29 April, 2008

Oh !! What a Ride It Has Been !!! :-)

“How come the posts have slowed down on your blog ?” asked a friend of mine, the other day. “Haan yaar, I was wondering too” said another. And all I could do was smile. And tell them that I’d been rather busy.

So just in case, any of you noticed a slowing down in posts across many pitstops in Blogsville and just in case you’d been wondering why – I’m sure you know the answer by now. But if you want to hear my version of the events, go on and read on.

Posts had kind of slowed down because all over the globe, stationed in many different countries in various different continents, situated in various different time zones – girls – not too many, mind you – just about 70 + girls – were busy planning, plotting, scheming and ringing up a Baby Shower. A virtual baby shower, a online baby shower, a geeky baby shower, if you may.

A baby shower for a group of ladies – some of whom were expecting their second babies and some of whom were expecting their first babies.
This group of 70+ girls planning the baby shower had to have a collective name too. Quite simply put, we were The Doula Gang !!!

And what a ride it has been !!!

Almost a month of planning, trimming, finetuning – and the whole party which began on the 31st of March with the starting of the “group page” culminated in the grand finale – The Baby Shower itself on the 25th of April 2008.

Were we planning to make it easy on the Mommies ? Nah !!!! Where’s the fun then ? So then, we came up with the idea of A Treasure Hunt. A Treasure Hunt that would send the Mommies To Be zipping across continents, across oceans, over the top of hills and through Canyons, into the valleys and through a whole maze of bylanes. They had to bloghop across 49 blogs (to be exact) to get the “keys” which would help them figure out the username and the password to unlock their treasure.

The treasure was a lovingly designed and crafted blog which was filled with tonnes and tonnes of good wishes, recipes, tips, information, links – all of which the mommies could fall back upon at times when they needed information to something.

But wait. Was that it ? A treasure trove of information ? Was that all it was ?

It was a lot lot more than just that. It was a space which was filled with affection, good wishes, camaraderie, sensitivity and most importantly Love – loads and loads of it. There was so much of genuineness and honesty in the wishes that had piled up on the blog. The warmth, the love, the affection shone through each post like sunrays on a bright day. One could actually bask in the warmth that was being generated in the blog. It was a project of affection and love and those were the sentiments that went on to create some of the most amazing vibes in The Treasure Trove that was created for the Mommies To Be.

The entire process was almost akin to bringing up a baby itself. Right from the conceptual stages to the actual visualization – it had a fair measure of everything, of every emotion that parenting brings alongwith it.

Excitement, euphoria, tiredness, exhaustion – almost to the point of no return, that eventual comeback from the exhaustion right back into the centre of action, the thrills, the travails, the tribulations. It was all there. That buzz that a surge of adrenaline brings about, the pure pleasure of seeing things take shape, the total delight that at times electrified and last but not the least – that unmistakable sense of adventure, of an escapade being planned, that of an exciting journey.

There were many a moment of silent contemplation, many a moment of delight, many a moment of hyperventilation and many a tears of frustration at things turning out just that little bit not-right.
Many a session of brainstorming, many behind the scenes discussions way into the wee hours of many mornings. Lots many ideas and thoughts came into play and the fabric of a dream began to be woven.
And out of all this, with 70 odd girls pouring their hearts and souls into it, The Treasure Trove was born.

And pretty much like parenting itself, this whole voyage turned out to be an emotional roller coaster ride too. It was all there – all the elements - that need to let-go, that need to nurture, that need to care for, that need to help bloom, that need to let loose and have fun, that need to make others have fun and alongwith all this came the realization, that warm fuzzy feeling of bonding. There is a very strong element of bonding that’s taken place over the past one month.

That feeling of being “involved”, of working towards the same goal brought out the best in each and every one of all the 70 odd members who were involved in this mammoth project. This was and did turn out to be an epic endeavor. One that is not going to be forgotten for a long long time to come.

And to each and every one who was involved in this vast journey, I, for one, doff my hat. As also to the Mommies To Be, all the lovely souls who proved to be such wonderful sports – zigzagging and zooming in and out of the maze of 49 blogs that had been set out for them and spending a couple of sleepless nights in the process – hats off to you guys.

Being a part of the whole endeavor has been a very unique experience, as I’m sure is the case with all the girls who have been involved in this project. Women from all different corners of the globe have shared their backgrounds with each other in what could well be the new beginnings of a lifelong friendship.

William Arthur Ward once said

"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."

And that, very succinctly, sums up the very essence of what’s happened in Blogsville over the past month or so.

As to the question of what everybody felt about the baby shower. The byline in the group page sums it all up very nicely in saying

Oh !! What a blast the shower has been !!! :-)

The Mommies To Be had this to say

And this is what some of the other Partners-In-Crime (members of The Doula Gang) had to say
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13 voice(s) said so:

Poppins said...

Oh Gauri, every time I read about how much has gone into it, I feel guilty and yet proud of this love that has been showered on us.

Now that I'm part of that group I even wonder how you guys managed to breathe, forget post or run your homes!

Maggie said...

Here's to you and the whole Doula Gang! What a production! :-)

dipali said...

It was just lovely, Gauri. Loved being part of it:):):)

Tharini said...

Ohhh Gauri. Loved what u said about this being this bringing up a baby. The trials and fristrations, the highs and lows included.

DotMom said...

loved the analogy.. the bonding has been priceless!!!! kudos to you and the rest for pulling it off so sucessfully!

Mystic Margarita said...

This entire experience was so out-of-this-world. You are right - it was like bringing up a baby! And thank you and the other wonderful ladies for making it possible! And thanks for letting me be a part of this. :)

Kodi's Mom said...

Poppins has expressed what I've been feeling but couldn't put my finger on - I feel guilty. that a monumental effort had gone in for nearly a month and I was only a recipient of the end result, not a contributor.

now, don't think that that means I won't call you evil anymore ;) lets talk abt those red herrings - what exactly have I done to you again?!

B o o said...

Ditto Poppins and Kodis Mom - I dont feel I deserve this kind of love at all!! I dont know how I am ever going to repay all of you for your kindness! These are the times I feel so frustrated that we dont live nearer to each other! :(

Sue said...

Ah, Gauri, I feel like a co-conspirator in a comic book. You know, the kind that rubs her hands in glee and laughs in manic fashion. :) See what effect you've had on me. And oh look, I'm delurking!

the mad momma said...

i am grinning. i can only remember the 1000 mails a day being exchanged. the frantic cries of Gauri, help!! while u slept in a diff timezone. we drove you nuts didnt we? but you and Tara were excellent in the way you handled all 70 of us and the confusion we created.

Something to Say said...

and we luv you guys for it!!!

Gauri said...

Poppin : :) The rate at which you guys are communicating in the group now, I wonder how you manage to post or run your homes now :DD

Mags : Cheers :) Thank you for being such a good sport about the insane insane bloghopping that we sent you on :)

Dipali : :) Some fun times they were, were they not ? :)

Tharini : Oh ! :) Was it not T ? :)

Dottie : Thank you dear. And yes, the bonding has been priceless

Mystic Margarita : We all got to know each other a lot better, did we not :).

Kodi's Mom : What have you done to me, you ask :) Wait till we meet and then I shalt tell thou :)

MM : Drove us nuts - no hon. As compared to the nutty siblings at home that drive me nuts - believe me - 70 of you guys put together cannot drive me up the wall as much :D

STS : Thanks sweetie :)

Gauri said...

Boo : Awwwww :)

Sue : Yaaayyyy!!!!!! that's no small achievement - I made you delurk. Yaaayyy !!! :D