05 July, 2008

The Neighbor's House

Our neighbor is a very nice lady. I mean, if she puts up with the uproar and the din that the nutty siblings create at home and still has it in her to smile at them and say Hello every time she comes across them or us anywhere, then she’s got to be really nice at heart.

Vic, for one, has always maintained that aside of the terrible fear of spiders that our dear neighbor is inclined towards, she’d pretty soon develop a fear of children too – what with the absolute commotion that the nutty siblings are capable of summing up. Doesn’t seem like that’s happened – yet !!

So this morning, as I was traipsing along with my chores, trying not to stumble over my own feet, Abhay walks up to me with a rather serious and somber expression on his face and says “Hmmm … Mom … looks like I will have to go over to our neighbor’s house after all.”

Huh ???!!!!!!!

Here I was, scheduling one chore after another mentally and here he was, so totally living up to his habit and perfectly derailing my train of thoughts.

“Why would he say that ?” wondered Mommy, only to realize after a couple of seconds that Mr.E was still waiting and looking at me with that same serious expression. “What could be the reason for Mr.E wanting to go over, of all the places, to the neighbor’s house ? wondered a totally confused Mommy.


The light bulb finally went off inside Mommy’s caffeine-deprived brain as she realized that she need not figure this one out by herself. She just has to ask Mr.E for the reason behind that statement and then keep her fingers and toes and everything possible crossed in the hope of actually getting an answer to her question, and a sensible one at that. Because of late, Mr.E sure has developed a taste for answering a question with another question of his own. Mommy seriously wondered if this was going to lead to one of those never ending question to question to question sessions. Especially given the fact that Mommy had not had her morning dose of caffeine to kickstart her brains (or whatever is left of it) yet.

“Why do you need to go over to the neighbor’s house Abhay ?” went the question.

“Hmmm ……. see Mom – it’s like this.” said Mr.E with his brows furrowed, lips pursed and that index finger pointing towards nothing in specific. That serious, somber expression on his face stayed put.

“What is it Abhay ?” asked Mommy, who by now, was sincerely wishing she’d gulped down some coffee before taking Mr.E on. This seemed to be taking forever.

Finally, there was a long drawn out sigh from Mr.E. His shoulders slumped in what Mommy thought was some kind of resignation, his expression was one of total acceptance – come what may.

“See Mom – there is a problem.” said Mr.E.

Now Mommy was well and truly wondering what sort of problems a five year old could have that could actually have him wanting to leave the confines of his home and go over to the neighbor’s house.

“See Mom – I need to go to the toilet. Now – this is the problem. In our home, Aparna is in this bathroom and the door is locked and Daddy is taking a shower in the second bathroom and the door is again locked. So then, what should I do ? .”

“Hmmm ….. so Mom, now you know, I really will have to go over to the neighbor’s house.”

Mommy was so totally doubled up with laughter that she did initially fail to notice that merry twinkle in those mischievous eyes and the fact that the erstwhile serious, somber expression had now given way to a huge smile that creased that little face.

For those of you who are wondering by now, if he did make that trip to the neighbor’s house … well, he did not have to cos fortunately for him (and for us), Daddy had already finished his shower and like the saying goes …

“All’s well that Ends well” !!!!!!!!

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5 voice(s) said so:

Suki said...

I love your Abhay :D

Mama - Mia said...


now that guy sure has a sense of humour!! :D



Preethi said...

I wish he had gone.. that would have given you more to blog about.. and us more to smile about ;)

ddmom said...

I am catching up on blogs after few days.. Its just my day today I think, came laughing like a nut from the last few blogs I read and leaving laughing out louder!
Thanks for letting us know how it ended :)

WhatsInAName said...

he hehe.. you sure know how to build a suspense :P