15 February, 2008

Mommy is a ...........

Parents do name their children - and so did we. In fact, after having done away with the formal naming ceremony, Vic and me got around to giving the nutty siblings all kinds of nutty names. I had once done a post about it. Read more about it here.

Mommy has also been at the receiving end of many a naming ceremonies. Needless to say, unusual names. And as the days go by, both siblings are getting better and better at it.

For instance, when Mommy was in her last trimester of her second pregnancy, Aparna had lovingly christened a nickname for Mommy. She used to call Mommy a "Penguin". Explanation proferred was that Mommy used to waddle like a penguin. Quite true. Cannot refute that argument at all.

Admittedly Mommy used to waddle like a penguin but she used to feel more like a beached whale !!!

Since Abhay has been of an age when he could communicate effectively, both siblings had been referring to Mommy as "The Mummy Penguin".

One fine day, things changed.

Abhay once woke up in the wee hours of the morning - around 2 a.m actually - and opened the door and walked into the master bedroom - only to find Mommy perched on the chair merrily typing away on the computer.

This piece of information was quite apparently conveyed by the younger sibling to the elder one and the next morning Mommy did find them whispering about something for a while. They were gesticulating quite wildly and there were nods of the head - sometimes in the positive to say "yay" and sometimes in the negative to say "nay".

The mystery solved itself when Abhay walked up to Mommy and said "You are not a Penguin anymore. You are a Mummy Owl."

Explanation proferred was that Owls do not sleep at night and since he found me working on the PC in the wee hours of the morning, the siblings deemed it fit to turn Mommy into an Owl.

"Being called an Owl is much better than being referred to as a Penguin" thought Mommy.

Until Abhay suddenly asked "Can you roll your eyes like a owl ?"

Rolling your eyes every once in a while is quite OK. But when it has to be done constantly, one kind of begins to feel like a very dizzy owl whose eyeballs seem like a couple of discoballs in a constant state of dance.

Or better still, when Mommy caught Abhay doing something he should not have been doing and was told "But you are a Mummy Owl. You have to sleep in the day. You should not wake up in the day. If you don't wake up, Mummy cannot know what Abhay is doing".

Worse still, while getting the kids to bed, The Mummy Owl was told that she could not sleep at night because Owls don't sleep at night.

Oh !! Mommy was waiting with bated breath for this "Owl Phase" to end.

One fine day, Mommy was getting ready to take Abhay over to school. As Mommy was getting ready, she was found whistling merrily. Until she noticed the gleam in Abhay's eyes. He was sitting on the sofa, watching Mommy like a cat that had just swallowed the cream - looking all pleased with himself. Sure enough, there it was ....

"Mummy. You are not a mummy owl anymore. You are a Mummy Whale."

"Whale ?????!!!!!! Oh God !!!" thought Mommy. "Where in the name of God did that come from ?"

"Yeah. Whale. See you are wearing blue clothes and you are big and you are whistling. So Mummy is a Whale. "

Yeah Sure. Why ever not. He was doing wonderful things to Mommy's ego. The Mommy who works out religiously everyday in an effort to keep her weight under check was coolly and casually referred to as a Big Blue Whale !!!

But then again, as long as the siblings did not expect Mommy to swim and jump around in water like a whale, Mommy thanked her lucky stars.

Then again, a few days back, out of the blue, Abhay came over to Mommy and remarked

"Mummy. You are not Mummy Whale anymore. You are a Mummy Hippo. And there is not enough water in this house for Mummy Hippo to swim around."

Mommy did not dare ask Abhay for an explanation or a reasoning to that one !!!!!!!!!!!

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12 voice(s) said so:

Parul said...

Ouch! Kids can say the most damning things!! Hope you recover from that :)

(How cute, though!)

Just Like That said...

LOL! ROFL! Please PLEASE do ask him. Would love to hear the reasoning...!! ;-)

Preethi said...

I want to know.. please ask him :) would love to hear how he came up with that mommy hippo!! I am a lioness by the way.. and Nantu is Simba!! :P

dipali said...

Let us know what they come up with next:)

Orchid said...

I know...ouch!! but surely, you were smiling-its priceless wisdom after all.
Will do the tag, I have tagged twice with that now :)
somehow, blogging's been on the back burner these days

karmickids said...

Gauri, I feel your pain. I am an elephant. Or an oliphant. Yeah. I refuse to wear grey.

Trishna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trishna said...

OHHH OHHH Omg! I am cracking up!!they are so funny and cute!If you lovely ladies are getting such names,I am going on a diet right now.. before Aadya starts talking!

Gauri said...

Parul, Orchie, Kiran : I'm quite enjoying this actually. In fact, have decided to turn this into a game of sorts with them both. It will be fun and in the process they'll end up enhancing their knowledge about animals. Win-Win situation, that's what it is :-D

JLT, Preethi : :-D

Dipali : Something tells me this whole "animal game" is going to give me enough material for another post :-) Whatever happens will sure be logged in here :-)

Trishna : You are actually pre-empting a diet !! Dont. Think of all the fun you will miss out on :-)

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noon said...

Very cute! :) A feeling of joy and happiness as you visualize all this from your post...kids making fun of mommy...sweet...

Swati said...

Hahhhaha..this could not have been more funny..what witty kids you have ..Naming with a reasoning ...we never named our kids with a proper reason ..they are smarter :)