30 January, 2008

Speechless Moments !!

It was one of those moments – the kind where your child says something and leaves you totally choking and speechless. Words just refuse to string together inside of your head and you don’t know what to say.

And while you are still basking in the glory of what your child just said to you, in the background you hazily hear the cacophony of other people – total strangers - voicing their approval and delight at what your child just said.

Yeah – one such moment. Mommy had one such moment and all thanks to who else but the innocent looking and ever so cheeky Abhay.

It happened yesterday.

Abhay and Mommy were getting back home from school. There were no school buses around yesterday and as a result no bus mothers around. Especially after the bus mother episode the other day, spotting a bus mother has kind of become a favorite pastime. Oh !! The surroundings can get so boring sometimes without bus mothers around !!

So on we went, trudging up the flight of stairs that would take us to our apartment block. On the way, as is normally the case, Abhay treated Mommy to a narration of the day’s happenings at school.

We got to the road and quite ritually, before crossing the road, Abhay looked left and right to make sure there were no vehicles and gave mommy the green light saying we could now cross the road. Sometimes Mommies just don’t have an idea of the traffic and pedestrian rules, you see. Always better to take extra care when helping Mommy cross the road !!

Once we reached our apartment block and were in through the second door without having to punch in the security code, as is normally the case, Abhay ran off to talk to the “security uncle” while Mommy waited in the lobby for the elevator. Mommy could hear Abhay chattering away to the “security uncle” in English and the uncle chatting away with Abhay in Cantonese. Even though neither one of them can really understand what the other is saying, they seem to have struck some kind of an equation. It is nice to watch the banter :-).

Both elevators were being held by someone in the upper floor and we could not take the fire escape stairs as the stairwell was being thoroughly washed and there was water and soap all over.

It was a while before the elevator got to the Podium. By then, there was a teeming mass of humanity waiting to make their way into the elevator. Abhay got back to the lobby and dutifully waited for the others to make their way into the elevator.

Simple reason why he waits – because he wants to jump into the elevator. Just in case anyone started to think that his motive was altruistic !!

Once he had jumped into the elevator he wanted Mommy to jump in as well. Now that would have been some sight.

“Jump Mummy Jump” he squealed in obvious delight.

Mommy decided to use Reverse Psychology and said

“OK. Here I go.”

Mommy was just about to holler "Brace !! Brace !!" for the benefit of the others in the elevator before she jumped in when .......

“Wait Mummy Wait” said Abhay, his voice going up a few octaves.

Incidentally, the others there seemed in absolutely no hurry to get home and were enjoying the spectacle that was unfolding in the elevator.

“No Mummy. Mummy don’t jump into the lift” said Abhay

“If Mummy jumps into the lift and falls down then ……”

Those little eyebrows had crinkled together and he looked really worried. And Mommy was rather pleased that the little guy was so thoughtful that the idea of Mommy falling down in the lift actually had him worried.

“Awwww. Sweetie” thought Mommy … while Abhay finished his sentence

“If Mummy jumps into the lift and falls down, then ……… the lift will broke.” said Abhay with a satisfied look on his face. The look of a job well done.

Mommy was rendered speechless.

And Mommy could hear the cacophony of other people – total strangers - voicing their approval and delight at what he'd just said.

The “Ha Ha Ha” in the elevator was resounding.

Mommy just went ahead and joined them too.

It is worth having a good laugh anytime.

So what if it is at one’s own expense !!!!!

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Tharini said...

It was all I could do to not scroll down and see exactly what that speechless moment was. Well worth the wait!!!

I really fell for it too and was already getting gooey...when the imp burst the bubble!!

He really has your humour genes! :D

Preethi said...

haha... i guessed it :) Having an imp like that myself. But then it did make so many laugh.. so it was worth the jump;)

choxbox said...


GettingThereNow said...

Ha ha ha!

WhatsInAName said...

I adore the way you spin a suspense thrillers :) around those one-liners...
brilliant :)

WhatsInAName said...

hey came back to say... I feel bad I missed meeting you in HK. In the whole hurried trip, didnt strike me! :(
Never mind, there is always a next time and if you are in Mumbai anytime, do let me know!

dipali said...

What a poppet:)