23 April, 2008

All By Meself !!

Happened today morning. Mommy was in the shower and Abhay was ...... errr..... nosing around the house. Mommy could hear his feet pitter pattering all over the house and he seemed to be looking for something. Couple of minutes went by and Mommy could still hear the frantic flurry of pittering pattering feet, interspersed, at times, by a thumping noise of feet jumping onto the floor.

"What is he doing ?" thought Mommy to herself.

And finally decided to ask "Abhay - what are you doing ?".

"I'm looking for something Mum." came the reply and this was quickly followed by

"Yay !! I found it !! All by Meself.".

Mommy, in the meanwhile, had not the faintest of ideas as to what he was upto. Worry niggled because there were no extra pair of eyes to keep an eye on Abhay when Mommy was in the shower. With Grandma having gone back to Bombay on Saturday last and with Vic having gone off to work and Aparna off to school, it was just Mommy and Abhay at home. And with Mommy in the shower, Abhay, quite literally, had the whole house to himself.

"As long as I can hear him around the house, it should be fine" thought Mommy.

And that thought came a few minutes too soon, because a while later, there was total silence around the house. No running feet, no jumping feet, no one hollering "Mum" every couple of minutes - nothing !!!! There was pin drop silence. And pin drop silence never bodes well when there is a child on the loose !!!

"Abhay - what are you doing sweetie ?" asked Mommy from the shower.

No reply.

"Abhay - what are you up to ?." asked Mommy again, in the hope of eliciting a reply.

No reply.

Fingers crossed, hoping and praying that he was not upto some prank, Mommy hollered yet again "Abhay - what are you doing sweetie. Please come here."

A couple of seconds later the little face did peek in and all Mommy could see was those eyes gleaming with delight and a wide grin on his face. The gleam in those eyes, fortunately, was not wicked and Mommy heaved a small sigh of relief.

"What are you doing sweetie ?" asked Mommy

"Something, Mum" came the reply with a smile to match.
(So much for direct answers. Kids nowadays !!!!!!)

"Doing something naughty ?" asked Mommy

"No, Mum" came the serious reply, dripping with honesty.

"When you finish your bath Mum, I want to show you something" said Abhay with a wide grin and ran off before any more questions could be fired his way.

Question marks floating all around her head and a huge question mark on her puzzled face was how Mommy must have looked when she headed for the living room after her shower.

And there he was, standing on the carpet with a proud smile on his face.

Taaa Daaaa !!!!!! came the proclamation with those hands spread out wide.

"Look. See what I made Mum" he said.

And when Mommy did look, she was quite gobsmacked. For a "almost five year old" who had worked on his own, it was pretty good work :-).

Here's what he'd been upto.

He'd used the small design book (which had come with the magnetic board) for reference.

"I made this Mum." said Abhay with a grin.

"All By Meself."

Harry Browne once said

"The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do - by yourself, upon your own initiative."

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10 voice(s) said so:

Orchid said...

kudos to Abhay!
but I tell ya...the "all by myself" is like a five yr old's anthem...i get plenty of that here as well :)
its kinda nice to get a break..isn't it..since they want to do everything by themselves.

hey gauri..when u get a chance..can u shoot me an email with a few 5 yr old appropriate toys..something that challenegs them and keeps them occupied..thanks!

Kodi's Mom said...

he is so sweet :)
(and you were worried abt this guy??! tsk, tsk)

Suki said...

Yay for Abhay! :D

Suki said...

Yay for Abhay! :D

Just Like That said...

smart! And all by heself too :-D

DotMom said...

Wow. That's soo impressive!

Swati said...

YAY !!! Smart as ever!

Nat said...

clap clap!!!

WhatsInAName said...

aha! Momma must be so proud! and why not!

Poppins said...

LOL I always get that feeling when they're too quiet and so far I've always been right about the mischief. But this is too cute and too sweet!