09 May, 2008

Curious George And The Pizza ......

....... do not go hand in hand as far as logic is concerned, according to who else, but Abhay.

For a while now, the Curious George Books have been missing from the shelves of the library.

And the Curious George series of books have always been a favorite read. Even more so, since he started to read on his own. He manages to read the Curious George books too, most of it, by himself. Figuring out the words, looking at the pictures, putting them together and piecing the story together is something he does enjoy doing. And the Curious George series of books have also familiarised him with conjugated words like "I’ve", "You’re" and the like.

And reading a Curious George book is always accompanied by spates of giggles and at times uncontrollable laughter.

So this time around, when Mommy did find the Curious George books back on the library shelf, she did not hesitate to borrow 2-3 of the books for Abhay to have a go at.

This morning, Abhay picked “Curious George and The Pizza”.

Mommy, in the meanwhile, was having rather pleasant visions of being able to enjoy her morning dose of caffeine – a steaming, piping hot cup of coffee – while Curious George kept Abhay and his imagination busy.

“Oh Lovely”, did I hear you say ?

“Ah !! Wishful thinking”, is what Mommy says.

Little did Mommy know that downing that cup of coffee was going to be a race against time. Little did she know that the vision of Abhay engrossed in the book was soon going to turn into a barrage of questions being thrown at Mommy – questions that were flying fast and furious, questions that were being fired mercilessly.

While Mommy was busy envisioning consuming her cup of coffee in tiny little sips, letting that caffeine kick into the system slowly, Abhay started reading his book. The words flowed, slowly and smoothly – interspersed by little pauses when his eyes took in the picture on the page and his brain registered and put together the picture and the words.

Mommy blissfully took a sip of her steaming coffee when she heard Abhay pipe up “Does a baker make a pizza Mum ?” “Bakers make bread. Bakers make yummy delicious cakes.” “But bakers don’t make pizza” came the statements fast and furious.

“Yes Abhay. They do, sometimes.” “Remember when we go over to the bread shop, there are those mini pizzas there ? Those are made by the bakers in the bread shop” said Mommy.

“But there are no bakers in Pizza Hut Mummy” came the rejoinder.

“There may be Abhay. They would be cooking in the kitchen. We don’t see them because it is the waiter who brings the food to the table” replied Mommy.

“But no one Mummy, nobody in Pizza Hut wears a baker’s hat” came the reply.

“They don’t necessarily need to wear a baker’s hat Abhay” said Mommy.

“But Mum – the doctor always wear a mask. So why bakers always don’t wear bakers hats ?” flew the question.

“Cop out. Cop out” screamed that voice inside of Mommy’s head. But no, penchant for trouble that she has, she went along with this question answer session. Those sips of coffee, by the way, had now turned to swigs of coffee.

“Sometimes the doctor too does not wear a mask Abhay. And just because a baker does not wear a hat does not make him something else. He is still a baker.” said Mommy.

What Mommy got in return was a rather dubious look but phew !!, he decided to go on reading the book.

The reading train chugged along, but not for long. The brakes screeched again – at Page 5. “Why did the baker toss the dough in the air ?” came the question.

“For it to become light and airy” said Mommy “because that way the crust of the pizza will be softer”

“But if the dough become filled with air then it will become a dough balloon and then the balloon will come down and down and down and down and crash on the baker’s head” came the retort, accompanied by a spate of giggles.

The swigs of coffee had now turned into gulps as Mommy desperately tried to get all that much-needed caffeine into her system before the coffee turned cold.

The giggles eventually subsided and on went the reading train – slow, steady, smooth reading. The little finger on the page was hopping from word to word and going along at an even pace when the train suddenly stopped at Page 12.

There it was. A picture of George with four mounds of pizza dough.

“Why George need to pound the dough Mum” asked Abhay with a frown. “If George pound the dough like this (with a virtual demo on the writing table) the dough will get hurt”

“Then what must George do to flatten the dough Abhay ?” asked Mommy

“George can pat the dough Mum – like this” (with another virtual demo on the table)

And then all of a sudden “Eeeeewwwwwww Yuuuccckkkkkkyyyyy” came the loud exclamation.

“What happened ?” queried Mommy

“Look Mum – George is putting his legs on the dough. That’s yucky. Remember, we not supposed to put our legs in the food” came the reply.

God !! One cannot dispute that kind of logic. He was right !!

“Mum look – the book make a mistake” said Abhay, pointing to Page 13 with a quizzical expression on his face.

This says “George have four hands”. “How can George have four hands Mum ?” “George is a monkey. Monkeys have two legs and two hands.” said Abhay

Once again, there was no disputing that logic. I mean, ever heard of a monkey with four hands.

“Yes Abhay. You are right” said Mommy, who, by now, could not help but smile.

He was on a roll here.

The next couple of pages had him go berserk with laughter when he saw the pizza dough falling on many different places. The height of it was when one of the dough pancakes landed smack on the baker’s head. The reading train had temporarily ground to a halt because of all that laughter and giggles. Once he decided to go on with his reading he started and then stopped again.

“Mum – George make four pizza dough. One, Two, Three, Four. One pancake fall on this aunty’s plate, second pancake fall on the music box, third pancake fall on the baker’s head.

Mum – where did the number four pancake fall ? So Mum, where did the number four pancake fall ?

“Why the book peoples make so many mistake ?” asked Abhay.

Why Indeed !! I guess with kids of today, every little detail needs to be examined thoroughly before it is put on print or for that matter, onto any media.

There are many days when such errors or gaps in reasoning would go totally unnoticed and he would just continue reading. But there are some days like today when logic precedes just about everything else. Everything has to have a logical reply.

And speaking of logic, Abhay seems to be exhibiting the very same logical thinking at school too. Because, early on this week, on Monday to be exact, he came back from school with this certificate.

“Whose mind did he twist at school ?” wondered Mommy.

At home, at times, he sure has people all twisted and tied up in knots with his questions !!!!

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11 voice(s) said so:

Sunita said...

The peapod follows me all day pointing her fingures at something in a book or otherwise with "eh Mumma?" "eh Mumma?" and with this logic I can only imagine you gulping your coffee.
Congratulations to Abhay ...Mind Twister indeed :)

Aditi's Album said...

Am so impressed with his logical analysis in every post. The one with the soap foam at the shower was hilarious. But this really got me thinking why the book made so many errors -especially when it was aimed at inquisitive minds.

Kodi's Mom said...

yay, an Abhay post after a long long time! and what a treat too :)
I'm thinkingn we should forget reviewing books and get Abhay to critique them on Saffron tree... :)
his eye for detail and logic is amazing and congrats to him on the mind twister award...he sure twisted your mind to a pretzel knot, didn't he?! :)

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

I am sooo impressed. He is so smart. and not yet five. It proves he reads with such great attention to detail. Can I hire him to proof read my posts. I make sooo many mistakes!

Sue said...

Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii... happy mother's day.

Drop by my place sometime, got a little thingie for you.

Hip Grandma said...

Happy mothering and Mother's day!

dipali said...

He certainly is logical!

Something to Say said...

At leastit tells you the lil one is thinking - and logically too!!!
I'm most impressed with Abhay!!!

WhatsInAName said...

I am not surprised! After all, he is YOUR son :) Well deserved, that award!

Usha said...

It would have been a surprise if he didn't get this award. I love the way he probes into every tiny detail of the story. Writers of kids books watch out, you are not going to be able to get away with those mistakes any longer! abhay is coming!!

d said...

hey g
come back on june bugs
we miss you