19 September, 2008

This is the way we think think think ..... :)

One evening, after a rather tiring bout of shopping and window shopping, we were perched in DeliFrance for some energy boosters. But Mr.E, fresh as a daisy, having placed his order with the waiter, seemed all set to deplete our already low levels of energy. We were sort of running on reserve batteries energywise and Mr.E seemed all bright and ready to deplete those resources too.

Out of sheer desperation, we told him that we would give him a question and that he would have to think real hard in trying to get the answer to the question. "OK. I will think, think and think lots", said Mr.E.

And he did ....... here's Mr.E, in his "Thinking Mode" ....

Thinking ........ Thinking .......... Thinking ......

Still Thinking ..... There's someone at the door ...... Rings a bell

And Yaaaaayy !! Got the answer :D !!! Someone's feeling mighty pleased.

Now for those of you who want to know what the question was - I honestly don't remember. :D

Important thing to note - the question was born out of a desperate need to keep him quiet for a while :D, while our brain cells (what is left of them, that is) recuperated from repeated bombardments of questions and counter questions from none other than Mr.E.

Now who was it that said "Necessity is the mother of invention" ?. :D

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14 voice(s) said so:

Suma said...

that's serious thinking, gauri..don't mess with it :)

as to the origin of teh proverb..def came from a mom...

Priyanka said...

Love the 2nd pic, he looks so cute! poor guy, u really made him THINK ! Try to remember the question please :)

dipali said...

Cuteness personified:)

Mama - Mia said...

he is ttttoooo cute!! touchwood!!! :)

and how can you forget such important details such as what was the question!!! dont you wanna help fellow mommies who have their own Mr.E!! :p



DotThoughts said...

he is soooooo cute!!!!!!

choxbox said...

very cute pix gauri!

btw we also do this 'question time' thing when we need to distract the kids or keep their minds busy. works v well :)

Keshi said...

how very CUTE! :)

LOL yes kids ask qns non-stop. My 3yr old neice says WHY? to everything we say!


Anonymous said...


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Preethi said...

what serious thinking.. Cheeky walks around finger on forehead yelling "sthink, sthink, sthink" a la pooh!
Adorable pics Gauri!!

the mad momma said...

gauri! now even i have that expression on my face trying to figure out what the Q might have been. he's such a doll.

Shruti said...

heehee look at our tiny thinker :)) so cute :)
And of course u wont remember the question, considering u must've used that trick to keep him quiet many times by now :P

Gledwood said...

that's v cute and entertaining photography...

Solitaire said...

Aww!! I am sure this post will embarrass him ten years from now!

Gauri said...

Suma : :) Great minds think alike :)

Priyanka : The tubelight is yet to go on. Simply cannot recollect what the question was :)

Dipali : Thank you :)

Mama-Mia : I really cannot remember Abha. But I can tell you this - it would not have been a straightforward serious question. The answers to those are very swift. This had to have been something devious :D.

Dottie : Thank you :)

ChoxBox : It SO does, does it not ? :)

Keshi : Thank you :) About the gazillion questions - oh ! tell me about it ! :)

Preethi : Kids ! I tell ya ! :)

MM : :D wokay - will try and wrack my remaining grey cells and see if I can recollect the question

Shruti : Am thinking, am thinking too :D about the question

Gledwood : Thank you :)

Solitaire : If this post is going to embarass him 10 years from now, I do seriously wonder what one of my earlier posts would do to him. He had gotten hold of a tube of lipstick from my bag and used it with rather good effect. And the pics are right here - on this very blog !! :D