18 March, 2009

I Thunk ......

Ever watched language abilities evolve in a child ? I mean, we all see our kids’ vocabulary grow with time …. but no thought process gets specifically attributed to this ……… it is assumed that a child’s vocabulary growing is about as natural as each and every one of us inhaling and exhaling air. It simply happens without one even realizing it. Sure - we, as parents, do stress on the correctness of language and the specifics of phonics and phonetics while teaching or helping our kids brush up on their ever expanding vocabulary.

But do we actually stop to think, enjoy and cherish the journey as children continue to add new words and meanings and form their very own dictionaries. Sometimes, maybe we do. But for the most part, come to think of it, the answer to that question would be in the negative. We do take a lot of pride in the fact that our children have a huge arsenal of words at their disposal and that they know what word to use when but many a times what we tend to miss out on is the beauty of the very process of change and development on the language front.

This fact struck me this morning when the younger sibling said “Some of the children brought empty cereal boxes to class yesterday while some did not”. Though the immediate mind registered the fact that the sentence was grammatically correct and while there was a distinct sense of delight in the fact that sentences now are being constructed with an increasing awareness of grammar, somewhere in the back of my mind a small voice said “Hey – was there not something wrong with that sentence ?”. In terms of Abhayspeak, I mean.

Took a couple of minutes for the fact to register – the fact that he never ever used to use the word “brought” in his sentences. Words like “brought”, “thought”, “fought” etc … were an anathema as far as younger sibling was concerned.

In terms of Abhayspeak, the correct word was not “Brought” but “Brung” ……… “He brung this to school”, he'd say as if the word "brung" was the most natural thing in the world.

Similarly “Thought” would be so naturally and casually replaced with the word “Thunk” ……. “I Thunk that the news was at 7 pm” he would say and that was akin to waving a red flag right under the nose of the elder sibling who would, exasperation dripping from each of her words, immediately pipe up “Abhay PLEASE – It is so NOT Thunk – the word is Thought and NOT Thunk”.

Many a days, while the elder sibling stared in absolute horror, we would be treated to a literary onslaught – Abhay style. “Today Nick thunk that he had brung his favorite toy to school but Sam made fun of him and then they fighted a lot.”

And somehow along the way we missed out on how the “Thunk” changed into “Thinked” and how the “Brung” changed into “Bringed”. And now that he uses grammatically correct words, the vocal thumps of the earlier Thunks and Brungs sound so awesomely cute.

It was that grammatically correct sentence, spoken today morning, rather naturally, that made me realize that another phase had just ended and a new one begun.

And yeah, I realized much to my own chagrin today that I really miss those “Thunks” and the “Brungs”.

Think I should ask him what happened to all those "Thunks" and "Brungs" ?? :)

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17 voice(s) said so:

Swati said...

yeah ..they eveolve very fast ..i am noticing this language evolution every day in aryan

Just Like That said...

LOL! I'm enjoying this phase with Sonny boy.

Tharini said...

he he G! His way of saying it reminds me of the heavily accented English of that European wedding planner from Father of the Bride. Remember him?

Cxan just abt visualise Appu, with her exasperation dripping and correcting him. Fun post!

Priyanka said...

Its so true, we are always looking forward to the next phase and when they cross over, we miss the last one.

'brung' and 'thunk' definitely sound cute :)

Shobana said...

They do evolve so much, so soo. There are times when u do miss the baby talk. Children are growing up (is that good or bad?)

Mystic Margarita said...

That's so cute! :)

Suki said...

OMG, who woulda thunk it!

It shows, it's been AGES since I last visited your blog :(

Suma said...

it shows that they are babies no more...:(

i see the same in my six yrold an di wonder when did he start reading /talking so correctly!

choxbox said...

thi sis a totally aww.. post :)

Tharini said...

Something for you:

Adorable Pancreas said...

My niece is only a year old, and we're having fun teaching her the basic words. I love it when she tries out a new word, as if she's tasting it. Weirdly enough, I miss those days when all she could say was Amma and Acha. I was her Acha when her dad wasn't around!

Aparna said...

Yeah, Gauri.

I too love the 'thinked' instead of 'thought', 'buyed' instead of 'bought'.

Also the mispronounced words - 'pypon' instead of 'python', 'lullow' instead of 'yellow'.

But once they know the right words, there is no going back :)

Keshi said...

**He brung this to school

HAHA too funny!

my 5yr old nephew once told me 'I cutted the cake' :)

Most children hv a very interesting vocabulary!


Mama - Mia said...


seriously who would have thunk?! i STILL tease my brother about "lion clumb the tree!".

cant wait for Cubby to get all crazy and then corect! :D

lovely post as always!



Orchid said...

:) and me thunks- posts like this is why, I keep making these guest appearances back to the blog world!

hello gauri, how have u been?

Neera said...

so cute ..and to thunk not very long back u had so many Abhayisms to share with us :) we miss it as much as u do ..and I know exactly what u mean by saying "do we actually stop to think, enjoy and cherish the journey as children continue to add new words and meanings and form their very own dictionaries" ..esp as I have been experiencing a lot of it these days. Must do a post soon before memory of those eludes me.

GettingThereNow said...

LOL! S still says "tooken" instead of "taken". I correct her but at the same time cherish that simple mistake too. Before long she will be correcting my grammar :P