07 August, 2008

Logic - Abhay Style - Episode 2

After the fun (I assume) that the "internet aunties" had - pitting their wits in trying to crack some "Logic - Abhay Style", I had this crazy idea of turning the whole thing into a series.

That way, it not only increases the fun factor but also will prove advantageous to me - in the sense that - if ever, I'm caught in a situation wherein I don't have an answer to his "logic", I can always post it here and await "possible solutions". Win-Win situation, ain't it ? :D

Logic-Abhay Style - Episode 1 can be found here.

Now ... on to Episode 2.

On Sunday last, both the kids wanted icecream for dessert after their lunch. Invariably, what happens with a tub of Neopolitan Ice cream is - one of the three flavors or sometimes two of the three flavors in the tub is in demand and the third one goes woefully neglected. After the first two flavors are consumed, the third flavor is, many a times, found sitting in the icecream tub, freezing all by itself in the freezer, with a totally woebegone look. Must be rather lonely, poor thing !!

With due consideration to the loneliness factor that drives the poor icecream crazy in the cold cold confines of the freezer, Mommy gives the siblings half a scoop of all three flavors. To get the nutty siblings to OK this was rather simple :D. If it is only one flavor that they ask for, they get just one scoop normally. But if they are not hellbent on specifying a flavor, then they end up getting half a scoop of each flavor - making it one and a half scoops in all :D.

It Works !!!

So Sunday afternoon saw both siblings demolishing their icecreams. Half a scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Halfway through his icecream, Abhay started to poke at the icecream with the spoon. We watched but did not say anything.

He poked at it, mashed it with his spoon and pretty soon, the plight of the icecream in the bowl really got to us.

Daddy asked Abhay "Why are you doing this ? Very soon - the whole thing is going to melt and you'll have to drink it."

Mr.Exasperation looked up but the only answer we got was "Yes Daddy."

Appu went next and said "Don't do that. Its all going to turn into a liquid."

Mr.Exasperation looked up and said "But Aparna ...."

Mommy went ahead next and told Abhay "Why turn the whole thing into a gooey mess ? Don't you like the icecream ?"

Mr.Exasperation looked up and said "Yes Mummy. I like the icecream."

The poking and prodding continued and Daddy went on to tell him "Now look - the whole thing is turning into a liquid. Next time you ask for icecream, we might as well just give you milk. That way you won't have to take the trouble of turning the icecream into a liquid."

Sensing that all the other three members in the household were ganging up on him (I guess), Mr. E looked up and said

"But see ........................................................"

What do you think he said ? :D

A hint : It was something neither Appu, nor Mommy, nor Daddy had an answer to.

Edited to add :

Mr.Exasperation said "But see ..... I'm just trying to make a new flavor."

Pray tell me, what in God's name can anyone say to an answer like that one !!!!!!!!!

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14 voice(s) said so:

Altoid said...

'But vanilla-strawberry-chocolate milkshake tastes so much better!'

Hm, or he could've said something more spectacular....I couldnt even begin to imagine what it could be :P

Suki said...

But it'll turn into milk in my tummy anyway!

Neera said...

I can only have a spoonful of one flavor at a time and this liquid way I can have all three together?

Preethi said...

this tastes so much better?? all blended together?

Solitaire said...

I had chocolate and strawberry icecream and now I want Vanilla milkshake?

Gauri said...

Altoid, Suki, Neera, Preethi, Solitaire : :) Thanks girls. I'll wait up for a day more and then let the cat out of the bag :).

Fair enuff ? :)

dipali said...

Please please- no way I can guess what the kid said!

Kodi's Mom said...

ok i peeked into the comments (sorry!) & Suki's sounds closeest to Mr.E-logic - "but see it will become milk again when i eat it"
ok now let the cat out, pls, pls!

Trish said...

Ohh no no..hush you all.. I think he didnt want any single flavor to feel left out!This way,all the flavors get an equal chance of being eaten!!

Kodi's Mom said...

but of course! :D

Shruti said...

oh ho ho Mr. Experimenting Exasperation .. :P

Gauri said...

K's Mom : (*sigh*) :)

Shruti : He experiments and we're the guinea pigs !! :D

choxbox said...

this guy is such fun!

Trish said...

Hey so what was the logic??Pray tell,G!