13 February, 2008

Links, Links and More Links - A Tag !!

I’ve been tagged with the “Link Tag” by Altoid, Boo, Inba and Preethi. Not one – mind you – four people !!!

People people - I am known to be notoriously erratic when dealing with tags. But then, as the saying goes, there is always room for improvement, is there not ? Especially when someone hands me a tag that screams I, Me, Myself from the rooftops, how can I but resist diving into it headfirst ??

Hmmm … the rules, before I forget them myself, are

Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts.
The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like.
Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do).

Boo very benevolently said “Go, Dig !!” whilst tagging me. I did go dig in the archives. And realized that I’ve not done any posts about my friends on the blog. Since this kind of disqualifies me, I had seriously thought about not doing the tag at all. I had a good loophole to exploit, you see. But then, the heart ruled over the head and here I am, doing the tag.

In order not to bend the rules of the tag, I just published a post on my childhood friends and am putting up a link here. Ingenious, ain’t I ?? But then, you know that, don’t you ?? !!

Exactly how much more narcissistic can I get. Read some more and you shall see.


My family is what my world revolves around. To be very honest, life, for me, came together after marriage. I’ve never really written about Vic but he has been and still is a huge steadying force in my life. Ours was very much an arranged marriage – horrorscopes and what not – but if there is something called “growing in love”, I sure can stake a claim to it.

Then, of course, the nutty siblings. The joys of our life. They’ve changed our life in ways we would not even have imagined. The kids added a whole new panorama to our lives.

Vic and me have always loved to travel. We are both wanderlusts. Even within HK, there have been plenty of hikes and treks that we’d undertaken in the first few years of marriage, before the kids arrived on the scene. Treks up hills, hikes on the Tai Tam Reservoir and lots many more. We loved to commune with nature. And after the kids came along, we did visit a lot of places in HK but the circle seemed complete when we walked through a trail on The Victoria Peak a few months back, with the kids. And it was beautiful to hike a trail together, all of us together.

The peace, the serenity, the beauty, the stillness, the vast blue skies and the lush greenery, the first heady feeling that the children experienced in reveling in the beauty of nature – is something that will remain entrenched in memory for a long long time.

I wrote about it here.


I’d never really done a post on my friends, until earlier today. Read about it here.


Oh !! This one is easy peasy. I’ve been described as the one with a quacky sense of humor, a very entertaining acquaintance :-) and many many more. There are – or should I say were – quite a few things about me that my friends in the blogging world were not aware of. Until one fine day when I was tagged by Maddie to reveal nine things about myself – eight facts and one fib. And then the skeletons started to come out of the closet. Read about it all here.

And then along came a tag calling upon me to list my quirks. Since I was erratic, as usual, in dealing with tags – the nutty siblings took it upon themselves to complete the tag on their quirky ole mom. Want to read about my quirks, my weird habits. Alrighty. Here you go.


I’ve had a constant love affair with books ever since my childhood days. And I wrote about it here.

Another passion of mine during my childhood and teenage years was philately. And I’ll be posting about that shortly, having been tagged by Dottie.

Another thing I’ve always loved is “creating” things with little bits of just about anything and everything. A couple of times I started such activities during the school holidays and I ended up getting into big trouble. My mom was quite obsessive about keeping the whole house sparkling clean – furniture, floors, just about everything. And a bit of glue smeared on the floor or small eeny weeny bits of paper lying around (after a particularly crafty exercise), or small drops of paint on the floor – absolutely sent her into a frenzy of sorts. And after being at the receiving many a screaming session dripping with sarcasm and disdain, the whole creativity thingy kind of got entire repressed within myself. After that, I never really gave vent to this creativity during childhood or during my teen years.

My hands would itch to give in to the craving to get a piece of paper or cloth or sponge or even vegetables and “create” something but the inevitable raving and ranting session that would follow made me cringe inwardly. Fear would win and in the process, the creative urges started to gather cobwebs.

Until the time my own children grew up and invariably I’d find Aparna poring over a piece of paper with a scissor in her hand. She’d nip and snip at the paper and end up creating some design out of it. Sometimes I would find her with a book, tracing the outline of her own palms on the book and then drawing out elaborate mehendi designs on the outline that she’d just drawn.

And it all came back with a vengeance. That urge, that need to give vent to the creativity, to put the pictures forming in the mind into objects which were physical and tangible.

