30 November, 2008

Happy Birthday Appu !! :)

(Picture Courtesy : graphicsarcade.com)

As you round off the ninth year
And bound into the tenth, my dear
I know not if the fact struck you
You’re about to step into the double digit age anew

The single numbers have been left behind
With memories filled with treasures to find
When did you grow up so fast ?
Oh ! When did you grow up so fast ?

I remember the little baby
A bundle so pink and chubby
We watched you as you learnt to walk
We listened as you learnt to talk.
As you worked your way up the age chart
Numbers you did learn, so also your ABC’s
But somewhere along the way
You naturally learnt to say Thank You and Please
When did you grow up so fast ?

Your smiling face ; spreading happiness all over the place
Singing, dancing, laughing all mingled
Whoops of joy and cries of glee of “Come play with me”
Swings, slides and the monkey bars
Gave way to badminton, swimming and cycling far
When did you grow up so fast ?

Kindergarten flew past and then came primary school
And through it all you were calm, composed and cool
I still remember that day at the school assembly
When you so effortlessly made my knees go wobbly
The tears streamed down my face then
For, I was indeed a very proud mother hen.
Your humility shone at the assembly that day
As you, confidently had your say
May the humility and graciousness stay with you forever
As you, my little bird, soar higher and higher.
When did you grow up so fast ?

Gone are the days of Falguni Phatak
And in its place, there’s quite a bit of drama and natak
That’s inherently a part of growing up
As natural as your now saying “Yo Wassup” ?
As you make your “whaaaateeeveerrrrrs” drawl
There are times when I wish time wouldn’t fly but crawl
And as you now stand almost upto my shoulder
I know very soon I’ll be looking up at you ;
Yeah Right ! Whaaaatteeeeevveeerrr !!!
When did you grow up so fast ?

Amidst your goofy humor and the stand-up comedy shows
There still exist a lot of self-doubts, I know
Be proud of who you are and what you are;
Always strive to do your best
Put in a lot of effort and always give it your best
More so, when you are being put to the test.

So remember, my not-so-little darling
You are our shooting star
With determination, courage and boldness.
As you travel life’s journey long and far
I hope and pray that you find loads of happiness ;
May you always be blessed with joy and cheeriness.

Happy Ninth Birthday, Dearheart :)

I love you more than you can possibly imagine.

Love n Hugs n Hugs n More Hugs :)


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12 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

Hap hap happy birthday to dear darling Appu! Wishing you the kind of day and year that makes you smile always!

Aunty Tharini

the mad momma said...

Happy birthday dearest little Appu - we've watched you grow and suddenly you're not so little anymore. lots of love from the mad family

Altoid said...

Happy Birthday Appu :). What can I say to a sweet little girl that already is everything she should be? Hope you had a blast on your camping trip and may this year bring you all that you wish for and more.


mummyjaan said...

Happy birthday Appu!!

Priyanka said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Appu! And what a superbly written poem. Appu is very lucky to have a mom who writes such lovely poems for her.

Itchingtowrite said...

happy bday

DotThoughts said...

what lovely verses gauri.. they do grow up so fast! wishing Appu ahd a fab birthday!

choxbox said...

happy birthday appu!

gauri, the when-did-you-grow-up lines gave me goosies.

starry nights said...

Happy Birthday Appu.
we will always wonder where the years went.I do .

Mama - Mia said...

belated birthday wishes for Appu!

and a gorgeous poem yet again Gauri!

wishing her a lifetime of happiness and love!



dipali said...

Very belated wishes to dear Appu.

Just Like That said...

Very very late here, but wishing little Appu a lifetime of joy :-) and that poem was lovely!