15 July, 2009

"Certified" Solution !!

Hongkong is in the middle of a huge heat wave. Rain falls in the mornings – teasing, tantalizing, holding forth hopes of coolness later on in the day. That, however, never happens. The afternoons and evenings are sheer torture – the heat is horrendous, the humidity levels unbearable. And this ghastly weather pattern seems to be holding firm – much like a dog which finds a huge bone under the ground and digs its teeth into it, persistently refusing to let go.

Right now, saunas out here in HK must be running into the red for sure. They must be filing for bankruptcy and falling to the liquidators much faster than roaches fall dead from a spray of Raid. People don’t really need to visit saunas any more. They can just sit within the confines of their homes and swelter, boil and broil in their own sweat.

And in the midst of all this, the nutty siblings have two long months of summer holidays. Ever tried keeping two little busy bees occupied virtually the whole day – that too when most of their friends have left town and gone over to India for their holidays.

Not easy, says Mommy. Quite far from easy, actually.

Yet again, since the summer holidays began, it was getting quite tiresome – repeating instructions of all sorts – over and over again – to the nutty siblings. Why tiresome ? Because they honestly seem to have memory banks the size of peanuts when it comes to remembering and recollecting what they need to do and when. This, despite being told what to do - like what must be a gazillion times. They seem blessed with the ability to be selectively perceptive while Mommy began to sound like a CD player on repeat mode on a bad sector of a CD.

Give them a cup of milk in the mornings and they’d willingly sit in front of it and stare at it as though they expect some sort of telepathic connection with the milk. Some connection that would automatically make the milk walk up the cup and take a flying leap into their mouths (which incidentally would be closed).

The beds lie unmade and all Mommy needs to do is to rub the magic lamp and the genie appears with a smile and says “your wish is my command”. Yeah right ! Wishful thinking indeed !! Once the siblings wake up in the mornings, they have long, protracted discussions about how to spend the rest of the day. And in the process, pillows get flung around the room, bed sheets come off the beds and a while later, the room quite looks like it has been hit by a typhoon and gale force winds.

Give them a bit of writing practice or some bit of Math practice and lo and behold – Mommy does not need to vaccum the house that day. Their long faces take care of that bit. At the very sight of work, albeit a microscopic bit, their faces are long enough to wipe and swish at the floor every time they walk around.

With the younger sibling, there was yet another issue. In the midst of the horrible heat wave and scorching conditions , we found that the younger sibling was not even reaching for his bottle of water. The rest of the household gulps down bottle after bottle of water – so much so that – when we walk around – I swear you can hear water sloshing in our bellies. We drink enough water to drown whales in – but the water levels in the younger sibling’s water bottle barely registered a decline.

He simply was not drinking enough water. Just issuing reminders to the younger sibling to ingest water was driving the adults in the household to levels of insanity hitherto unheard of. Nothing was working. And we’ve never motivated our children by offering them things like icecreams or candies and such like – to get them to do what they are supposed to do.

Vic finally hit upon an idea. A certificate !!

Certificates are one thing that the younger sibling covets. He craves them, yearns for them. His face lights up at the sight of one and if it is his name on the certificate, quite simply put – his day is made.

And sure enough, it worked like a charm.

Water was being guzzled at a rate that alarmed the fishes in our aquarium at home. Just in case the water in the taps dried up, he probably would have headed for the aquarium looking for water. Or so the poor fishes thought.

And that was how he earned his “water drinking champion” certificate.

On the 4th of July, 2009, both siblings got a certificate for being “the best kids in the world”.

They’d been diligently working towards it – finishing the work allotted to them by the end of the day and all that. Mommy still continued to look as though she was capable of pulling out every single hair on top of her head by the end of the day but then again – that “mad, half crazed, wild eyed look” is fast turning into Mommy’s natural look. Not far is the day when the nutty siblings might say “yeah – that’s how our mom looks – a.l.w.a.y.s”.

This entire certificate thingy (as the elder sibling calls it) has added a whole new fun element into the situation. Like for instance, a few days later came this certificate (which is rather self-explanatory).

Trust me when I say – you really don’t want to know the details on this one !!!

One thing is for sure. The certificates sure have generated quite some enthusiasm in pecan a.k.a The Younger Sibling. Macademia a.k.a The Elder Sibling, being quite worldly wise, knows exactly how this game is being played and how pecan is being “conned into certification” but so far has chosen to keep mum and watch the fun from the sidelines.

Hopefully, what has started off with motivation in the form of certificates for specific "achievements" will eventually turn into habits. Habits that will not call for repeated reminders. Well, one can hope - right ??

Like Jim Rohn once said

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

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choxbox said...

nice! LOLing at cherry pip throwing!

Tharini said...

What a fun fun fun fun post G!!!! And what cool certificates! How'd you get them made? Pls. share secret. Would love to spring these on an unsuspecting Akhil! He's been such a doll these days!

Cherry pip throwing contest! Ha ha ha!

Neera said...

How cool is that G! Awesome idea ..did u and Vic design these urself? I too would love it if u cud share teh secret :)

karmickids said...

I'm so bumming this idea off you, G....