Among other things, the one thing I absolutely love to do is hunker down with the kids and use whatever is at hand – playdoh, magnetic shapes, just paper, stickers – whatever – to “create” something. Read about those here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Anything I like

Hmmm. This is where the going gets slightly weird.

Like I said earlier, during my childhood and teen years, I used to want to carve up vegetables – to give them different shapes and see what I could make out of them. But I never really got around to trying that. Instead, all those energies got focused on being an expert vegetable cutter. Whatever was on the menu, the vegetables would be cut by me. And I used to love doing that. In fact, sometimes people have indeed remarked that when I got around to cutting the veggies, one could actually measure each piece with a scale and the sizes would invariably be the same.

During those days, attending social events like thread ceremonies or weddings took on a totally different connotation for me. I was not particularly interested in the ceremony that was taking place or for that matter who was getting married to whom. What really caught my attention was the hustle and bustle of activity in the huge kitchens. The way the cooks would deftly reduce a large huge pumpkin into small little pieces in a matter of minutes, the aroma of the many different spices that would go into the cooking process etc. So much so that I actually ended up doing a post on the traditional South Indian feast. Somehow this post still retains a very special place in my heart and memory. This was on my other blog – the one that I’ve been wanting to re-start but haven’t gotten around to.

There !! If any of you managed to get to the end of this post without giving up halfway, I have just one thing to say to you - Hats Off !!!

Now the fun part where I get to tag five others. I tag

Fuzzy [wakey wakey time Fuzzy. start posting soon].
Just Like That [see what happens JLT - when you say "*sigh* the working class" :-). You get more work.]
Sue [so that I can lurk on your blog some more]
Moppet Tales [who weaves humor effortlessly into every post of hers]
Orchid [who just finished doing one tag. Time for another tag Orchie].

Get to work folks !! Like Boo said - Go Dig !!!

Edited to Add : I had been tagged for this by the lovely Ano as well. Realised that when I visited her lovely blog today. And Ano, this is the first time ever in tag history that I have an opportunity to say - I've already done that tag ;-). Thank you for pouncing on this unsuspecting one :-).

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15 voice(s) said so:

Altoid said...

:). Thank you G ji. Just out of curiousity, who won the prize and which one was a fib?

Thank you so much for the back-breaking digging exercise! Oh we'll forget the time of the conversation in return for a promise of no more digging expeditions, deal?

Preethi said...

wow.. that was sooo good.. and yes tell us who won the prize??? I loved the previous post about friends too.. so precious!!

DotMom said...

Enjoyed the posts a lot.. especially the one about books.. I grew up on champak and target.

choxbox said...

Tagged (for the A to Z one).

Moppet's Mom said...

Good fun! Had already read most of your linked posts - loved the one on the sadya.

I think some 3 or 4 others have also tagged me for this one. Will get down to it soon!

Inba's Corner said...

good ones, gauri!

Mystic Margarita said...

Loved reading your posts once again, Gauri. :)

Just Like That said...

Ooooooooo!!!! Have changed that label ;-)

This tag has sure got me by the collar. Choxbox, Usha and now you!


I love Lucy said...

I wanted to tag you for the same thing as you would qualify as a new acquaintance whom I would love to get to know better but I was beaten to it !

Gauri said...

Altoid : Digging into archives, I believe, is supposed to be therapeutic :-D. And since you sent me on a digging expedition, I guess it is only fair that I return the favor. Do Dig in the comments box :-D

Preethi : You too - for having made me dig - get to dig around in the comments box :-D

Dottie : Thanks :-) And the pics being National Geographic - all credit to Vic. The pictures he takes are always Nat Geo quality.

Choxbox : will get around to it in a while OK ?

Moppets Mom : Thanks. And take your time with the tag.

Inba : Thanks :-)

Mystic Margarita : Thanks :-) Long time no see ?.

JLT : You asked for it !!

I Love Lucy : :-) But then, mission accomplished, right ? Know me better now ?

Lavs said...

And you completely forgot about my simple easy weesy tag.

dipali said...

Dug through the lot! What a fantabulous Mommy you are- lucky kids:)
I love you more than ever after reading all these posts. I read the comments in the fib post and couldn't get which was the fib- please tell, pretty please:)

Anonymous said...

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Neera said...

I am the hard working one and went on to read Vic's post in the next month archives to find out who the winner was and more importantly to know which one was the fib ..he he!!

Sue said...

Done it at last. :)