18 July, 2008

The Kindergarten Days .......

.......... are officially over.

Though the nutty siblings have been at home for over a week now, the reality, the actuality of the situation sunk in just yesterday. We’d been to the kindergarten yesterday afternoon for the Parent-Teacher meeting. And it was as we were walking out of the kindergarten that the thought sunk in – our second child too, the younger sibling too is through with his kindergarten years.

We met with Abhay’s KG2 teacher Ms.S and spoke with her for quite a while. She’s been another person who has had a tremendous positive impact on Abhay during his KG2 year. What started off with Ms.S (his KG2 teacher in the first half of the year) continued and grew with Ms.S (his KG2 teacher in the second half of the year). We cannot thank both his KG2 teachers enough for having brought about such a change in his attitude towards school. And for teaching him to have faith in his capabilities and to give each and every situation his very best.

As we were walking towards the main door of the kindergarten, we met Ms.J who had been Abhay’s teacher for a few days during his KG2 year (when the regular teachers were not present at school). And more importantly, Ms.J had been Aparna’s KG2 teacher.

I don’t know why I paused at the door but I did. Turned around towards the classrooms, the play area and soaked in the sights. The sights of the very same place where both the nutty siblings first started their schooling. Their first stepping stone into the world of education and knowledge. Memories flashed across the eyes and I could recall with absolutely distinct clarity the first day of both Aparna and Abhay's kindergarten life. This was where their journey began - a journey on which they both have a long way to go, a journey that opened up a whole new world for them to soak in, a journey that helped them gain an understanding of many things hitherto unknown.

No kids were around yesterday and the place was unnaturally quiet. Where there normally used to be a constant buzz of activity and a steady humming of all those little busy bees, today there was total silence and hardly any activity. Just a steady stream of parents trickling towards their kids’ respective classrooms – some preparing for the next year of kindergarten that their kids would go through and some leaving with a lot of memories associated with their kids’ kindergarten years.

And that was when it actually sunk into my thoughts and seeped through the unconscious mind into the fully conscious – both our kids were done and over with their kindergarten years. It is a milestone of sorts, a definite stepping stone and to realize that the younger sibling too has crossed that threshold and will be a primary schooler come August, totally hit home.

It was wonderful to see both kids chatting with their teachers and I could sense a lot of emotions at play when Ms.S asked Abhay if she could get a hug from him and he went and put his arms around her neck. For the both of them, Ms.S and Abhay, teacher and student – it was a moment that stood still. Ms.S knew that this was the last time she would be seeing Abhay at the kindergarten and Abhay more of sensed that the ‘kindergarten era” in his life was through laying its foundation and now stood as the stepping stone – waiting for him to step on and beyond into primary school life. Even after we got back home, he was quite unusually subdued. And later on when I asked him why he was so quiet, the quiet muted response was “I’m going to miss Ms.S”.

And that was when the thought struck me – Aparna is more than halfway through her primary school years. Just a couple of years more to go and she will be standing on the same kind of a threshold – albeit a bigger one – all ready and prepared to use another stepping stone into Secondary school.

Both the siblings, over the past academic year, have been fortunate and blessed with teachers who have had a tremendously positive impact on them – academically and more importantly as people who have inspired them and taught them to have faith in themselves and their abilities.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to these wonderful teachers who have played such a pivotal role in laying a very strong positive foundation in both the nutty siblings.

Abhay with Ms.S (his KG2 teacher during the First half of the year)

(Abhay with Ms.S - his KG2 teacher during the second half of the year).

(Aparna and Abhay with Ms.J - Aparna's KG2 teacher)

(Aparna and Abhay with Ms.L - Aparna's teacher during her Primary Year Three and Primary Year Four).

Like Ever Garrison once said

"A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, wisdom and knowledge in the pupils."

And as someone once said

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book."

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Mama - Mia said...

even i felt strangely emotional seeing all the pictures and reading this post!

it is indeed a blessing to get good teachers, isnt ut?

glad Abhaya and Aparna, both got them!