14 January, 2008

Noisy Nicknames and then some ...

The nutty siblings have quite loony parents. Even when it came to giving the nutty siblings nicknames, their loopy parents have just been getting better and better – with regard to innovative names that suit the situation.

I had written about all the eccentric nicknames that we have bestowed on both siblings in the past.

The going just gets better .......

The horrendous amount of noise that the siblings generate, proved to be the inspiration for their latest nicknames.

Here's Aparna now known as Noisy One

And here's Abhay now known as Noisy Two

They quite bring the house down and they screech and scream in total abandon and pure delight when they play together. The tiffs are more muted and serious – invariably followed by a short span of sulking – until they realize that it just is not worth wasting time sulking. I mean, when they can be creating a holy din around the house and turning the house into something that looks like a tornado just hit, why fritter away the precious element of time. When you can scream and yell like a banshee, why squander time being silent ? Sound logic actually !!!

If their friends are around too, hoo hoo – more the merrier !!! We then even have some live circus acts thrown in.

Just the other day, Mommy was casually mentioning to both the siblings about the screeches and the squeals and the yells and the yelps that they were busy generating, completely oblivious to the fact that onlookers were seriously considering investing in a pair of earplugs. To Mommy’s credit, she was trying her level best to look serious as she told the siblings that they make too much noise. And quite obviously, Mommy was failing quite miserably in keeping up that “serious look” on her face because laughter threatened to erupt at just a moment’s notice. And the siblings must surely have noticed the smiles that kept “creasing” Mommy’s “serious face”. Just when she thought they were not looking. Oh !! Moms can be so DUH at times. The siblings were visibly and quite apparently delighted to be at the receiving end of such a “lecture”.

Couple of days back, they were eerily silent for an unnaturally long time. Each lost in their own bubbles of thought and imagination. Just a span of total inertia. Indolence was in the air, lethargy was evident and the total apathy towards the resulting silence was quite deafening. Even when they were playing together, it was very very quiet. Everything was hushed, there was hardly any noise and the stillness and tranquility bordered on being disturbing !!!

“How come you guys are so quiet today ?” asked Mommy.

They looked at each other and the smiles began to line their faces, growing wider by the minute.

“Because I’m so tired” said Abhay with that cheeky grin reflected in his twinkling eyes.

Aparna had that look on her face as though she’d swallowed a bee – that look which says “I got you”. And then came the statement ........

“Just two days back Mum, you were telling us about the amount of noise we make. And today you’re asking us why we are so quiet ?”
A very mischevious grin split her face as she said “Mum – you sound confused” !!!!!

And that was followed by laughter that I can only describe as a mixture of mischief, glee and enjoyment. Needless to say, the younger sibling too followed suit without much delay.

Oh !! The boisterous and animated nutty siblings were back in action !!

And all was indeed well in our part of the world.

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noon said...

They look so adorably cute together! Am looking forward to all this here myself!

choxbox said...


Sraikh said...

Very cute.
My kids pull that trick one me as well..

2 B's mommy said...

same here ! same here !! We have to go looking for them to see if everything is ok, if the house becomes quiet suddenly !!!

Y said...

very sweet pics and very sweet post, gauri :-)

(zvzbrkrh is the word verification that i have been asked to type out, by the way! zvzbrkrh...sheesh!)

Preethi said...

I am reminded of the song in Mr. India... "Sorry Didi... " But then I have to say Same here!!!! We have a noisy noisy household with just one li'l monster!! :)