07 April, 2008

Mr.Exasperation thinks on his feet !!!

Mr.Exasperation is being, errr……, pretty much exasperating nowadays. But then again, what’s new ? He’s always lived up to this name of his. Exasperatingly enough, for the most part, Mr.Exasperation is exasperatingly correct in his explanations. To his advantage is the fact that he thinks out-of-the-box. Not a conformist, this one – atleast as far as his thought processes go.

Among the many other traits that I see in the younger sibling, the one thing that stands out ever so remarkably is his ability to think on his feet. In that single flash of an instant, before one can bat an eyelid, before one remembers to exhale the breath that had been inhaled just a nanosecond back, those synapses inside of his head have collected data, analyzed it, evaluated it and the brain has already sent an answer that needs to be vocally fired.

Even today, in the fourth decade of my life, the ability to come up with an instantaneous response, a witty rejoinder or a timely riposte still fails me. It is not something that comes naturally, there is a rather prolonged thought process involved.

A few days back, for instance – Abhay was giving us a detailed description of the drawing that he’d made when he’d been for his Primary School Interview. The theme they’d been given was “Family” and he’d drawn all four of us – dad, mom, Aparna and himself.
Aparna went ahead and asked him as to why he’d not drawn Thathi (Grandmom). And this question held enough validity because Thathi has been staying with us for well over eight years now. Why then, did you not draw Thathi as part of your “Family” drawing, persisted Aparna.
There was a momentary silence, just a split second before he came back with a rejoinder to her query.

“Aparna – when I was making my drawing, Thathi had gone out for her exercise walk. Thathi was not at home. So I did not draw Thathi.”

I was speechless and so was Aparna. It was a perfectly logical reply and what astonished us was the speed with which he landed on his feet even when he’d been momentarily tripped.

In fact, when we were alone later on, Appu did mention to me “Even I would not have thought of that answer”. Well, neither would I have even imagined it.

Then there was this other incident.

A few weeks back, Abhay pulled out (from all his collected bits of artwork made at school) the Food Pyramid that he’d made at school. Then he began a long explanation about the different sources of food and how one should have atleast 3-4 helpings of vegetables and fruits in a day. Now, come hell or high water, he will not eat his vegetables. And he seems especially allergic to the greens. We waited for him to finish his explanation of the food pyramid theoretically and once he was done I asked him “You say you are supposed to eat vegetables. But you never eat any of these (pointing to the veggies on the food pyramid)”.

Again, it was just a momentary bit of silence on his part before pat came the reply
“But Mummy – I cannot eat these vegetables (again pointing to the very same veggies on the food pyramid). Because mummy – this is paper and I cannot eat paper.”

Yet again, last weekend, we were getting back home after an outing. We were in the MTR and Abhay was trying out his newfound reading abilities by reading out the names of the stations on the MTR route map.

There was this sign on the MTR which read “emergency exits” with a symbolic picture of a person with arrows pointing towards either ends of the train.

Vic asked Abhay if he could read what was written on that signboard. Those eyes scrunched up in concentration and the brows furrowed as he tried to figure out the word “emergency”. When he realized that he could not figure it out fully, he simply said “it means that you can go that way or that way” pointing towards both ends of the train with his left and right hand.

And once he realized that his explanation was bought, he sought help in figuring out the word “emergency”, which, since then has been added to his dictionary of words.

Again yesterday, we were on our way back home after a lovely outing and trail trekking on The Victoria Peak. On the bus, a rather tired mommy was staring into nothingness, idle thoughts just swirling and twirling inside of her head when Abhay sprang into action suddenly and started to shout excitedly “Mummy there is a level crossing here. Look – a level crossing Mummy – look !!”

Mommy did not bother to look out of the window. “We are on the road Abhay. How can there be a level crossing here ?. There are no trains here.” said Mommy, pretty much like a horse with blinkers on.

“No Mummy. Look – there is a level crossing here” said Abhay, not budging even a millimeter on this one. “See There Mummy – there are tram tracks and here is the road. So it is a level crossing Mummy.” he said.

Sure enough, there were tram tracks on the road and theoretically, he was right.
Mommy had the good grace to look and feel totally sheepish.

I don’t know if this ability of his to think on his feet can be classified as wit but it sure serves its purpose. And one thing is becoming rather clear – it would be a safe guess to say that this quality is getting honed and sharper as the days go by. Mommy sure thinks twice and looks around and makes sure that she cannot be cornered before negating him or telling him “that theory of yours is wrong”. One never knows what kind of a surprise explanation he has in store.
And like I said before, he is exasperatingly right many a times.

Like G.K.Chesterton once said

“Wit is a sword. It is meant to make people feel the point as well as see it.”

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Manjari Rai said...

Granny out on a walk!!!! Witty to the core!

dipali said...

Smart chap! Really quick thinking:)

choxbox said...

boy o boy!

Swati said...

Indeed witty

Usha said...

he is certainly quick witted and not yet 5 - I am bowled over. I think it is not eating the veggies that makes him so smart , I am cutting down on my veggies too. :)

Sunita said...

I am not how many times I have said this here before, but he is a really smart kid.
@Usha: ROTFL