09 May, 2009

Vic and MeDha

(Mysterious Woman : Image Courtesy : Salma Jadavji)

Hmmm …. yes …… that’s how MeDha is spelt. With a capital D bang in the middle. Probably because that way no one ever forgets MeDha.

It is not as if I can forget MeDha anyways. I can’t. I can’t forget MeDha even if I was in a state of utter denial and desperately wanted to forget.

MeDha …. MeDha ….. MeDha ….. MeDha

beats like a drumroll inside my head. An incessant drumroll.

I’d always known about MeDha and Vic. I mean, I must have been blind to have not seen it. Over all these years, I have seen and felt their remarkable companionship. They’ve always been there for each other – no matter what. And I’ve been and still am a silent witness to this special bond, this extraordinary connection that they have with each other.

Their relationship goes well into the past – long, very long before I even appeared on the scene.

To his credit, Vic had been very forthright with me about MeDha. I knew that they were inseparable. They were like two neat halves. Their closeness was about as natural as human being breathing. And I’d understood right from the very start that this was an alliance that was meant to be.

In fact, theirs was an association I’d come to terms with, when me and Vic got married. “If that association is something that makes him happy, if Medha is whom he identifies with to a great extent, if Medha had held that important a place in his life – so be it", I’d said to myself.

MeDha is pretty much a part of our lives now. A fact of life, rather. For that matter, even the kids know about MeDha. No point hiding such an important fact anyway. They absolutely have a right to know and they do know.

I knew, had known all along that the specter of Medha would never cease to exist. Medha would always be with us, around us – an existence that was more felt than seen, a presence, known and understood.

Medha ….. Medha ….. Medha ….. Medha

I can sense MeDha’s spirit in the air. It is almost as if MeDha’s some kind of a phantom waiting behind the curtains, a presence, a vision, an apparition of sorts. I can literally “feel” MeDha in the air at home.

In each and every breath that I take, as I go about my daily chores, as I read with the kids, as I cook lunches and dinners, as I go out shopping ……. there’s always the specter of MeDha looming large.

And that very Medha is visiting us tomorrow !!!!!

So, would you please join me in raising a toast to Vic and MeDha ……………

“May you continue to be associated with each other ad infinitum”.

P.S : For those of you who still haven’t figured out all about MeDha – here’s the deal.

Me (pronounced ‘may’ as in Medha) – stands for the month May
Dha (pronounced daha) – stands for the number 10 in Marathi

Hence, MeDha is none other than the 10th of May which happens to be Vic’s birthday !!

Happy MeDha, Darling !!

:D :D :D :D

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11 voice(s) said so:

Altoid said...

LOL! All of you are a bunch of clowns, I say!

Happy birthday Vic! May you have a blast and best wishes for the day and all year through and pliss to get cracking on the blog...


Just Like That said...

LOL! Was WONDERING what/who it could be :-D
Belated Happy B'day to Vic!

Alapana said...

Read the whole post and was wondering what is that you are trying to say:)
Belated happy birthday to Vic:)

Shobana said...

Aaahhh! Advanced wishes to Vic! Here I was letting my thots running wild...tut, tut.

bee said...

hahah! that's hilarious.

Suki said...

Awww... belated Happy Birthday to Vic! :)
I was thinking that "MeDha" stood for the Sanskrit?Hindi?Bangla? word meaning "intelligence"!

Suma said...


belated wishes! guess you all had fun?

dipali said...

That was classic! Hope Vic had a great MeDha:)

Neera said...

:) Belated happy b'day to Vic! May MeDha continue to be associated with him for many many years to come!

Aditi's Album said...

Really hilarious one. My girl has a friend named Medha- which I think appears in the Lalitha sahasranamam and means 'smart,intelligence,brilliant'.Ur medha though has no relationship whatsoever to this one.

Random Thoughts said...

Thanks Ladies...for once putting the 'Worse Half' in the spotlight....