14 July, 2008

Getting Creative with PlayDoh - Part II

As the story normally goes, the whole of last week was a washout, weatherwise. HK has been going through a rather wet spell with constant showers during the day and some rather squally thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.

Creating artwork out of something, anything or nothing specific is something we love to do :). Of late, the kids have been using the multi colored pots of PlayDoh but not long enough for them to hunker down and "create" something with the Doh. Last week, they took out the pots of PlayDoh, spread the newspaper on the floor - all by themselves - and got to work on the Doh. The nutty siblings were working with the Doh by themselves while Mommy finished off some of her chores.

Every now and then, either the elder or the younger sibling would come running over and ask Mommy "Would you like to eat a burger ?" or "Would you like to eat a three scoop icecream ?" or "Would you like to eat a pizza ?" and so on and so forth. Quite evidently, the theme of the day was "food".

After a while, Mommy joined them too and we worked together on a landscape of sorts. The whole thing had a very nice feel to it - the working together, the squabbling over some color or other, the disagreements over which color was to be used, the goofing around with the Doh, trying to "draw" on a flat piece of PlayDoh with a toothpick :). The list is seemingly endless :).

Once we were done with our landscape, the kids started off on something by themselves again - Abhay, of course, wanted to make a vehicle and Aparna experimented and came out with some very nice 3D PlayDoh animals and birds. Mommy used this time and came up with some little flowers :).

Here we go with the pictures ....

"The making of a hamburger".

"Triple Scoop Icecream Cone, Anyone ?"

"Piping Hot Pizza"

"Cool things down with a yummy super duper banana split."

"Abhay never is satisfied without having a vehicle involved in some way, is he ?. His version of a car which has stopped at the traffic lights."

"Aparna's cute little 3D Snail. I loved the way she's worked with the Doh on the snail's eyes."

"The little birdie said "Cheep Cheep"."

"Flowers Flowers everywhere ...... not a single one in the vase."

"The Landscape. A house, the green lawns, two small patches of land with flowers growing on them, a small stream behind the house and the range of mountains. The sun has just risen, puffy blue and white clouds in the sky and a little airplane completes the picture."

The earlier "playdoh creations" that I'd posted about can be found here and here.

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Mama - Mia said...

i feel like getting some playdoh for myself now!! :D

absolutely stunning and total fun... thats what all the snaps say!!

i cant even pick a favourite! :)



Random Thoughts said...

The house seems to be sticking its tongue out to take a lick of the banana-split when mom is not watching....

ddmom said...

wow! Page goes right into the printer as we speak.

WhatsInAName said...

As creative as can be! Its all in the genes I feel. :) I can see from the flowers!

Preethi said...

very creative.. loved the car at the stop light and the snail.. awesome!!

Swati said...

creative kids ..no words :)

~nm said...


K 3 said...

so creative. i just bought some clay for my little guy and all he wants to do is make it into a ball and hold it! :(