28 January, 2008

The Interview is Done and Over with .......

...... and Abhay has been accepted and offered a Primary One place in the ESF School.

We’d been for the interview today morning and about 45 minutes into the interview process, he came walking down the stairs with one of the Primary One teachers who was on the interview panel. And this is what she had to say .......

“Abhay has been accepted for a place in Primary One. It took him about five or ten minutes to warm up to the place. But once he did, he started to speak up well. His language skills are very good and so is his sentence construction. He immediately volunteered when the children were asked if they wanted to draw and color something. He could also explain and articulate about his drawings very well.”

She showed me the drawing too. It is a drawing of “his family”. All four of us sitting together and building something with Lego Blocks.

“He said all of you like to sit together and make things with Lego Blocks” said the teacher. “He said that you all play together a lot”.

“He spoke a lot to me about space and rockets. He really loves the subject and it was lovely to hear him talk about it.”

"The only area I feel he can do better is in interacting and playing with other children. Get him involved in larger groups of children so that he gets more confident interacting with them. It will also help him a lot in the classroom which will have 30 children”

As for Abhay, the moment we stepped into the school campus his eyes all but popped out of his head. From being used to a small kindergarten to a huge campus like this one. With a bit of encouragement, he was off and running, exploring the place.

The gleam in his eyes was visible and his excitement palpable when he started to look at the many different boards set up all around the school - all full of artwork done by children from various different classes. "So many artwork" he exclaimed before he ran off to look at another wall which had been decorated to resemble an aquarium.

His mouth actually dropped open when he saw the playground. "Aaahhhh. The play area is so biiiiiiiiggg" he said, and the look on his face was almost as though he had come face to face with one of the planets in the solar system !!

No wonder he kept running off to the loo - cos to get there he had to navigate through the area which led to the playground !!

On our way back home, as Abhay chattered on excitedly about the steady stream of traffic on the road, my mind did drift rather idly to two little bits of conversation from the past.

Two voices resonated a thumping beat inside my head.

One voice belonged to his Year One Kindergarten Teacher – screeching and shrill as she shrieked with absolute finality like the high priestess of some cult decreeing “There is absolutely nothing independent about him. He has learnt nothing from this year of kindergarten. And I am definitely not putting up his name for Year Two of Kindergarten because he just is not ready for it. He will not be able to cope, he will not be able to handle it. He is just not mentally and emotionally developed enough for his age”

The other voice belonged to his Year Two Kindergarten Teacher – calm and soft as she said “He’ll do just fine. Have faith in him.”

And in his own way, he disproved that first voice which had been wrong all along.

Come August, both siblings will be heading off to the same school, albeit at two different campuses. There will be plenty of challenges heading his way as he navigates and negotiates his way through school. There may be teething troubles, there are definitely bound to be hurdles - but that is the initiation into this journey called life. To fight against the odds and give it your best.

As was the case with Aparna four years back, Abhay too will, in a few months time, take those first few steps towards a whole new definition of independence.

And as is the case with just about every phenomenon, the beginning is a particularly notable moment.

Like the Chinese Taoist Philosopher Lao Tzu said

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

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14 voice(s) said so:

~nm said...

That sounds wonderful.

Hearing this from you gives me hope that Anirudh will also probably be fine when he goes to a big formal school this year in April (we are still trying for admissions).

I know its been said time and again that how you mould a child is how they turn out to be. Its obvious his year 2 Kindergarten teacher was good at it. Because she had faith in him. Because thats what that matters.

Just Like That said...

That's just wonderful. I can't help feeling that his first teacher must be a real numskull! I mean, all of us who come to your blog have only nice things to say about Abhay (he comes across as a really smart kid), and she had only THAT to say about him? She sounds like a particularly vicious specimen!

and good luck to dear Abhay! I'm sure he will go on to do you proud. :-)

Sree said...

Good luck Abhay!!!

Altoid said...

:-). With a name like that, there's nothing to fear except the sky falling over our heads :D.

Hopefully bus mothers exist in this school bus too, thats all I'm interested in, right now ;). Good luck, to the fearless one.

Random Thoughts said...
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Random Thoughts said...

Look at the way he walks with his hands in his pocket...reminds me of Jughead of Archies fame!

Neera said...

Many Congratulations to the smart and darling Abhay and to the proud parents! With a loving and nurturing family environment, he is sure to go places.
Do give him a big bear hug and a peck on the cheek for me :)

Preethi said...

this sounds so bitter sweet... I cant help thinking how you must feel to see that the little one is growing up :) I would find it a bittersweet experience I am sure.. Nantu might also go to a bigger school next year.. He hasn't visited yet... I did and I have since been wondering how he would react!! This gives me hope!

DotMom said...

gosh. Already??? This is going to be the beginning of a ifelong love of learning!!! Congrats and Good luck and blessings to our lil man!!

And you are tagged

Orchid said...

hey cool! must be an exciting time for all of you, good luck to Abhay..Li'l A starts this september, his academic odyssey, that is!

Tharini said...

That is one sweet picture! I loved reading about the little evaluation of his interview. Sounded perfect!

Such big times up ahead for the little master!

Gauri said...

~nm : Good luck with the admissions. Yes, his teacher in KG2 has been a huge positive influence.

JLT : Thanks dear :-) I need to get that email out to you sooon .... bear with me for a couple of days more ...

Sush : Thanks :-)

Altoid : Thanks :-) Boy Oh Boy - the fearless one's really sunk his claws into you with the bus mother episode now, has he ?? :-D

Random Thoughts : Wish he aped good old Jughead atleast to a little extent as far as eating habits go !!

Neera : Thanks and Will Do :-)

Preethi : Yes - it is indeed bittersweet to watch them grow and spread their wings :-). Nantu will be just fine in big school too.

Dottie : Thanks :-) Will get around to doing the tag in a few days time ... OK ??

Orchid : Thanks :-) And good luck to Lil A too as he embarks on his academic odessey.

T : That is one of my favorite pics too. Can't really put my finger on it but that pic has a totally different feel to it :-).

choxbox said...


wish all teachers of type 1 can get converted to type 2.

dipali said...

Congrats. Hope he has all nice teachers now:)