06 January, 2009

Writing Prompt # 1

Came across this on Sujatha's blog :

Write about a sleepover, a slumber party or the time you stayed somewhere overnight.

Kerala in mid May. Hot and sultry – humidity hangs in the air.

Fans swirl lazily – fanning warm air. We lie around under the fan - me and my cousins – all in that lazy stupor of full stomachs after a yummy lunch and the knowledge that it is vacation time. Our idle minds are devil’s workshops indeed – for it is in that room that we hatch a plot to visit the forbidden room upstairs in Athai’s house. And hunker down there for the night and have a pajama party.

Late at night, we say to each other, we’ll go to the upstairs room. That room is forbidden fruit, which is precisely what attracts us to that room like magnets.

At night, as the whole house slumbers, the six of us make our way up the creaking groaning stairs. The stairs squeak ominously, threatening to wake the adult members at any moment during our ascent up those stairs. Fortunately Athimbar’s and Athan’s snores are loud enough to lay cover to the squeaking stairs.

The bolt slides open and just at that moment my younger cousin pipes up “enakku pashikaradhu” (I am hungry).

“sssshhhhh” growls my elder cousin as she delegates the responsibility of filling up bags of fresh banana and jackfruit chips from the kitchen to her brother, who grumbles and groans his way down the stairs.

Up we go, the bolt slowly slides open and we gingerly step into the room. It smells musty …. damp …. mainly due to the fact that it lies unused. Coconuts are heaped in one corner while our torchlights throw light upon spiders spinning their cobwebs on the corners.

Luscious smells of mango and jackfruit waft in through the open window as we see the mango trees swaying to an unseen breeze.

My elder cousin brother arrives with his arms full of banana chips, jackfruit chips …… we settle down for a late night snack …. and that’s when we catch sight of the rope …. coiled in the corner of the room. It shines rather menacingly ….. too shiny to be a rope ….. and alarm bells start to toll inside our heads.

We sneak out of the forbidden room and stealthily make our way to the patio ……. all of us heaving a huge sigh of relief, having been scared out of our wits at the sight of that “coiled rope” which looked very much like a snake.

“Molutti” ….. “Evadaya Molutti” …….. comes the voice of Sarojini …… the helper …. and as we wake up, stretching our limbs and rubbing our eyes – realization dawns that the whole lot of us – me and my cousins had all fallen asleep on the patio sometime during the night.

If anyone noticed crumbs of chips strewn all over the patio the next morning, no one mentions anything.

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12 voice(s) said so:

--xh-- said...

:-D that is a nice memory... the forbidden rooms.. for me, it was not room, but my dad's cupboard :-D

Kodi's Mom said...

lovely Gauri. you pack a lot in 10 minutes, don't you? :)

Nino's Mum said...

Such a treasure of a memory.

Mama - Mia said...


wow! that must have been so much fun!! shiny rope to add to the adventure!

HNY gauri!



Rathna said...

That is a nice treasure of memory... lovely Gauri,It would have been a great fun!!

Tharini said...

You're a fast writer! :)

Btw, just out of curiosity, what was that shiny rope??? And why was the room forbidden in the first place?

This reminds me of the movie Chandramukhi! *brrr*

Just Like That said...

Took me back to my days of reading Shashi Deshpande, honestly. Simple evocative writing....:-)

Sujatha said...

The minute I read coconuts, I thought of snakes. What is really a snake?

Very Famous Five-ish, the memory. :) And very evocative.

choxbox said...

very nice!

ra said...

was it really a snake? and was it kept there or did he come by itself? dying if curiosity just like you cousins!

dipali said...

Such fun, apart from the snake!

bee said...

if i saw a snake there once, i'd never go to that house again. the snake in our garden was sighted again today and it's driving me to the verge of paranoia.