok. Now before you decided to clap your palm onto your mouth and go “Oh Gawd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you ?????” – let me tell you this – Mommy has not read a single Harry Potter book. All the books in the Harry Potter series do indeed rest on our bookshelf at home – but Mommy, for one, has not been able to go beyond 10 pages of the first book. That’s how far she got before she threw the towel in and decided that Harry Potter and his bunch of wizards were most definitely not her cup of tea.

So given that little piece of history, it was no wonder indeed that Mommy had no clue that these were incantations from Good Ole Harry Potter books !!!!

Well, the Potter mania continues with the siblings. To such an extent that when it is time for the lights to go off at night, they chant “Nox, Nox, Nox, Nox” and if the lights need to come on then it is “Lumos, Lumos, Lumos, Lumos”.

In the meanwhile, as this Potter mania continues to manifest itself in all its glory in the linguistic capabilities of the nutty siblings, Mommy has made sure of one thing ……………

She’s hidden the broomstick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 voice(s) said so:

Kodi's Mom said...

*clapping palm onto mouth* "Oh Gawd! How can you ??? "

pls give the books another go - for the sake of maintaining the nuttiness levels. and keeping up with the nxt gen ;)

Just Like That said...

Oh Gauri! How can you ?
You have all 6 of them! a chance to read all of what happens at one go...instead of waiting a whole year in between... Go for it, Gaur! Wingardium Leviosa the first one! :-D And happy reading!
AFter the second, you'll read all the rest in one go, I promise you.

Altoid said...

Come come G, the two of us can get away from this lunatic potter mania and get cracking on riddle-me-rees :P. Who needs Potter talk!

PS : I am in the same boat as you- have never read even one of them HP books, attempted watching the first movie and gave up forever somewhere midway.

Tharini said...

This is the one place where I will never understand you Gauri. NEVER!!!! NEVAH!!!!!

Now you just beware whom you call a nut!

*mumbling to herself,thinking about rescuing the awesome nuts from her clutches*

Suki said...

This time, I'm totally on the kids' side :D. I've had my Pottermanic days too, thankfully they ended with the utter crap that was Book 5. Let's just say, I've given myself a Memory Charm(for forgetting) since then.

upsilamba said...

*scared to raise my arm. looks around and see KM, JLT, Suki and Tharini glowering and sharpening their paws. puts her half raised arm down. exits*.

Gauri and Altoid - can we meet for tea?

Fafy said...

Hi!!! Nice to see a fellow HK Indian blogging! Listed you to my blogroll Gauri!

Hip Grandma said...

No potter or mania for me.I can't understand the excitement about it at all.Soon I'll be at the receiving end from my g'kids.So i'd better get updated.

choxbox said...

read them babe. they're not bad at all.

Rohini said...

Read them just so that you can share in the madness with the nutty siblings :)

the mad momma said...

G!! go on. give them another shot. dont listen to the altoid - she's just a milkmaid. what does she know?!

listen to T and me. In fact start with book 3 which is less childish and i assure you - you wont regret it.

AMIT said...

Wow you write this type of posts very well.

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dipali said...

I sincerely loved the first three- did read the 4th and 5th, but more because they were there.

Try again:)

Poppy said...

LOL. I remember we had a fight (ahem) argument about this on TMM's site. Go one now, read up! :) One has to keep up with the nuts don't they?