08 January, 2008

Abhayisms - a waning trend !!!

Abhay"isms" are quite clearly on the decline.

As his vocabulary increases, as his power of expression through speech gains force, there definitely is the Theory of Inverse Proportion at work. What is on the decline is that element of cuteness which was so much an integral part of what was construed as an “Abhayism”.

His speech is a lot more clear cut and he knows exactly what he’s saying. As such, the room for innocent gaffes has been reduced exponentially.

Over the past couple of months, there were, however, a few incidents when we got a few doses of ‘Abhayisms’. But by and large, Abhayisms seem well on their way towards being labeled “endangered”.

Abhay loves, just loves to spin around in circles. He seems to find the “going round and round in circles” theory simply irresistible. Ever so often, he is seen going round and round with his arms outstretched at inconceivable speeds. So much so that just looking at him makes the onlooker dizzy. After one such crazy spinning episode, he was seen wandering all over the house, banging into walls, laughing incoherently and dissipating into a whole spate of giggles.

We got a glimpse into how Abhay would be if he ever were stone drunk !!!!

And try as he might, he was not able to stop himself from teetering tottering all over the house because of the momentum his body had gained during his crazy spinning cycle (I’m making him sound like a washing machine now !!!) .

And when he did finally come to a stop and had finally managed to stop laughing he was heard saying “When you go round and round then the Earth goes round and round faster and faster and faster”.

There was this Sunday when we were having Chinese food for lunch. There was Chaoed Chinese Lettuce, Egg Fried Rice and Snow peas on the side. Quite apparently, this did not appeal to Abhay simply because he did not want to eat it. And this time around, he was being repeatedly asked as to what it was about the food that he did not like. Finally he seemed to give up on the elders in the family. They can really get his goat at times. Oh Yes !! It works both ways !! Just in case anyone’s thinking that we actually got him to eat it – you’d better have a second thought coming your way. Nope !! Basically his grouch was against the greens. And he came up with a rather “Abhayish” reply as to why he would not eat greens. “That is Chinese food – not People’s food !!” he chimed.

Huh ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the name of God is that supposed to mean ??

A few days later the same statement was put across at the sight of Spinach cooked very much our own Desi Ishtyle. Aloo Palak (spinach with potatoes) too was stated to be “Indian food and not People’s food” by our very own in-house anthropologist.

Pretty convenient, is it not ????!!! And pretty conniving, is he not ????!!!

During the Xmas break we had been on quite a few outings – albeit small ones. One of them was to good ole Kowloon Park where the Rose Garden was in full bloom. And as is normally the case, the plants had been watered and there were more than enough puddles for the young ones to jump into and out of. And that was precisely this little guy wanted. He embarked quite vigorously into what he termed as “making my footprints”. And sure enough, there were plenty of little footprints (or rather shoeprints) all over the concreted pathways.

This “footprinting” activity was in full swing for quite some time, after which it got a bit tedious (for us senior humans in the family, that is). To try and dissuade him from “making any more footprints” Mommy went ahead and told him that the water was quite muddy. To Mommy’s credit, the water was indeed quite muddy by then. Mommy had rather high hopes if she thought it was going to stop him from his footprinting project. Cos pat came the reply “Mummy – if the water is muddy – can Abhay make muddy footprints ?”.

Mommy chose to give up and stay sane.

So that is the picture he presents now, for the most part. The goofyness is still evident, at times. Sometimes, his thoughts are clad in a shroud of seriousness. Many a times, the clarity of thought is dazzling. And yet, there are plenty of times when the childhood innocence shines through – so pure and so sweet – as yet untouched by the winds of change.

An extremely complex little guy, he is. He sure is changing, evolving and the now evident clarity in his speech is helping a lot many more facets of his personality surface.

He is growing up. (*sigh*)

Like Pauline Kezer once said

"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights."

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Moppet's Mom said...

Sigh! Why do they have to grow up so fast? Missed coming around for a while - hope you all had a great New Year's Day, and wishing you an exciting 2008!

dipali said...

Missed you. Very cute post and cute son too. Reminds me of a friend's son: "People in China are so lucky, they eat Chinese food everyday":)

Happy New Year to you and your family, Gauri.

the mad momma said...

awww..we're going to miss the abhayisms so i can just imagine how much you will miss it. i guess this is the end of an era...


Kodi's Mom said...

So nice to see a Mr. Exasperation post after a long time. Sounds to me like Abhayisms are being replaced by Apu style wit! ("not people's food?!"LOL!)
guess we now need to dig through the archives for the classic Abhayisms huh? :)

Gauri said...

Moppet's Mom : Let me answer your question with a quote by Barbara Kingsolver - "It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't" :-))

Dipali : Kids !!!!! :-)

MM : Worry not - I'll have my hands full doing follow up posts on the riot acts that I see going on at home nowadays :-)

K's Mom : Appu style wit times two - now that's asking for trouble - I tell you. BTW, laughter in excess does not really have any side effects, does it ?? :-)))

Preethi said...

So cute... Thats not peoples food eh?? We must make sure Abhay and Nantu don't meet!!!! So far I have been answering all his complains about food with "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it!!"
Loved the footprints and the round and round merry go round!!! Abhay is so wise!! The earth goes round faster eh??
Blog linking you!!

Lavs said...

What..abhyaisms are going to be extinct is it?? Boo boo....they were my favourite....

Asha said...

hmm.. abhayisms were too nice.. he is growing up

Lavanya Raj said...

hi gauri..nice post...when i read abhayisms..i could feel inventing mom in you..i have 7 months old boy baby..iam thrilled to see my son ther like your son. keep posting.

Lavanya Raj said...

and thanks for adding and visiting my blog.

Just Like That said...

Awww.. Gauri, that last picture of Abhay is such a lovely one....
Sigh, he's growing up fast, isn't he? But yeah, I do agree with your response to Moppet's Mom too..

2 B's mommy said...

Witnessing the end of an era on my first visit here :-( Well, I better dig in to your archives before I am introduced to the new Abhay as I am blogrolling you too to read more about your kids and life in HK !

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

harsha said...

hey gauri.... have seen your blog after ages... watever few mins I had reading it was really fun... ure getting better at it by the day... 1 fine day hopefully I'd love to read each & everyone of your blogs...

Keep up the amazing work... can get an insight into the future by just reading it all...

luvs/ harsha

Gauri said...

Preethi : Come to think of it, it would be fun if they did meet. Innovative minds times two - what fun :-)

Lavs : The archives await. And in a couple of years time, I guess, you'll have plenty of "isms" at your place as well :-)

Asha : Yeah. True.

Lavanya Raj : Thanks for visiting. Looking forward to seeing you in the comment space in the future too.

JLT : Thanks, dear. Am yet to email you. Will do so soon.

2b's Mommy : Welcome here. Hope to see you around more often :-)

Harsha : Hey :-) It's great to see you in the comments space. Yeah - do dig in. The archives await you .....

Usha said...

I loved that one about the earth spinning faster when you go round and round ) imagine we could have a new year every few days!
I know it is a pity that they grow old so soon but trust me he will bring other kinds of joy to his parents.