10 June, 2008

Fourteen Years of "us"

On 10th June 1994, a Friday to be exact;
A very very rainy Friday at that,
We said “I Do”.
And now, together with each other for fourteen years;
That’s one jolly strong glue.

The first four years of marriage went off pretty quick
Pretty much like a eyelid that blinks.
For it was just the two of us
Living our life as merry D.I.N.K’s

However, a surefire penchant for trouble;
Sent us stumbling into parenthood on the double;
Along came Appu and that made us three,
And life as D.I.N.K’s flew out of the window very swiftly.

Little did we know what was to come
As we juggled parenthood and officedom
Juggling a child and office sure was not a song to hum
And off I stepped from one plate; Into full fledged Mommydom.

And as Appu into kindergarten grew;
There arrived Trouble Number Two.
Life was then a blur on the fast track;
Days, Months, Years just zipped past – Just Like That !

As we’ve travelled together over the past fourteen years;
Laughter has been aplenty, and a few tears too.
We’ve been through a lot of thick and thin;
And thru it all, we’ve managed to swim.

As all four of us journey life – a path;
It did teach us (and it still does) quite a lot.
Faith, Love, Happiness and Family – bonding like treacle;
And for us, that innate satisfaction of having come A Full Circle.

Come to think of it, actually
The Gods must have laughed holding their bellies
Cos they say “Marriages are made in Heaven”
Oh ! All that plotting and scheming – the Gods sure must have had such fun
A pair of Loony Bins that we’ll remain forever;
No wonder then that fate decided to “institutionalise” us together !!
Like Rita Rudner once said

"It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."

Happy Anniversary My Darling V and here's to many many more !!! :D

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23 voice(s) said so:

Random Thoughts said...

Yay Mr. V Kaun Hai?

Gauri said...

Sheesh!!! The cat is out of the bag !!!! That's someone you know very well tho !! :D

Mystic Margarita said...

That's so beautiful! Happy 14th Anniversary to you both and here's to many many more to come! :)
On a side note, would you enlighten a dumb me as to what D.I.N.K. is? :)

~nm said...

Wishing you and your hubby a very happy anniversary! Be in love..always! :) (I'm sure I do not need to add the words 'with each other'.. *chuckle*) ;)

dipali said...

Happy happy happy 14th anniversary to you and V, and wishing you both a wonderful year ahead with your lovely children. God bless:)

The Gypsy said...

Happyyy Anniversary Gauri & V!!Wish you all the happiness always.
Its also my hubby's b'day :)

Suki said...

Happy Anniversary, Gauri and V! :)
And yeah, what's a D.I.N.K?

B o o said...

Happy Anniversary, Gauri and Vic! (And to Mr.V, whoever he is! ;) 14 years huh? So theres still hope for hubby and me, then!!

Double Income No Kids, guys! Catch up with us Dinos! :D

Mama - Mia said...

gauri - happy aniiversary!!!! :)

14 years and going strong!! wow! i mean you still write poems for him! :)

its was amazing, btw!! :)

heres to many many more years of bliss!!

and yes, to find the right person is indeed the biggest blessing!



Aditi's Album said...

Wishing you many more such happy anniversaries.May I also ask what D.I.N.K means?

Manjari Rai said...

Bless you both! Happy Anniversary :)

Dee said...


DotThoughts said...

what a cute poem! Congrats and here's to many many more!

ddmom said...

Happy 14th Anniversary! And here's to many many more to come.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

What a lovely poem!Happy anniversary!It coincides with my brother's birthday!

Compulsive Dreamer said...

Happy Anniversary... a little belated... and wishes for many more such happy days!

Gauri said...

@ All : Thank you all so much for your warm wishes :)

Boo : So now its "Us Dinos" huh ??!! :D

B o o said...

Gauri - crossed 30, 8th anniversary, 2 kids,.. Sigh! I might as well give up and join the Dinos, right? ;)

Just Like That said...

Awwww. Gauri..
wish all four of you many many years of happiness and love.
and yeah, finding that right person to annoy is such a big deal.:-D

Krishnapriyacr said...

congrats..congrats!!! I am just out of a lot of turmoil..and back to blog visiting! Hope you had a lovely anniversary!

I love Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
And that was a cute poem :)

Preethi said...

very nice poem!!! Happy Anniversary to both of you!!

Manpreet said...

Happened to stumble upon your blog. It is a beautiful poem. And a wonderful way to look back at the years of togetherness.
Happy anniversary !!!