06 May, 2008

The Year Fours' Art Gallery ....

....... was what the invitation said. The letter that came in from KJS stressed on the fact that the Year 4 students had been researching on the subject of and working on the theme "Art", over the past 3-4 months.

We, at home too, had seen Aparna busily browsing the web in an attempt to gain more information about artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Keith Haring as also photographers like Anne Geddes and Tony Howell.

One thing that had always struck us about KJS is the stress that is laid on and the importance that is given to art as a medium of expression. Be is sketches, paintings, clay modelling, music - children are encouraged to express themselves through art right from their Primary One years. Children coming back home with paint stained uniforms do bear testimony to the fact that children do indulge themselves in expression through Art with a rather delightful gusto.

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O' Keeffe

Given all this, when the invitation letter did come in, inviting parents to view the Art Gallery that had been created by the Year Four students, it had a kind of pull to it. And true to their word, the Year Four's of KJS had created a rather magical atmosphere at school that day.

The first thing that struck me as I walked onto the balcony which fringes each classroom (yes - they actually have balconies alongside their classrooms) was the atmosphere. It was charged. Charged with excitement, charged with pride, charged with enthusiasm. Each and every Year Four student was on the move, involved and occupied with something or the other. Not one was found idle. There was a very vibrant liveliness to the whole place and best of all, the kids were really enjoying themselves.

Each and every Year Four classroom and the corridor and the balconies had been done up with artwork which had been "created" by the Year Four's. It was a riot of color -at times rich and vibrant, at times subdued and soothing. All the elements were in place.

"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit. ~ John Updike"

Some of the Year Four's were busy walking around interviewing the parents who had come in to view the gallery and were methodically noting down the parents' responses to their questions on a notepad.

Some of the Year Four's were busy encouraging parents and other visitors to have a snack which had been set up in each one of the classrooms. In place of the traditional wine and cheese that is served during viewings at art galleries, the school was serving baby carrots with a cheese dip. Everything had been thought of. The children were helpful, attentive and very solicitous.

What struck me most about the children that day was the sense of belonging that they were exhibiting. "I belong here" was a sentiment that was coming through with distinct clarity and they took immense pride in the fact that they "belonged", that they "fit in" and that they felt "totally at home" in their school surroundings. How amazing is that !! It felt wonderful.

The teachers were walking around with sheets of round, red stickers - which were tagged onto the art which had been bought by people.

I leave you with some of the vibrant pictures that were captured on film ....

No better way to end this post than with these beautiful quotes that I came across on the web. Quotes about Art - made extra-special by the fact that these are the thoughts of some of the children from Los Cerros Middle School.

"Art is the colors and textures of your imagination." ~ Meghan

"Art is your personal diary where you may color your thoughts and emotions on a page." ~ Sarah

"Art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination" ~ Devin

"Art is an adventure that never seems to end." ~ Jason

"Art is pictures straight from the heart." ~ Ben

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16 voice(s) said so:

~nm said...

Awesome paintings by these kiddos! Some are worth framing up!

Swati said...

Cannot even believe that these were done by year 4 students

Sunita said...

I agree with swati, the paintings are just awesome. Are these kids taught painting in class 4? I can not make anything half as good s any of that.

Altoid said...

:) Very pretty ones there G. Makes one want to grab the closest brush and paint!

the mad momma said...

what amazing stuff the kids have churned out... and hey - arent we due a change in the pick of the pics? i'm waiting to see more.

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

wow such lovely paintings G :D

Tharini said...

Woooooow! Beautiful! What a lovely alma mater these kids are having. And how much they will learn in a place where they feel like they belong! I am sooo envious of little Appu as she goes through her school years. Makes me long for mine once more.

The paintains are truly fantastic. Gauri...a favour...would Appu do me the honour of painting a little something to grace our home?

I would be thrilled to get one from her.

dipali said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Gauri! What a wonderful school:)
Great kids, of course.

Orchid said...

nice ones, really and like alotid said..it makes me wanna paint too..its beena while really!

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

holy cow. i am speechless!!! i am so speechless. the pointillism by Aparna is breathtaking. I can't paint what these kids have pained.. and I thought the van goghs were reprints put up but I clicked on the larger image and saw they were painted...WOW. Can I buy the seurat-look alike?

Maggie said...

Wow! So did you buy anything?

ddmom said...

Beautiful paintings. Am speechless at Aparna's painting. I don't know the a b c's of painting, in terms of the different kinds of paints/brush etc. Seeing D's interest in it, I am starting to educate myself.
Love the quote.

Neera said...

I could imagine the kids doing what you mentioned they were doing in your post and it made me feel nostalgic thinking about my own school years. Great work!! Could u explain please what Aparna has made. Unfortunately I find it difficult to understand the meaning behind those colors.

Incidentally I have an award for u. Collect it here :)

Gauri said...

~nm : True. They are awesome and more so - coming from 8-9 year olds.

Swati : :)

Sunita : Right from the P1 year they are encouraged to use various forms of art to express themselves. This year one of their topics of Inquiry was Art. They are not taught painting techniques per se at school. They experiment with various art techniques and then decide for themselves as to which one they want to use for their artwork.

Altoid : :) very true.

MM : Thanks. Pick of the pics :) I was taking the easy way out by not changing the picture. Else would have to wade thru hundreds of pics :)

MayG : Thanks dear :) And coming from a person as creative as you - it is indeed a huge compliment :)

Tharini : Oh T !! She was thrilled and delighted. She's chalked that up as one of her pet projects for the summer holidays.

Dipali : Thanks :) and yes, truly wonderful atmosphere they have at school :)

Orchid : Go grab a brush :) whatcha waiting for ? And yes, I do remember - am yet to email you. Will get to it soon.

Dottie : The Seurat lookalike. Hmmm ... you've got a little competition there :)

Mags : No. I did not. Not all of them were up for sale :)

DDMom : I am quite the novice myself. and yes - you've got a great budding artist on your hands :) she's awesome :)

Neera : Thanks :) The first one has been painted using the pointillism technique as Dottie mentioned earlier. Meaning there are no brushstrokes - it is a painting technique wherein dots of primary colors are used.

The other two paintings of hers were expressions of joy - one using something akin to a block technique and the other one using lines to express feelings.

Lavs said...

Why didn't they teach such things to us when we were kids???

Boo hoo, I wanna go back to school again

Emaan said...

very nice blog.. andso many colors too.. just what i like :-)