19 June, 2009

Logic - Abhay Style - Episode 3

The insect mania has not worn off. Nah ! Not one bit !

When Spike the Beetle was around, lots of time was seen spent gazing at Spike, talking to Spike and what have you.

Oh, by the way, just in case you're confused - I am not talking about myself - I am very much talking about the younger sibling.


And why did I mention Spike the Beetle in past tense ? Because Spike the Beetle has been released where it belongs - into the arms of Mother Nature. Whilst Spike was quite content in its little box, doing its cartwheels every now and then - some research on the Internet showed that come summer, beetles need to bury themselves under the soil. Not having the gumption to release Spike the Beetle into the soil in the potted plants that we have at home and risk a probable beetle infestation later on, we deemed it fit to release Spike amongst the plants in our apartment complex where it would have many of its kind for company.

End of Detour

Yesterday morning, a small moth was making its way somewhere. I don't know where it was headed because it did not speak the same language that I did. So I did not get any answers. It caught the nutty siblings' attention and the younger sibling was gaping at it as though it was the most wonderful thing he'd opened his eyes to. That was followed by a huge smile, a flurry of waves that seemed as though his hand was a windshield wiper run amok and the whole room reverberated with cries of "hi there little guy". The "little guy" a.k.a "the moth" seemed blissfully oblivious to all the uproar that it had created and slowly but steadily made its way across our window to wherever it is that it was headed.

Now, the live subject having disappeared and the insect mania having been kindled and still on his mind, the younger sibling headed off to get one of his "insect books" - this one having been borrowed from the Public Library, which helpfully has hordes of "insect books" on its shelves. Books like this one, for instance :

Life went on as the younger sibling appeared to be doing some in-depth research on insects.

Later in the afternoon, the younger sibling was found trying to walk on all fours and wobbling from side to side. He also seemed to be trying to rotate his head a full 360 degrees. Pure alarm which was coursing through my head caused me to ask him exactly what he thought he was doing and the reply I got was "I'm trying to walk and see like a spider".

I thanked the Good Lord that he was trying to do that on flat ground and not on one of the walls !!

A rather unceremonious sounding thud a few minutes later saw the younger sibling sitting on the carpet like human beings are supposed to be sitting and in that very pose came the proclamation "It is a big problem for all the mummy and daddy spiders".

"Problem for mummy and daddy spiders ?" queried Yours Truly, thinking rather incredulously "Yeah right - now mummy and daddy spiders are having problems. How about problems that human mummies and daddies are faced with ? How come no one thinks of those ?"

"Yeah ! Big problem for the mummy and daddy spiders" came the rejoinder. "Baby and Child Spiders also have eight legs, you know".

"Ah ! Now that bit of news belongs in NatGeo Wild." thought Yours Truly. "For that matter, why just NatGeo Wild - CNN, BBC, CNBC - they could all run a segment on the discovery that 'baby and child' spiders too have eight legs".

"It is a very very big problem for all the mummy and daddy spiders" he repeated, shaking his head solemnly.

Why do you think he said that ? Want to give it a shot ? Go on ... try.

All I can say is that the answer stumped me. And as far as we humans go, it is quite an issue - a real one, at that.

So here's the question again :

"All spiders have eight legs. Baby spiders and child spiders have eight legs too. Now that is a big problem for the mummy and daddy spiders". Why ?

(sigh) All I can say is "Think Abhay Logic" on this one.

For those who have not had a taste of Abhay Logic, here are Episode One and Episode Two of the Abhay Logic Series

All the very best to those who are tweaking their brains over this. And while we are at it, you might as well wish me Good Luck too - cos I'm going to be at the receiving end of "queries" like these for the next 2 months or so :).

Oh Yes ! The summer break has indeed begun !!! :)))

Edited to add

It all started with the younger sibling complaining that one of his shoes were a tad too tight while the other shoe (of the same pair) was OK. That pair of shoes had to be discarded and I remember telling him that children do outgrow their shoes rather fast. I guess that is how he made his own connection about shoes and spiders !!!

If human "daddies and mommies" have to keep replacing "two shoes" then of course, spider "daddies and mommies" would need to replace "eight shoes" every time the "baby and child" spiders outgrow their shoes !!! Hence the statement "Baby and Child spiders have eight legs too. And that is a big problem for Mommy and Daddy spiders".

(sigh) What can I say ? Abhay logic simply does not sync up with adult logic, does it ??!! :))

And K's mom - the next time one of his questions stumps me, I'll come looking for you to provide me with an answer :)). You so totally nailed this one !!

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8 voice(s) said so:

Kodi's Mom said...

good to have this series back..but, um, truth is, i have no idea.
many legs = many shoes?

Altoid said...

Sigh! Let me take a shot at it :P, a couple of them if I may!

1. Parent spiders cannot carry their kids like humans can/do?


2. Parent spiders can only walk as fast as the kids?(ugh, this doesn't make sense even to me :D)

Mystic Margarita said...

They trip over each other's legs? Lol...just kidding! Good luck and loads of patience (which you are already blessed with) answering many more such queries over the next couple of months!

Just Like That said...

This is a tough one, G! Abhay logic infinitely superior...:-D but lemme see... would teaching baby spiders to walk be the eightfold tough problem spider parents face??

Suma said...

erm..teaching them to sit?

tough, tough...let me throw this at the kiddos and see what they come up with:)

have fun, gauri..it promises to be a very fulfilling vacation

Suma said...

actually tripping over legs (MM's comment) makes sense :)

Kodi's Mom said...

so? whats the answer?

Kodi's Mom said...

yay, this proves that I've finally caught up with Abhay's intellect. highly doubtful if I can keep pace with him though :)