20 March, 2008

Fingerpaintings and Sketches Aplenty ....

The Nutty Siblings' interest in painting, per se, had kind of waned recently. We used to do quite a lot of PlayDoh or the cutting/gluing kind of artwork or they used to be content with drawing and coloring with crayons. Painting had definitely taken a backseat.

Couple of weeks back, Abhay got it into his head and stuck to his guns that he wanted to fingerpaint. Slowly but steadily, the elder sibling was also dying to give fingerpainting a 'go'.

One Sunday morning, Vic sat down with the kids and showed them how to fingerpaint. He painted one page while they watched and absorbed every tiny detail. And then, he left it to them to pick up the threads and let their imagination loose.

Aside of fingerpainting, it has also given rise to an interest in sketches. Now that schools are closed, there is hardly any activity (aside of the homework that they've been given via the school websites), hardly any kids go out to play and since everyone at home has been taking turns falling sick, the last few days have been rather 'low ebb'.

But over the past couple of days too, the siblings have been quite busy - sketching.

"This was the fingerpainting Vic made to teach the kids how to fingerpaint."

"Aparna's fingerpainting of the sun setting in the backdrop of a sky ablaze with colours. And those two tiny figures in black are the nutty siblings watching the sunset."

"Abhay's fingerpainting of a tornado (which happens to be another topic of current interest), black and menacing, as it whirls and twirls its way across the landscape."

"Aparna's sketch of farm animals who have been out grazing during the day, watching the sunset across the small hills."

"Abhay's sketch of a house. According to him it had been a very cloudy day but the sun bumped away some of the clouds and started to shine in the sky and then it became a very sunny day. The two little children playing in front of the house do very much seem like Aparna's handiwork."

"Aparna's sketch of how things look when one looks out of the window of the kids' bedroom. The view is that of the clubhouse lawns with small palm trees and little plants bearing red flowers fringing the borders of the lawn."

"Abhay's sketch of winding roads all complete with lane dividers and signals and vehicles, flanked by highrises on both sides." What I loved about this sketch was the way in which he's drawn a smiley on the top of the page and it somehow seems to blend right in.

"This was a sketch I found the siblings working on together, simultaneously. Aparna was working on the layout of the house, the lawns, the plane, the dog, the cat, the kids playing while Abhay was working on the sky, the clouds, the rainbow, the sun, and he also decided to draw a windsock so that the plane could land safely."

We have a whole 9-10 days of holidays to go and the pots of PlayDoh are as yet, untouched. Probably next week :-).

Since they've been able to come up with these on paper, today, I've given them four shells (the slightly largish flat variety) and some poster paint to work on. Two shells each. Just curious to see what they can come up with on a confined workspace -because their painting would have to be confined to the tops of the shells.

Again, shells are a good variation because they're more like those "write, erase and re-use" writing boards. One set of painting done, digitize the images and if they like to, they could just wash off the paint from the shells, dry the surface and work on them all over again. Also, if this "shellpainting" generates enough interest, they could generate theme after theme on shells. It could be anything - autumn or spring flowers or butterflies or starry skies or festival themes ....... The list is seemingly endless.

Will have to wait and watch how that goes.

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10 voice(s) said so:

Swati said...

Nice ..they are both artists :)

Kodi's Mom said...

oh this is the post I have been waiting for! I knew you guys would come up with something creative to while away the hols and this stuff is awesome!!! both of them are excellent in their eye for detail and colorful depiction. look forward to shell art.

dipali said...

Lovely. Waiting for pictures of the shells!

Candyfloss said...

Gosh, wow! I'm artistically challened myself, but I can see that this is super stuff - the perspectives, the choice of colours - brilliant!

choxbox said...

very nice :)

Usha said...

my, my. a whole family of artists. Lovely stuff.

mnamma said...

Woww beautiful paintings and a very vivid imagination :) I loved the winding road one by Abhay and the finger painting by Apu showing a sunset complete with the two siblings is just perfect!

Aryan said...

The tornoado is really good..Great artists..

Suki said...

wow, they are both really great with drawing!
Looks like Playdoh will have to wait a few more days. Poor Playdoh! :P

Sunita said...

Wow!! The kids surely have inherited their creative streak from you guys. I love the way you keep them so creatively engaged "all the time". Gives me a lot of ideas