29 September, 2008

Three Pieces of White Paper

“Three pieces of white paper” “Three pieces of white paper” “I need three pieces of white paper” rose the chant – frequent and repetitive. And the younger sibling was found rushing from room to room in search of “three pieces of white paper”. The mannerisms did remind Mommy of Indiana Jones – in his quest for something or the other. This was Indiana Jones sans the whip and the fedora !!

All in all, it made for some light entertainment on Saturday morning. It was rather funny watching him hunt for “three pieces of white paper”. Not that we have a dearth of white paper at home, but just that to lay their hands on it, one just has to look at the right places. Running around the whole house has never really helped achieve the objective of “finding something” but then again, no way Mommy was going to argue or reason with a five year old on a Saturday morning.

Finally, the inevitable happened – “Mummy I cannot find white paper a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e” came the exasperated statement.

“You just have to look properly” said the rather amused Mommy

“But I did. And I still can’t find three pieces of white paper.” said a rather annoyed five year old.

“Look where you’re supposed to look and you shall find them” said Mommy, looking more amused by the minute.

“But I DID Mummy. And I still cannot find them. Only three pieces of white paper Mummy. I only need three pieces of white paper." said the younger sibling, beginning to look rather exasperated :D.

The elder sibling was grinning from ear to ear like a wolf, thoroughly enjoying the scene that was unfolding on a bright Saturday morning. And that impish smile of hers was driving the younger sibling towards dangerous levels of exasperation, who, by now, was sporting an extremely irritated look, glaring eyes and his palms curled into fists on his hips !!

Even been in a situation where you’re dying to laugh but dare not ? It is killing, I tell ya !! Sheer torture !!

Finally, after having pointed the irate five year old towards the folder from which he could take “three pieces of white paper”, Mommy went back to her hot cuppa coffee.

There was total silence after he found his three pieces of white paper. There was not a peep from him. Not once did he venture out of the kids’ bedroom. Something was going on with the “three pieces of white paper”.

It was a while before the younger sibling emerged from the room – sporting a rather pleased smile, this time.

“I need to show you something” he said and dragged Mommy off. Had Mommy stalled even for a minute, he would probably have dragged just her hand off !!

The sight which confronted Mommy rather impressed her into silence. Words did fail and all Mommy could manage was a “WOW !”.

This was what the younger sibling had done.

He had made a food chain.

Three pictures, drawn on those three pieces of white paper and neatly arranged in the order in which the animals formed the food chain. With some help from the elder sibling, he had spelt the animals out too. Things could not have been made more clear.

The penguin niggled. It looked awfully familiar. Until the elder sibling pointed out to the source with a very impish smile on her face. Ah ! Of Course ! Who else could it be !

Mommy found him a piece of thick string and stapled the “three pieces of white paper” – for it to form a food chain that could be taped onto the window of the kids’ room.

Apparently, the inspiration for the food chain had been derived from this book.

The food chain described here was for animals on land. Mr.E decided to make a food chain about animals in icy water. “I made a food chain for animals in the icy waters in my imagination first and then I drawed it on three pieces of white paper. Because in our drama lesson at school, our teacher told us that we must imagine. Then we get new ideas.” was all Mr. E had to say.

He made it all sound so simple.

Reminded me of what George Bernard Shaw once said

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and finally you create what you will.”

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24 voice(s) said so:

Suma said...

WOW!!!extremely impressive...love the drawings...

he did make it sound simple...and i'm almost thinking he's a twin of my lil one...the way he dances around looking for something he wants...:)

Kodi's Mom said...

wow, just wow! and this is something he didnt have to do, something he did on his own? awesome, Gauri :)

Keshi said...

Those were bits of his beautiful imagination on paper. Lovely!


Altoid said...

Awwww thoroughly cute, cute and cute. You tell the fearless one, aunty R is terribly impressed with him and sends tons of hugs his way.

Suki said...

Oh wow. Jeez, generations change too fast.
Big congrats to Abhay!

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

OMG totally impressed with the imagination and skill with the pencil and paper!!
an artist in the making for sure :D

Neera said...

WOW!! Too amazing for words!! The list of reasons why I am his fan just keeps growing :)

Incidentally let me also utilize this space to thank u for ur reco of Ducks in Muck - Vansh thoroughly enjoys it and even insists on taking it to bed with him :) Last night we created our own ducks and trucks and muck from construction paper and told and re-told the story a thousand times added to the charm :)

Shobana said...

Loved his imagination...waiting to see more of this stuff from the little, big guy! And he did this all on his own, after reading a book?? VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow!He is one little smart dude and I'm floored by the lovely imagination. Couldn't agree more with the quote. Amazing!
How have you been Gauri? It was a long hiatus but I'm back.

Swati said...

I am sooo speechless :) AWESOME ! (thats the only word i can manage for Mr E)

Maggie said...

Outstanding is the boy! Wow, and he drew those by himself? Awesome!

Sraikh said...

Very nice...
BTW, how long do you keep their "art creations". I am such horrible mom.. I hang their art up for 2 weeks and then take a picture and throw them away.

Rohini said...

That's awfully smart! He not only read it up but he also applied it to a different context. And that penguin is a pretty good likeness!

Sundar Narayanan said...

that was one great penguin!

he did a great job.

thanks for mentioning the mammal book.. seems to be a good one!


Priyanka said...

Very cool drawings, Loved the penguin the Best. He is such a Creative child! And he was so eager to do it, he is really sweet.

Preethi said...

Impressive and so creative.. The penguin looks awesome!!

Suma said...

itz tag time becoz i say so...and therefore you are tagged!! :D

Indian Home Maker said...

That was good! The whole thing- looking for three sheets of white papers, choosing what to draw and then doing such a brilliant job with it:) He draws so well!

Solitaire said...

WOW! He seems awfully talented. And cute!

choxbox said...


still remember that teacher in his lower classes - now what would she have to say?

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! :)

Mr.E is turning out to be one helluva artist with imagination!!

you go dude!



starry nights said...

Your kids so have a good imagination and artistic too.Just too cute!

Gauri said...

Suma : Thanks :). And does yours also drive you nuts while he is "looking for something". Mine sure does :D.

Kodi's Mom : Thanks :). Yep - that was the amazing part - the self motivation.

Altoid : Conveyed your message and he was walking around with a huge grin on his face for a long time :).

Keshi, Suki, MayG, Neera, Shobhana, Mags, Fuzzy, Ro, Priyanka, IHM, Solitaire, Swati, Starry, Abha : Thanks so much :)

Sundar : Welcome here :). Yes - those books are really nice and there's a whole series. They're published by Miles Kelly Publishing.

Chox : I wonder too Chox - there are times when I too wonder as to what she'd have to say.

Sraikh : Their artwork is plastered all over their room. Walls, doors - you name it :)

Gauri said...

Preethi : Thanks :). What's Cheeky upto nowadays ? Have not been bloghopping of late. Will hop on over later.