14 August, 2008

Shopping for Mr.E "wears" one down !!

A trip to the school was on the cards yesterday morning.

There still remains about a week and a half to go before school reopens – well, a week for Aparna and a week and a half for Abhay, to be exact.

Since Abhay is starting Primary One, we needed to go over to school to buy his uniforms. And by uniforms, I mean – normal uniforms, House PE uniforms, a apron (for painting and artwork sessions at school), a book bag (for the kids to carry their school diary and for them to borrow books from the school library), a summer hat (fortunately the school hasn’t invented a winter hat yet !) and so on and so forth.

Normally this should be a rather straightforward affair. This is made much simpler by the fact that the uniforms have to be bought from the school PTA shop only. The uniforms are not available anywhere other than the school.

But what makes the whole thing seem like scaling Mount Everest is the fact that one is going shopping for Mr.Exasperation. Shopping for Mr.Exasperation is absolutely no joke. It can make one tear one’s hair out in total exasperation, it can turn hair silver in a matter of hours, it can actually induce habits like nail biting in people who’ve never had that vice, it can cause people to walk round and round in circles - wild-eyed and totally disheveled, it can drive people to contemplate giving up shopping.

Yes – it does get that bad !!

Not that he’s picky or choosy about the clothes being bought. If there is something that really catches his eye when we are in the process of shopping for him, he points it out to us. But otherwise, he does not really mind us doing the shopping for him.

What makes shopping for Mr.E such a nerve wracking experience is his build, or rather, the lack of it !!!

Nothing – absolutely no clothes that are made for children his age, fit him. T-Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Cargo Pants – nothing !!

With T-Shirts the problem is sorted out by shopping for T-Shirts that are labeled “3-4 years”. We have had the unique distinction of walking into one of the Mothercare outlets a few months back and actually buying T-Shirts for Mr.E - Tshirts that have been labeled as clothes meant for 3 year olds. The look on the salesgirl’s face was absolutely priceless when she looked at the T-Shirts for 3 year olds, asked him how old he was and received a prompt reply “I’m five years old”.

There are times though, when T-Shirt shopping too gets tricky. While the body size of a smaller T-Shirt is just about right, the neck of the T-Shirt simply isn’t wide enough for his big head to pass through. Yes ! His head circumference is more than that of kids his age !! Has always been that way !! So either the T-Shirt refuses to get past his head or worse still, having gotten past his head once, it just decides to stay put and refuses to get past his head when we try to get the T-Shirt off him !!!!

But buying trousers or jeans for Mr.E is a different story altogether. Nothing seems to stay on that reed thin waistline of his. And in the case of trousers, there is absolutely no question of shopping for trousers or jeans made for 3-4 year olds. While the waistline might, just might be small enough to cater to his thin waist, the length of the trousers would fall really short. He would end up looking like Raj Kapoor in “Mera Naam Joker”. What with the trousers staying hitched up well above the ankles and the like.

Today morning, while shopping for uniforms too, I had the rather dubious distinction of going over and asking the lady at the PTA shop whether they had a shirt one size smaller than what appeared to be the smallest size available. “Smaller than this ?” she asked me, her voice dripping with incredulity. “For him” I said and I needed to say nothing further. She looked at him and the penny dropped – I could almost hear it clinking inside that head of hers.

With his uniform trousers I was quite literally holding my breath and absolutely willing those trousers to stay on on his waist. Trousers normally slide right off !! Fortunately, the smallest available trouser size proved somewhat OK. Atleast I’m sure the trousers will not slide off when he runs around with them on – and that’s more than what one can really ask for, under the present circumstances.

Thus ended yesterday’s uniform shopping. Not as nerve wracking as expected and fortunately, he does not look like a little scarecrow with spindly arms and legs sticking out of uniforms that look a “couple of sizes too big” for his small frame.

Every attempt at shopping for Mr.E’s trousers reminds me of a rather funny quote by Ellen DeGeneres

“I don’t understand the sizes anymore. There’s a size zero which I didn’t even know that they had. It must stand for ‘Oh My God !! You’re Thin !!’”.

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Mama - Mia said...

hehe! i can imagine the plight!! thank god this time it wasnt as much trouble!!

even Cubby has a big head as of now and we have a tough time buying kurtas for him 'coz his size just wont go over his head!! hope the situation improves eventually! :p



Rohini said...

Same problem with my brat. He's above average tall but also much thinner than average. So what fits is waist is short for him and what is the right length is too loose. We use belts or buy those pants with expandable waists. Thankfully, the school uniform is shorts so no length issue there...