24 January, 2008

The Bus Mummy !!

The Abhayisms continue to roll in, albeit at a slower pace.

But then I’m not complaining. As long as they don’t go extinct, I’m game.

The other day, I’d been to school to fetch Abhay and as is normally the case, he stood on the sidewalk watching the school buses and their blinking hazard lights with total fascination. He wanted to wait there until the buses had left the school. And as is normally the case, Mommy dissuaded him. With a strong wind blowing the temperatures dropping, waiting around did not seem a very good idea.

Abhay, as always, wanted to know why the buses were waiting there – all empty.

Mommy, as always, explained that the bus driver was waiting for all the children who normally take the school bus home.

"Oh Goodie !!" exclaimed Abhay. "Let’s go get a rope."

"Rope ???" asked Mommy, quite puzzled and a wee bit alarmed.

“Yeah. Rope.” said Abhay

“Why do we need a rope ?” asked Mommy, her perplexity increasing by the second.

“We put a rope on the children and then all the children will go in a line to the bus fast fast. And the bus driver can close the bus door and then the bus will go. Yaaayyy !!!”

It took Mommy a couple of seconds to recover her footing. Her head was quite dizzy with thoughts of children being “roped in” towards a school bus.

“Abhay – there is someone called a Bus Mother” explained Mommy.

“Bus Mother ?” queried Abhay with a rather quizzical expression on his face.

“Yeah. Bus Mother. She makes sure that all the children get on to the bus before the bus leaves and she also takes care of them on the bus” proferred Mommy, by way of an explanation.

By then, the Bus Mother in question appeared, herding all the little children onto the bus. And he seemed to be staring at her in utter fascination. Mommy had absolutely no idea why. Little did Mommy realise that everything would become crystal clear over the next couple of minutes.

Just then, Abhay spotted one of his friends and started exclaiming “Hey let’s see the bus go”.

The friend in question was only too happy – to stand there and watch the buses leave, I guess.

Then, looking at the bus mother, the other little guy asked his Mommy “What is Aunty doing ?”

Abhay just had to pipe in – “That’s the mummy of the bus”.

“Bus not have any mummy” said the other little guy.

By now they had caught the attention of the “Bus Mummy” who smiled very benevolently at them. They were just two little children, after all. And I’m sure she had absolutely no idea that the conversation right then was pretty much revolving around her.

In an attempt to explain as to why he thought buses do have mommies, Abhay piped in “See the bus have lights behind. Bus Mummy also have lights behind”.

I understood what he meant. Thank God the Bus Mother didn’t !!!

It so happens that the jeans that the bus mother was wearing had two huge (I mean really huge) phosphorescent, shining circular yellow patches on both the backpockets of her jeans.

If one can actually die laughing, Mommy would have gone directly to heaven !!!

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15 voice(s) said so:

Aryan said...

I am here for the first time..Thanks for commenting on my space.
I couldn't stop laughing..My god Abhay is very clever. How could be associate the Bus Light with Bus Mommy's jeans..Hhhhaaa so funny..
You are in Hongkong? I came to China once when Aryan was in my tummy.(5th month). I really liked the place...Chinese food is different from what we get in India!!!
Aryan's mom

~nm said...

Simply hilarious!!! Hahahahaha..

Ohh boy! These kids say the most unexpected things. I can imagine how glad you were that the Bus Mother didn't understand one bit of it!!!

How did you control your laughter there? I would have been rolling on the floor for sure!

Just Like That said...


OOOOOOOOOO *wiping my tears away* that was so hiLARious! LONG live the Abhayisms.:-D
What absolutely original logic! Aren't you glad the Bus mother was out of hearing range?

A gift of love waiting for you at my blog...

Altoid said...

LOL. Very original :). I liked the bit about roping the kids into the bus.

I am very tempted to drive out when the school bus comes here and check for this "bus mother" character with bus lights! :P

DotMom said...

You would be better off putting disclaimers on your posts! I am at work and laughing sooooo hard.. everyone is staring :) What a tale!! what a tale!!!

Vishnu said...
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I love Lucy said...

That was soo cute!
What I cannot figure out is how the charming young man derived the whole logic and came to the conclusion that he did!Abhay is very clever indeed!

Preethi said...

oh my... i am still laughing... bus mommy also has lights behind!! She does need to be warned!! :P Eagerly awaiting more Abhayisms!!

Kodi's Mom said...

he is a riot! and he is back! ask him not to go anywhere with his brilliant Abhayisms... :)

K 3 said...


Blogged hopped here for the first time, and what a wonderful, fun, hilarious post. Back later!

dipali said...

What a lovely child you have!

Shobana said...

Such innocent sense of humor! Enjoy it when it's still sweet...

Sush said...

these kids relate things amazingly.. i mean they see the world in a whole new perspective!!! and yup.. i could go to heaven too.. mmuuah for the kids!!!

Gauri said...

Aryan's Mom : Welcome here. :-)

~nm : :-)

JLT : Thanks for the award. About the bus mother, even if she'd heard them I doubt if she'd have understood what was going on.

Altoid : Welcome here. :-) And did you drive down to check the "bus mother" character ? Do tell.

Dottie : Good for you. Laughing at work huh !! I'll tell Abhay to consider his good deed for the day done.

I Love Lucy : Hmmm .... that's Abhay logic for you. It is ... errr.... different.

Preethi, Kodi's Mom : more abhayisms definitely coming your way. Every time he comes up with one of his "isms" I am actually writing it down so that I don't forget to blog about it. :-)

K3 : Welcome here :-)

Dipali : Thanks :-)

Shobhana : I do agree. But ever wondered as to why this "innocent sense of humor" in kids always perks up when there are lot of people around ??!!! :-D

Sush : Yeah - they do have a different perspective.

choxbox said...

oh gawwwd gauri i have a got a stitch in my tummy from laughing so hard! i think i will meet you in heaven!