06 February, 2008

Just another day .........

The Chinese New Year break from school is on. And the nutty siblings are at home. The weather outside is really bad. Cold, Windy, Rainy ....... All in all not the sort of weather in which children can enjoy playing outdoors.

Which brings us to the situation on hand right now. Both siblings cooped up at home with a lot of energy they don’t really know how to spend. Perfect recipe for trouble in the making !!!

Like today morning, when the nutty siblings were brushing their teeth, there was lots of noises in the bathroom. The bathroom walls were quite literally reverberating with the “ooooo aaaaa eeeee” song. Our song. Our very own composition.

Just in case you ‘re wondering which year that song topped the Grammy charts in – let me enlighten you – it did not. Did not even get near any Grammy Chart. Nor is it a nursery rhyme. It is just one of those songs that dear ole Mommy devised when inspiration struck her one fine morning.

All because Mommy was of the opinion that the siblings were not doing the entire “teeth brushing” exercise enough justice. They were just not brushing their teeth properly enough. And out of the sheer necessity to get them to brush properly came the song “ooooo aaaaa eeeee”, the rendition of which is a mixture of tunes from Beethoven, Bach and Strauss. By the time they got the tune right (or thought they did) and by the time one repeated what the other had just hummed, the toothbrush and toothpaste had enough time to clean those pearlies.

Mommy’s quite ingenious, ain’t she ? Not quite, actually. She just has this knack of attracting trouble like an iron attracting magnets.

Because, of late, the “ooooo aaaaa eeeee” song sounds like it is being sung by Pavarotti with a terrible stomach ache. Imagine a dose of that early in the morning !!! To put a positive spin on things however, it does serve to completely wake up Mommy who tends to be walking around like a half asleep zombie in the mornings.

Today morning, after having brushed their teeth quite well, both siblings were admiring their teeth in the mirror. Abhay was heard saying “Hey Aparna – look – my teeth are shiny like McQueen.”

“Mine too” said Aparna with a huge grin. “My teeth are like McQueen too.” she said.

Abhay gave her a rather long and thoughtful look and then proceeded to look at his toothpaste which, incidentally, has pictures of McQueen and his gang on it. And said

“No Aparna. Your teeth are like Rusty’s teeth.”

There were a few seconds of absolutely mortified silence in the bathroom, during which time Mommy quietly slunk away from the “crime scene”. Mommy’s continued presence would surely have meant a host of complaints and a desperate request to arbitrate and defuse the situation.

“Why are you calling me Rusty ?” asked Aparna in that “How.can.you.say.that.to.me ?” tone in her voice.

“Because Aparna – you also have big big teeth like Rusty and you also have holes between your teeth like Rusty.”

“Mummy – what’s wrong with my teeth ? Abhay just called me Rusty” came her defiant, complaining voice followed by Aparna, who planted herself squarely in front of a rather tonguetied Mommy.

Mommy could not bring herself to tell Aparna that the explanation that Abhay had proferred was, well ….. not entirely off the mark. And the permanent teeth that have been sprouting are kind of growing wild. But Mommy just did not have the heart to tell Aparna that she was an Orthodontist’s dream. No. Not so early in the morning anyways.

The situation was eventually defused with Mommy explaining to Abhay that saying something like that can hurt Aparna's feelings. And he did go over and say "I'm sorreeeee Aparna" which visibly brightened her up.
And then he did come running back to Mommy in a few minutes to say "But Mummy Aparna's teeth are like Rusty's teeth." and then proceeded to drag Mommy around to the bathroom to show her Rusty on the toothpaste, in an effort to defend his explanation.

They cannot quarrel for a long span of time and eventually they were running around, boisterous as ever.

Sometimes, it is better to let them sort out the situation by themselves. For starters, they are the ones who got themselves into the “situation”, did they not ?? These are times when mommy just fades away from the scene, following what she now calls “The Erma Bombeck Principle”.

The Erma Bombeck Principle is a quote which goes

“When my kids get wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they are finished, I climb out.”

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B o o said...


nosh n reh's mum said...

oh yeah...either that or put your i pod on. and dance like no tommorrow.

Preethi said...

haha... poor Aparna.. have fun.. with t he break you sure have some fun times coming around!!

Just Like That said...

hahahaha oops, sorry! Didn't mean to hurt Appu's feelings here.
Glad they sorted it out between themselves.
Yeah, growing up can be a pain! And yeah, orthodontists too need rosy dreams, don't they? ;-)
Erma Bombeck is a treasure! :-D
And you're no less with your Pavarotti stomach cramps! ROFL!

Swati said...


choxbox said...

LOL! you guys are such fun!

yup often they sort it out, if we can hold out just that much longer.