21 October, 2008

Exactly how much does it take ........

....... to make one's day ?

Well, as economists would say, All Other Terms and Conditions Remaining The Same, It Does Take Very Little To Make Ones Day.

I realized how true this was – and this was something that had happened a few months back actually.

The number of ringtones that are available for download are absolutely mind boggling. You have rap, rock, jazz, instrumental music, bollywood hits ……the list is humungous. The one tune that we did want as a ringtone on our cellphones was the Chinese National Anthem.

The next day evening, we did download the ringtone and it was all nice and set on both our cellphones. I vaguely remember setting the ringtone to certain groups on my cellphone. Needless to say, given the fact that I am indeed growing increasingly senile, I quite forgot about the whole thing. There are so many ringtones stored in the cellphone and quite like those, this new acquisition too faded into the subconscious mind. Now that should really give one an idea about the number of calls I get on my cellphone !!

A few weeks later, on a weekend when we’d been on an outing, the inevitable happened. If you’ve read my earlier post on outings with kids and public toilets, you’ll know exactly what I mean !!

The younger sibling wanted to go to the loo and as is normally the case the request was classified as “very urgent”. Since there was no “gents toilet” on that floor of the mall, we had to head towards the “ladies toilet”. And of course, mommy had the dubious distinction of being the escort.
Not surprisingly, there was a long queue in the ladies toilet. A few seconds of waiting found the younger sibling remarking rather loudly “Why do girls take such a long time inside the toilet ?. What are they doing inside there ?” The elder sibling rolled her eyes heavenward with a look at the younger sibling that seemed to speak volumes in saying “God !! You’re beyond hope of any kind.” And then deciding not to stop at that, she was heard planting seeds of thought in the younger sibling’s head by saying “Well. Why don’t you ask them ?”.

Mommy was busy trying to figure out exactly which shade of red her face was at that particular moment, given the fact that her face tends to turn different shades of red when either one of the siblings bring on that “I wish the earth would open up and swallow me” moments !!

It was a while before it was our turn to head for a stall. We were in there when my cellphone started to ring. Vic had been wondering as to why we’d not headed back from the loo and he called my cellphone to check. It so happened that I’d set the ringtone of the numbers grouped under “family” to that of the Chinese National Anthem.

Right there, inside the washroom, with each and every other stall occupied, here was my cellphone – belting out the tunes of the Chinese National Anthem. Over the next couple of minutes, one could have actually heard a pin drop inside that washroom.

“Was there a total patriot in one of those stalls that day ?” Patriotic enough to stand upright at the tunes of the national anthem, irrespective of what the circumstance might have been inside of those toilet stalls ?”

I wonder. I do sincerely wonder. :D.

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6 voice(s) said so:

Neera said...

Well thats insightful to me ..Chinese are so patriotic, Wow!

choxbox said...

ha ha ha!

life is never boring with kids around!

--xh-- said...

itz fun whn kids are around... :)

Keshi said...

LOL ur kids must keep u entertained all the time...how sweet!


Suma said...

omg!!! that must have been quite a scene...just picturing the scene and trying to imagine your face...:D

you live in hongkong?

Mama - Mia said...


that is indeed too much!!