28 July, 2008

Musings of an Absolutely Idle Mind ....

Almost a month into the summer break now and life has kind of fallen into a smooth rhythm of sorts. A smooth rhythm because with the nutty siblings at home 24/7, having as much as a small rhythm is a big thing.

The siblings too are making the most of their vacation. Lazing around the bed in the mornings and not having to wake up to loud hoots of the alarm clock. No parents hankering after them to “wake up else you’ll miss your bus” and no mommy threatening “if you miss your bus you’ll have to walk all the way to school.”

At times, when we peep into the kids’ room in the mornings, we find them already awake, seriously plotting and discussing something. At times one of them is awake and the other is not but they know better than to wake the other sibling up. Like the other day when I peeped in, Abhay was already awake and was busy counting his toes. Did make me wonder as to what he was trying to prove, by counting his toes – but early in the morning, in my decaffeinated state, I did not dare ask.

Both of them have their math work to do in the mornings. Aparna works on more complex divisions and has been introduced to the concept of Algebraic equations. Abhay had been after me to teach him multiplication tables during the vacations. At times, though, I’m sure the thought must have crossed his mind “Why did I have to go asking for trouble ?”. Ever heard the saying “trouble comes in pairs” ? Well, it comes in the form of multiplication tables too !! The younger sibling is taking the term “asking for trouble” to new levels !!!

Spills are aplenty. Inquisitive minds, curious heads and slippery hands – just purrfect !! Sometimes it is the talcum powder that gets spilt and at times it is something else. Left to the siblings, handtowels would soon be turned into towels used for wiping up the mess created by something being spilt on the floor. The best way to clean up a spill on the floor, as per “Nutty Sibling Theory” is to make a bigger mess there and then try and enlist the help of Mommy in “cleaning it all up”. e.g if talcum powder has been spilt, the best solution is to get a sopping wet towel to “clean it up”. Ideal solution is to create a “mini pool” – water with a lot many shady flakes of talc floating in it – and then yell bloody murder till a wild eyed Mommy comes flying in to find out what happened.

If it is a bit of juice that has been spilt, Mommy has been given rather colorful reasons like “a drop of juice spilt but can I just leave it like that cos the ants must be really thirsty. Its so hot in the summer you know.”

Independence is being taken to new levels with the younger sibling insisting that he can “put the toothpaste” on his toothbrush “all by himself”. All that independence went flying out of the window when, one morning, he squeezed out a whole lot of toothpaste from the tube and then brought the whole thing over to Mommy saying “can you please put all this toothpaste back into the tube ?” That said, the same streak of independence is often making sure that the younger one wears his underpants the wrong way around. Independence !! Indeed !!! :D

The same streak of independence makes sure that the younger sibling often runs around the house with his head and hands trapped in his vest. That’s what happens when kids have big heads !! Vest gets royally trapped and since arms are anyway up in the air, they’re not of much use in trying to pull the vest up and over the big head. What a sight !!! And invariably, during this “vest gets stuck around head” scene, the younger sibling is found running around in circles. Yeah – as if that’s going to get the vest past his head any easier !!!

The siblings diligently test to make sure that the force of gravity still works. Things that are thrown up in the air have to come down. Tests are conducted at regular intervals (sometimes a wee bit too regularly) to ensure that gravity stays on Planet Earth and does not migrate to any other planet on the solar system.

The other day found the younger sibling trying to “walk on his belly”. According to him “he was trying to find out what a penguin feels like when it slides around on its belly”. Mommy had the good sense to “flee the scene” before the request “can you put some ice around here too because penguins slide around on ice” came through !!!

The siblings tried tasting coffee out of Mommy’s coffee mug and promptly declared that the concoction was “Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww Yucckkkkyyy”. Cannot really blame them though cos Mommy takes very little sugar or no sugar at all in her coffee !!! But then again, Mommy did not ask them to drink coffee, did she ?

They remain eternally curious about what’s cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is a source of never ending fascination. It is not hard to imagine what would happen if the two of them were let loose in the kitchen though. “What are you making ?” “What do you put in it ?” “Why are you cooking that ?” “How do you cook that ?” “What is that yellow powder ?” “What is the red powder ?” the questions fly fast and furious and are certainly distracting enough to make one substitute the sugar with salt or worse still, vice versa. Thank the Lord for small mercies – in that all the Indian Masalas are inevitably “brown powders”. If the masalas too had been multicolored, oh what fun it would have been !!!

The other day saw the younger sibling picking the brains of the elder one with questions about why potatoes grow under the ground and not on the stems of the plants like other fruits and vegetables. In sheer exasperation the elder sibling was heard saying “because if they grow on the stems they’d fall on your head. Potatoes are heavy.” To which, pat came the question from the younger sibling – “Potatoes are heavy and grow under the ground ? Where do watermelons grow ?” Mommy had the good sense not to interrupt the conversation at all. It is not always that Mommy gets be the audience while someone else is in the hot seat.

Now coming to the important question – why in the name of God did I write all this down ?

Gee !! I really don’t know. I am absolutely clueless.

But then again, what does the title of this post say ?

Musings of an Absolutely Idle Mind !!

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Suma said...

heh..heh...you sure are having a busy vacation...

i have two boys and my, the scene is just like yours during vacation time, just i guess more noisier..

i like the conversation about the potatoes and watermelons...

Mama - Mia said...

we want more such musings!!!

and am sure the nutty siblings give enough fodder for you to muse every single day, if not the time!!!

this post brought a BIG smile on my face! :)



Joy said...

:) Its fun to read their conversations. Enjoy your summer vacation with the busy bees:)

WhatsInAName said...

This was like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki! I can imagine the pandemonium. My house acquires a similar state when there are those things called Holidays happening!
Enjoy :)

dentacare.blogspot.com said...

nice article. enjoy holidays, thanks for sharing.