05 December, 2008

Aunty Neha !!

It was just another afternoon. Mommy was busy in the kitchen getting some snacks ready for the nutty siblings who had just gotten back home from school.

It was then that the phone started ringing.

Assuming that Appu would answer the call, Mommy busied herself with the task of working on the snacks. The phone stopped ringing midway and Mommy, who was still in the kitchen, assumed that all was indeed well ....... that Appu had picked up the phone.

A few moments later the sound of Abhay launching off into a spate of giggles caught Mommy's attention and Mommy deemed it fit to peep out of the kitchen to take stock of the situation. The sight that met her eyes was really something. Abhay, his ear glued to the phone, was nodding his head this way and that quite merrily and had a huge smile plastered on his face.

Mommy once again assumed that it was someone he knew. Abhay's next question put that doubt to rest too. This was his side of the conversation .....

Abhay : Who are you ? (a huge smile on his face)

Caller replies

A : Oh ! You are Aunty Neha ? Where do you live, Aunty Neha ?

(Mommy was beginning to look totally puzzled because we knew no Aunty Neha. So then, who in God's name was this ?). Mr.E, in the meanwhile, was chatting up "Aunty Neha" as though he had known her his whole life.

A : Aunty, do you have long hair ?

Caller replies

A : Oh ! (a huge beam on his face) My mom and my sister also have long hair. Long hair is very pretty.

Caller replies

A : No No No No No. I don't have long hair. I'm a boy. Boys don't have long hair. Girls have long hair ........ sometimes (shaking head vigorously to drive home his point)

Caller replies

A : How many children do you have ?

(Mommy, by this time, is seriously gasping for air. Appu, eyes as wide as saucers, seems to be in a state of shock at the question. Mr.E however, continues merrily ..)

Caller replies

A : Oh ! My mom and dad also have two children. Me and my sister.

A : Aunty Neha, where do you live ?

Caller replies

A : Oh ! That's where I live. That's where my home is also (a hundred watt grin now plastered on his face)

A : Which block do you live in ?

A : Which floor ?

A : Which Apartment ?

A : Do you know that tomorrow is going to be very very cold. The temperature is going to go very low.

Caller replies

A : OK. Bye Bye.

And after a couple of minutes, the phone rang once again. This time around, Mommy got to the phone first and a few minutes of conversation later Mommy was seen rather helplessly rolling on the floor, convulsed with laughter.

Appu was seen rolling her eyes heavenward !!

First her brother talks to some unknown person on the phone - a aunty, to be specific - as though he has known her all her life. Then Mommy starts laughing uncontrollably, giving credence to the fact that a streak of absolute insanity still runs strong in her - and is running rather amok inside her head right at that very moment.

The so called "Aunty Neha" was none other than Dad. Since Abhay speaks to him for just a minute or so over the phone and then says "bye daddy" and runs off, Daddy Dear decided to try this little experiment. Apparently aunties are definitely given more of time over the telephone.

Once Mommy was able to speak coherently in the midst of all that laughter that was threatening to erupt again, the whole situation was explained to Appu. And then all hell broke loose. Appu could not contain her laughter which set Mommy laughing all over again. That set Abhay off and he too started to laugh. Best part was - he did not know why we were laughing or why he was laughing.

And Daddy has hit upon the perfect formula to hold long conversations with Abhay on the phone. :D

Mommy is just glad that the streak of insanity does not belong to her alone. :D

The whole family shares it !!!!!!!

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11 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

What a nutcase you all are!!! :)))

You better come to this MBBS here for a check up! :P

Kodi's Mom said...

rofl!!! you nutty bunch! you have totally made my day - havent laughed like this for something i read online in a long time...
pls pass my compliments to aunty neha :)

Sue said...


Now I know where Abhay gets it. Aunty Neha indeed!

Priyanka said...

Thats really funny :) LOL!! Your hubby is smart.

suma said...

this was a howler, gauri...i just laughed and laughed imagining teh whole thing...

but i think its a boy thing...its verrrrry tiring to get two words extra from my boys over the phone......

Mama - Mia said...

i alughed so much reading this!

give Mr.E's father a thumbs up from me, will ya?!



dipali said...

This was too cute! Nutty family is more like it:)

DotThoughts said...

delightful :)

~nm said...

ROTFL!! Too good this was!

Swati said...

hahahhhaha...now this was it..you know I have been laughing loud and my neighbour just asked me if I am well :D

Neera said...

ho ho ho ...funny indeed :) WHat was Abhay's reaction after he found out or did he?