01 February, 2008

A Rather Unique Dictionary ....

A new edition of a rather unique English dictionary is being published in The Krishnans’ household.

Main contributors being none other than the nutty siblings.

I’ve been watching the many different ways in which language is evolving and it sure has been (and still is) interesting.

Commonplace words are being given a totally different and “attention-grabbing” connotation.

For just about any given thing, Aparna has fallen into the habit of saying “Oh RRRaaattssss”.

No No No.

In case you are trying to pronounce that – don’t just say the word “rats” like you normally would.

Twirl the “R” around with a lot of emphasis on the phonetics, drag the “A” around like Jerry drags Tom by the tail, thunk the “T” down like you would a saucepan on a head that you did not like and pull the “S” as long as you can till you sound like a hot dosa on a sizzling pan.

There !!

Now you said it. “Awwww Rrrraaattsssssss”.

Alrighty !!!

The other day when we were talking about something Aparna was about to respond with a “Oh Ss……….” But she kind of stopped at the 's'. I know not how the rest of the word was to go but she ended up saying “Awwww Shucks”.
As long as the word starting with S was not a four letter word and more importantly as long as the "S" in the “shucks” was not being replaced by a “F”, the earth did not tilt any further on its axis nor did it come to an ear shattering stop. Life went on.

And then there is the grudging note of “Awwwright” that Aparna seems to have perfected. Because in saying just that one word, so many muscles are brought into play. Along with the vocalisation of the word "Awwwright" there is a simultaneous roll of the eyes (heavenward, of course) and a slightly downward tilt of the mouth and clenched teeth and you have a combo that can beat McDonalds any day. That’s a killer combo, if ever you’ve seen one.

Yet again, why take the trouble of saying the entire word “because” when you can get your message across just by saying “cos”. Energy conservation, mind you, in full force here.

Both siblings have gotten into the habit of saying “cheeeesse and whiskers” as a substitute to the good old “Oh My God”.

Cheese and Whiskers ????!!!!

Where in the name of God did that come from ??

And there is yet another substitute for “Oh My God”. That being “Cinders and Ashes” !!

So whenever we hear either one of them saying “Cinders and Ashes” or “Cheese and Whiskers” our brains need to immediately compute and conclude that those are colourful ways of saying “Oh My God” !!

The other day saw the siblings arguing over something and I heard Aparna say “Now don’t go about acting all hoity poity – you hear me ?” . Hoity Poity !!!??

And then came Abhay’s reply “I not hoity poity because I not roly poly”.

Hoity Poity and Roly Poly !!!????

Would someone please translate ? What language is this ? And which part of outer space is it spoken in ?

Abhay, for instance, is going through a phase where he adds an “ed’ to just about every action word. As far as he is concerned, nowadays, any word that denotes “doing something” has to – simply has to end with an “ed” attached to it.

I drink”ed” my juice.
I eat”ed” my biscuit.
I bath”ed” already.
I fed”ed” the fishes.
I wear”ed” my shoes already.

I draw"ed" a picture.

He also seems to have borrowed a few verses from his elder sibling. When he feels the need to exclaim, excitedly or otherwise, over something, he invariably goes

"Awww Maannn" or "Awww Boy"

And of course, there is always the totally ubiquitous “Why” ?

Once the “why’s” start raining, it just pours tigers and elephants ?

Tigers and Elephants ??!!

Oh !! Now Mommy is beginning to sound like the siblings ….

"Cinders and Ashes !!!"

What was it I just said ??

"Awwww Shucks ..... I don't believe this !!!!!"

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3 voice(s) said so:

starry nights said...

I really enjoyed reading this post .It was hilarious.kids come up with the darnd'st things.

Preethi said...

Oh my Gauri... you rock.. I just loved the way you described rrrraaaaattssss :) You had me rolling on the ground at Cinders and Ashes and better still Cheese and Whiskers. Btw Shucks was a favorite of mine too as a kid.. till my room mate and a very dear friend told me (this was when I was working).. you don't have the guts to use sh** or f*** so you just coined this non-word!! I stopped using shucks too :)

Just Like That said...

Cinders and Whiskers! Kids' vocabulary these days! Hoity Poity or Roly Poly (ROFL)they be most entertaining.