08 June, 2009

Brochure Trouble !!

Now, the younger sibling - he has this thing for brochures .....

The brochures could be from anywhere ..... Pizza Hut, Lancome, Sogo, The HK Museum of History .... you get the drift, right ?

And again, the brochures could be in any language known or unknown to man ..... as long as it is a brochure .... the younger sibling is all eyes and hooked onto it until he has wrung it dry in terms of reading and absorbing whatever it is that he absorbs from such brochures !!!

The other day, the younger sibling apparently got hold of a brochure, the likes of which he'd never seen before. This judgement was based on the fact that there was total silence whilst he was poring over the said brochure.

A while later, the younger sibling was seen heading rather purposefully towards the elder sibling with the brochure in his hand.

Younger sibling : Aparna, I need to ask you something ?

Elder sibling : (bored look) What izzzzzz itttttt ?

Younger sibling : See - I found this booklet near the computer. It does not look like a outer space booklet but it sounds like one.

Elder sibling : Space Booklet ? Show me Show me ?

Younger sibling : It does NOT look like a Space Booklet, I said !!

Elder sibling : (in a huff) Then what made you say it was a Space Booklet ?????? Huh ????

Younger sibling : See - it says waxing waxing waxing waxing .... but it does not say waning. When the moon waxes, it also wanes after a few days. Then why does it say only waxing ?

Elder sibling : (guffawing loud enough to put Santa Claus to shame) : That's the brochure from the beauty salon (the guffawing continues unabated)

Younger sibling : Do they have a moon in the salon ? If there is no moon then what is waxing ?
There was no answer from the elder sibling because she'd sort of slipped into a state of rather uncontrollable, laughter induced hysteria.

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Suma said...

Gauri,that was HILARIOUS! i'm guffawing out here...i hope he never knows the truth, that women pay to feel pain to look good ;)

but that's one smart kid, only 6 and he knows about waxing and waning of moons?

B o o said...

LOL! You read a word and the connection you make and the child makes is amazing to watch, no? Space booklet, indeed! Abhay rocks! :)

choxbox said...


scarlettwrites said...

Hi Gauri,
That was absolutely hilarious. It is so funny and so "awww" all at the same time :)


Gauri said...

Suma : (sigh) I guess it is just a matter of time before they come face to face with such "facts" - such as women paying money to endure pain - all in the name of vanity :). About waxing and waning of moons - the solar system has always held a huge fascination for the younger sibling and it continues unabated till date :).

Boo : Yes - they do make the most amazing of connections, don't they ? One kind of feels like a horse with blinkers on in the face of such flexibility :)

Chox : :)

Scarlett : Welcome here :) Yes - I do agree. In the midst of all that hilarity, the innocence factor does make its presence felt. Sadly enough, we humans have this penchant for shedding innocence as we grow, don't we ? Which again is what makes the whole deal so precious.