11 July, 2008

How to complicate things for yourself ..... !!

....... is something I can learn from myself !!!

Yesterday morning, as always, I was trundling along with my chores. And yesterday morning, as always, Abhay burst into my train of thoughts. And yesterday morning, as always, he totally disrupted and derailed my train of thoughts. And yesterday morning, as is becoming the norm lately, he had a rather somber and serious expression on his face.

"Mom - see - there is a problem." said Abhay.

"Why ? What happened ?" asked Mommy

"I have a problem Mom" said Abhay

"Do you need to go over to the neighbor's house ?" asked Mommy

"No Mom. This is a very big problem." said Abhay

"Oh Lord ! Going over to the neighbor's house had been chalked down by him as a small problem ?" mulled Mommy.

"What is your BIG problem Abhay ?" asked Mommy

"See Mom - I don't know how to tie up my shoelaces." said Abhay

And before Mommy could say anything - pat came the question

"And mom - what are shoelaces ?"

"Shoelaces are kind of thick threads on shoes Abhay. And they need to be tied into a knot so that the shoe does not slip off the foot." explained Mommy.

"Oh ! But I don't know how to tie my shoelaces. See Mom - it is a big problem." quipped Abhay.

"Most of the shoes now don't have shoelaces Abhay" said Mommy, seriously wondering as to why she was standing there discussing, of all the things, shoes, with Mr.E. That too when there were a whole lot of chores to be attended to !!!

"Then what do they have Mom ?" came the question

"They have Velcro" said Mommy, who, by then, had a whole load of lights flashing inside her head and a whole load of alarms going off inside her head. Dishes in the kitchen sink, water boiling on the kettle, breakfast to be made, Vic's lunch to be made and the lunch box packed .....

And what was Mommy doing in the midst of all this ?

She was discussing "shoes" and "shoelaces" and now "velcro" with a five year old !!!

"What is Velcro ?" came the question

"Ahem .... you see Abhay. When you wear your shoes or take them off - see that thing which goes "trrrrrr" "prrrrrr" "krrrrrr" .... that is velcro." said Mommy.

"Trrrrr ...... Prrrrrrr........Krrrrrrr ???" said Abhay, a huge huge question mark framing his face.

"Whenever you put on your shoes or take them off my dear, it kind of goes Trrrrrr ..... Prrrrrrr ...... Krrrrrr ..... Prrrrrrr, does it not ?." said Mommy

Abhay's face was registering some amount of alarm by now, what with a grown up in the house making all kinds of weird noises in an attempt to explain something to him and needless to say, was falling flat on her face !!!

Aparna too had walked into the living room by then and she had that look on her face which translated into "Gawd !! I knew it !! I knew it !! Something's really askew."

"Mom - do you mean shoe straps when you said Prrrr Krrrr Trrrrr ?" asked Abhay.

Huh !!!??????

I mean, whatever was I thinking when I started going into explanations like Trrrrrr Prrrrr and Krrrrr and whatever else it was that I said ?

When it was as simple as saying "shoe straps" ? (*Phew*)

The kids, needless to say, had extremely amused expressions to sport on their faces and must have been wondering why the people at home who are supposed to be "grownups" don't behave all grown up. I mean, with all the Prrrrs and Krrrrrsss and Trrrrrss.

Mommy attributes this whole episode to "caffeine deprivation".

Like Martin Mull once said

"Raising a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your head."

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6 voice(s) said so:

Altoid said...

Ya, right! Really G, with these kind of explanations, what else can you expect?

trrrrr, prrrrrr, krrrrrrr- indeed!


DotThoughts said...

this post touched a chord with me! Chip calls them wires, not laces :) This is a velcro-and-digital genration indeed :)

rayshma said...

shoes now-a-days don't have laces???? WOW!

WhatsInAName said...

lol! Are the kids to be blamed? :P

dipali said...

Wow, Gauri- I remember being six years old and struggling with my shoelaces. This generation has the shoe part easier, I guess. Though adult sports shoes are a different story with weird ways of lacing up.
I loved your sound effects, Gauri!

Swati said...

LOL ! LOL! LOL! I am laughing loud :) If I was you I would have told the same ..but if it was to Abhay ...NEVER!