05 February, 2008

Hot"VA" !!

Happened yesterday when Mommy was giving Abhay a shower.

It so happens that Hongkong is going through one of the most awful winters right now. I mean, being in Hongkong, we are going through one of the most dreadful, dreary, bitingly cold season. I did not mean to say that Hongkong is feeling cold - its the people who live here that are feeling cold.

Not to digress ..... back to the bathtub ......

Since the water was really warm, there was a lot of steam in the bathroom.

And suddenly, out of the blue .....

"Oooohhh see Mummy, the water is so hot." said Abhay

"Is the water too hot for you ?" asked Mommy, since he was behaving like a scalded cat.

"No No. It's OK for me. But see Mummy, there is so much steam that the water is like hotva"

"What "va" ?" asked Mommy, knowing fully well that it was indeed time. Time for some sleuthing and interpretations if Mommy was to know what "Hotva" meant.

"Hotva" said Abhay, looking pretty confident.

"Where does one find Hotva ?" asked Mommy

"In the big mountain." came the reply.

Ahhhh Ahhhhh !!! Now the picture was complete.

"Some big mountains are volcanes Mummy" said Abhay rather seriously.

"And on top of a volcano, there comes steam and then there comes Hotva".

And equally seriously, Mommy said "It's not called Hotva, Abhay. It is called Lava".

Replied Abhay, with a rather sheepish look,

"Ooopsie ...... I forgot. Hmmmm ........ the water is like Lava. Now I say it correct Mummy. It is like Lava."

All this talk about hotvas and lavas can be attributed to his current fascination with volcanoes.

Space still remains a fascination. In fact, this interest in volcanoes arose from the fact that he heard and saw a clipping of a space related programme on TV wherein the narrator mentioned that Planet Venus has more than a thousand volcanoes.

Thus began the questions

"What is a volcano ?" "What does it do ?" ....... and so on and so forth.

Long live the "Whats ?".

As long as the "Whats and Whys, Why Nots and Ifs" pour in, learning sure is going to be a much more interesting process.

Like Frank A. Clark once said

"There is nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child."

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7 voice(s) said so:

Aryan said...

Ofcourse Hotva is a good term for the little clever Abhay..
Aryan's mom

Preethi said...

hotva is so much better than lava... lava seems like such an unimaginative term now!! I loved the quote at the end.. yes our inquisitive kids do teach us a lot and help reaffirm / question our beliefs!

DotMom said...

lol.. see how he remembers new concepts?? thats amazing.. lava is hot.. and thw words ends with va something..so.

Altoid said...

Gauri :)


~nm said...

The quote is so very right.

And I like the term Hotva! I guess I will use it myself :)

Just Like That said...

Hotva seems so much more apt to describe it. :-) Kids are amazing the way they link and reason things, aren't they? And I loved you last quote. So true!

karmickids said...

Veery veery true...saar. well, trying to explain to brat about dinosaurs taught me that...the grandma tought him that god made man and I am teaching him man came from the monkeys...you know... and abhay just amazes me, he's brilliant.