04 August, 2008

Logic - Abhay Style !!!!!!

OK - For quite a while now I know quite some people out there (meaning you, who is reading this right now) have been reading about the exploits of the nutty siblings. The younger sibling also seems to have quite some "fan following" among the "internet aunties" :D. So here's a little insight into what we now call "Logic - Abhay Style" -which means - it is totally whacky, it could keep one's gray cells firing for a long long time, it could drive you absolutely nuts !!! It is like wanting to take a trip to say Europe and reading Lonely Planet books relating to Asia !!!.

Please do consider yourself warned. !!! :D

Today morning, this was a statement Abhay made

"Skunks make people so exhausted."

"Exhausted ?" I asked him.

"Yes." said Abhay.

"Skunks make people so exhausted."

Took me a while to make sense of this statement and when I did ask him if that was what he meant, he nodded rather solemnly and said "Yes. That's what I mean."

So now - how many of you want to give it a shot in trying to crack some "Logic - Abhay Style".

You have his statement

"Skunks make people so exhausted."

What do you think he meant ? :D

Edited to add

It all started with Mr.Exasperation making a statement "It is exhausting. This is exhausting." And since this was early morning, for the life of me, I could not figure out what he was talking about.

When quizzed, he went on to say that there was some weird smell and that it was so exhausting.

That was when I got the "logic".

And to drive his point home, he came up with the statement "See - Skunks make people so exhausted". "Because they can make a big stink" "People will get so exhausted by the stink that they have to put the exhaust fan on to make the exhausted people fresh."

If you ask me personally, his "logic" is mighty tiring and trying at times. :D

And since all of you had fun (I presume) breaking your heads over this one, how many of you would like to see this turned into a series ? Mr.E comes up with his "weird logic" quite often. So everytime that happens, would you like to pit your wits and figure it out ? Tell, Tell !! :D

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14 voice(s) said so:

Suki said...

whoah, that leaves me stumped!

Trish said...

LOL!! is he trying to use the exhaust-bad smell connection?I mean you turn on the exhaust when there is a strong/bad smell.. may be he relates the smells to exhaust!lol

Mama - Mia said...

you promise that if we give it a shot, you will make sure you weasel out the asli logic and tell us?

how will we sleep peacefully at night otherwise?

@ trish - superb logic!! :D

me, i am stumped a la suki!

maybe because they are so smelly you need to keep running away from them if you dont wanna get as smelly?!



Aditi's Album said...

I expected some explanantion and I have been mightily fooled. Actually I am a fan of the elder sibling and am reading your older posts abt the siblings together. You have fun decoding Abhay's logic and please give us the answer soon.

--xh-- said...

whoa - now, that seems cryptic. no logic from my side :( do decode that for us...

~nm said...


rrmom said...

That it takes a long time to get the bad smell out that people are exhausted by the end of the ordeal?


Pavi!!!! said...

my 1st time here....n this sounds like a fun blog ya :)

i'm curious...pls reveal the logic.

the mad momma said...

oh come on G... we're dying!!!

Gauri said...

Suki, Abha, --xh-- : Now you guys know how I feel most of the time while I garner my resources and try to be as illogical as he is :D

Trish : The next time I'm stumped with one of his statements, I know exactly whom to go looking for :D

Aditi's Album : Just thought it'd be fun :). And yay ... welcome to the elder sibling "fan club" :D

~nm : OMG ! This post did that to you ? :D

RRMom : You're about halfway there ... :D

Pavi : Welcome :) and hope to see you around here more often :)

MM : You still around ? :D

Neera said...

Oh boy that was some chain of thoughts!! Missed this one but would love to try my hand at others even if I fail at most :D
Yes mam for making it a series!

And I am thinking what fun he'll have reading all the stumped aunties' comments when he grows up :)

Ritu said...

Nice whacky logic LOLLL

Kodi's Mom said...

awesome logic :) and I'd love for this to be turned to a series,please!
-An Internet Aunty Fan of Mr.E

Trish said...

hahahha yes.. please please a series.. and now u know.. we are both mentally at the same level!!LOL!