19 April, 2008

Tongue Tied ............ Yet Again !!!!!!

This time around, Mommy was out to invite trouble and needless to say, she got all twisted and tongue tied in the process. Not to mention - being left speechless. Yet again !!!!!!!!

Now while taking his shower, Abhay loves to really lather up the soap on the palm of his hands. Initially, he used to lather the soap up and then wash his hands. Slowly, it sunk in that the lather could be used rather creatively. Say - on Mommy's head, for instance. While Mommy diligently soaps away all that dirt on both those little feet, the little hands are busy at work. Smearing, shaping and "sculpting" on Mommy's head with soap lather - lots of it !!!!!!!!!!

While most of the lather just dissipates by itself, there have been a lot many times when Mommy's emerged from the bathroom looking like one of those judges with those white "wig looking" things on top of their head. And it looks rather realistic too because Mommy invariably has lather down the sides of her head too !!!!!!!!

Now to get him from venting his artistic capabilities on Mommy's head, Mommy tried to distract him by asking him to use all that lather on his tummy. Was working just fine until Mommy opened her mouth and put her foot right in. Just to jazz things up a bit Mommy went ahead and told Abhay "Wow !! Now your tummy looks like Antartica. All white and fluffy like it has snow on it."
And he was thrilled to bits. For a day, the Antartica story held good and Mommy was kind of priding herself on the lack of lather on her head - all thanks to the Antartica thingy - until the next day.

While showering the next day too, Abhay was busy creating an "Antartica" on his tummy. "Mum - you told me this is Antartica ?" asked Abhay. "Yeah sweetie" beamed Mommy. "So Mum - can you tell me where are the penguins now. Because there are always penguins in Antartica."

Mommy has kind of decided to take the easy way out and look like one of those judges anyday !!!!!!!!!

The second incident happened yesterday while Mommy was getting Abhay back home from school.

We were already into the lobby of our block when Mommy noticed that distinctly mischevious gleam in Abhay's eyes. That gleam which really gets Mommy's guard up.

And sure enough, there it was - "When the lift doors are closing Mum - can I put my hand between the doors ?". His Highness was perched on the sofa in the lobby and mommy was waiting near the lift doors waiting for the lift to arrive at the podium.

Now not wanting to get into a protracted discussion by saying "No. You cannot put your hands between the lift doors when they are closing.", Mommy decided to use reverse psychology. Because Mommy knew only too well that he would do nothing of that sort. "Go ahead sweetie." said Mommy with an equally sweet smile. "Go right ahead and stick your hand between the lift doors as they are closing." There was that split second hesitation when he knew his bluff had been called, but like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the recovery was even swifter and he landed perfectly on his feet.

"Mum - big people first Mum. Mummy put your hand between the lift doors first when it closes and I'll sit and see from the sofa. After you finish, I will try."

What mommy is still trying to figure out is this - Why and How does she manage to get herself into such situations ?????!!!!!
Like Franklin P. Jones once said
"Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next."
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Sraikh said...

LOL Such a quick thinker. Got to admire that!

the mad momma said...

ha ha - this one is a real smart cookie :)

Swati said...

Too good

Just Like That said...

LOL At Antartic and the penguins.

WhatsInAName said...

...and I thought I was the only one with foot-in-mouth disease :D

WhatsInAName said...

...and I thought I was the only one with foot-in-mouth disease :D