25 June, 2009

The First Kill

A yell which was followed by what can only be described as a bloodcurdling scream !!!

That was what Mommy got to hear today morning just as she’d picked up the dumbbells to begin her workouts. And like Mothers normally do when faced with such screams, in that typical “I dropped everything to get there” style, Mommy almost ended up dropping the dumbbells on her own legs – all in a haste to get to the living room and make sure Macademia and Pecan were OK. Fortunately for her the dumbbells did not land on her legs, else she’d have had to crawl and hobble her way to the living room and poor Macademia and Pecan would have really got an earful.

It so happens that the nutty siblings were not the ones who got an earful this morning. It was poor ole Mommy who was at the receiving end. Well, not that kind of an earful but an earful nevertheless.

The sight that greeted her was rather extraordinary. The nutty siblings were going round and round in what seemed like some sort of a tribal dance minus the drums and the music. All that was missing in the middle, as they went round and round, was a bonfire and some spears. The expression on their faces was one of total glee – they seemed amused beyond belief and were obviously in the mood for some immense merry making. All that was missing from those joyous faces was streaks of face paint. If all these things had been in place, the picture would have been totally and perfectly synchronized.

They were still going around in circles – arms and legs flailing to some music that seemed to be beyond human auditory capacity – cos Mommy sure could not hear it. It sure set the alarm bells tolling inside Mommy’s head – one moment the nutty siblings had been busy with the study work that had been set out for them and a few minutes later, they were behaving like Red Indians at a ceremonial dance.

They still had not noticed the spectator witnessing this whole crazy bop, hop, skip and boogie routine – or whatever else it was.

Just as Mommy thought things were quieting down a little there was this little chest beating ceremony from the younger sibling – all accompanied by a typical Tarzan style “oooooooooeeeeeeeooooooooooeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeoooooooooo”.

The elder sibling thought Tarzan style “ooooeeeeooo” was a little below her, agewise, I guess, for she launched into a flurry of punches in the air and started to kick out with her legs with a lot of “aiiiyyyaaa” “hooo” , “haiiii” punctuating each one of those imaginary kicks.

Mommy, by now, was seriously trying to recollect what she’d fed the nutty siblings on their breakfast menu and much to her own confusion, realized that it was nothing out of the ordinary. So this rather abnormal behavior on the part of the siblings could definitely not be attributed to the food they’d consumed. They’d definitely not consumed any alcohol, simply because we, being teetotals, do not stock any at home.

So then, why this bizarre behavior ?

A while later, the siblings obviously realized that there was another human being at home – one that was thoroughly alarmed and totally mystified, bewildered and confused beyond explanation.

So, finally, hearing the alarm bells tolling loud and clear inside Mommy's head, the siblings decided to do Mommy a favor by demystifying the “Mystery of the Bizarre Behavior”.

“He squashed a mosquito.” “I squashed a mosquito” – they screamed in unison.

Huh !!!!!!!! ????

In keeping with the theme and tradition, all three of the so-called humans in the house then did this little jig around the imaginary bonfire and there was a whole series of "yaaaayyss". Why Mommy also did that jig around the living room, she knows not. Why Mommy was screaming "yaaaay" at the top of her lungs too, she knows not. Why Mommy was going around "hi-fiving" the nutty siblings, she knows not. If someone had looked in on us through the window, they'd have been convinced that Earth had been invaded by beings from some other planet !!!

The younger sibling had, for the first time in his life, squashed a mosquito that had settled on him, with the obvious intent of feasting on him.

Made Mommy wonder what would happen if the siblings managed to squash – say multiples of mosquitoes in a day.

It is a safe guess that the scenes that would follow the “mosquito massacre” would indeed put even Jumanji to shame !!!!

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2 voice(s) said so:

Kodi's Mom said...

there might be many reasons you lot call yourselves nutty. but this one post is enough explanation, says it all.
congrats, Abhay, on the first kill!

dipali said...

Awesome nuts, say I:)