21 July, 2008

Artwork - Homemade Cards

Since the kindergarten year was drawing to a close, we decided upon making Ms.S (Abhay's KG2 teacher) a little gift. And what better to etch some memories upon than a lovely card.

Coming to cards, it has been a while since we started "making" cards at home. What makes the whole thing so much more fun is the fact that both the nutty siblings love artwork of any kind. Aside of the actual "making" of something, they love to feel the texture of "felt", they marvel at the glitter in the glitter glue tubes, there is a lot of banter and chit chat about how a particular color gets created. What color mixed with what gives you what color ? How do they make glitter glue - does the glue get poured in first or the glitter ?. The questions don't cease - they just serve to form a very amiable background buzz whilst working on anything "arty" :).

Me being me, I clean forgot to snap up step by step pictures whilst making the card. The nutty siblings did remind me to take pictures of the finished card, however :).

What we use is thick, glossy craft paper for the card. And judging by the amount of craft paper and the other paraphernelia we have at home, we could well open a mini stationery shop of sorts right here :).

Once the craft paper was cut, we used colorful ice lolly sticks to give the card a "framelike" border. The effect is one of a picture frame. Two little dots of glitter glue at the end of each "stick" created an impression of the sticks having been "nailed down" - as in the olden days kind of photo frames :).

Abhay wanted a bouquet of flowers for the main body of the card. What better than colorful felt for the flowers. We set about deciding which color felt to use and I drew freehand flowers on the felt sheets which we had decided upon.

Then we got down to creating the bouquet wrapping - at the base of the flowers - we decided to go with light pink and white.

Once everything was cut out, I began to glue the felt on to the card. It is a laborious process and the entire "project" took about 3-4 afternoons. It felt good to be working "with them" and it was quite fulfilling when the card was done. I gave the card its finishing touches - the little decorations on the inside of the card too. In the meanwhile, Abhay was given the task of deciding what he wanted to write inside the card for Ms.S. He did a mighty good job of that and had framed complete sentences of what he wanted to write on the inside of the card. Aparna helped with the little dots of glitter on the inside of the card and once done, we left the card to dry overnight.

The next day afternoon, an hour before we went over to school to meet Ms.S, the envelope of the card was yet to be made. Out came some gift wrapping paper. Measured the size of the card, cut out the required amount of wrapping paper, glued the edges together with glossy stickers, cut out the flap to an envelope shape and folded it down and sealed the envelope with three round stickers. And yes - we did remember to slip the card into the envelope before sealing it :D.

The pictures say it all .......

" The front of the card gets done."

"The inside of the card".

"Abhay's little note on the card".

"The envelope in the making"

"The card is ready to be slipped into the envelope"

"The envelope - sealed with three round glossy stickers".

Martin Kippenberger once said

"Entertainment and Art are not isolated. Entertainment is in art like color in pictures."

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4 voice(s) said so:

Anonymous said...

Dear Gauri,The way you expressed the makingof cardwas simply outstanding.

Aditi's Album said...

Wow. The card is awesome and I can see the labour of love into its making. Beautiful envelope.Really liked your flowers and the bouquet.

Mama - Mia said...

that was absolutely stunning!!

what made it special was Abhay's heartfelt scrawling on the inside!! :)



Itchingtowrite said...

u do it so profssionally- i am recalling my kiddish cards i usd to make