13 January, 2009

Writing Prompt # 2

Before you read the prompt, make sure you will have 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to write and please do time yourself. Once you've written it, please leave a link here so we can come over and read it.

The second writing prompt comes from Tharini wherein she says

Do you have any one moment in your life, when you were totally, madly, utterly embarassed? Was it a situation in which you did something, said something or just happened to find yourself in? If you recall those feelings of wanting to sink through the ground, or suddenly appear invisible....use this prompt to recount them and help us feel your plight!

It was one of those boring days. Nothing particular to look forward to in college. Lectures which could not be missed all day long.

We made our way to college – cribbing and complaining, for it was indeed a very cold morning.

It was a long walk to college and unlike summer days, this one was a welcome walk, for it kept the cold at bay. Met some more friends at the station and walked on, chatting – niblets of conversation hanging in the air, dropping and seeping its way into our cold heads.

On the way, my faithful Kolhapuri chappals gave way. There is a Mochi just around the corner, we declared and made our way to the mochi …. only to find that the mochi had not opened his shop yet.

Nice start to the day ….. I should have taken a cue from the way it began …. walked on to college with the chappal slapping uncomfortably along the road.

At college, all hell broke loose when one of our profs decided to give us a spot test. There was pretty much unholy confusion as we looked at each other in dismay and utter horror. The prof would not budge a millimeter and give the test, we had to. Some more projects were heaped on, their deadlines uncomfortably close.

Muddled thoughts of what more was to come, a broken chappal flip flopping its way into my thoughts – I made my way to the psychology lab – not as a subject – rather to try and gain some insights into human psychology.

The prof trundled in a while later …… trundled in because she was well and truly a woman of extremely large proportions. Ambled in, settled down and slowly and surely the discussion started.

Somewhere around the end of the lecture, we’d been sufficiently lulled into a feeling of mild relaxation and it was warm and cosy in the Psycho lab. It was then that our Prof said that she would not be taking our lectures for the rest of the year. She was being replaced by some other Prof cos she was going off on long leave. And then she told us why she was going to be away for so long.

“But But ………. “ I spluttered, pretty much like a vehicle running on with its fuel tank almost on empty.

“But ……… we have been seeing you every day and we never knew, never realized that ……..”

And the moment those words left my mouth I had this distinct sense of having blundered. A déjà vu sense of “foot in the mouth syndrome” made its presence acutely felt.

Some of the girls looked mortified while some of the others looked on in sheer amusement, while I was busy turning shades of red. I could feel my ears flaming. They’d have given Rudolph’s nose a run for its money any day.

I’d just told our Psychology professor that though we’d been seeing her every day for the past few months, none of us even knew that she was pregnant.

And this, when she was a glorious “nine months pregnant” !!!!

P.S : Writing Prompt # 1 can be found here.

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~nm said...

Lol! I had done this exact same thing except blurting out anything with a client of ours. I blurted out those words to my boss when she told me the baby news and she had such a laugh.

Ardra said...

Can imagine your plight Gauri. here's mine:


Asha said...

ROFL!! That was hilarious :D

Altoid said...

ROFL! So typical of 'foot in the mouth' G!

Tharini said...

Its nice to see dear G on the spot. Gives me a distinctly sadist pleasure. Ha ha ha. :D

Sujatha said...


Anonymous said...

Better than me offering a seat to a lady in the train thinking she was pregnant and turning out she wasn't....felt like jumping out of the train...

Monika said...


dipali said...

I assumed that a colleague's wife I was meeting for the first time was preggers when she wasn't:(
But we did become friends despite my foot-in-mouthness!

Cynthia said...

I can't stop laughing (lol)

mummyjaan said...


Sujatha said...

Hey G, hope you're doing all right.

Suma said...

hey its been a long time, all well?

ra said...

are you ok?

Nagesh.MVS said...


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