22 December, 2007

Pets, Pets and More Pets !!!

Our home is fast turning into an animal farm !!!!

The saga originally began with a single goldfish in a fishbowl. And this was way back in 1996. And then we had this notion that the single little fish was feeling rather bored. So then, along came many little goldfishes. Since then, there have been many many batches of little goldfishes who have grown big in the aquarium at home.

Many months back, we brought home a little turtle from the pet shop. And this little turtle was so tiny that the kids aptly christened it Tiny Timmy. Months have flown past and since then, Timmy too has grown. Grown enough for us to shed the “Tiny” which was attached to the name Timmy. Now, it’s just Timmy.

A few weeks back, we’d been to the pet shop to get some more goldfishes for the aquarium since the existing fishes are not “little” fishes anymore. While at the pet shop, we happened to glance at the turtle pen (have I mentioned before that Vic and me have this natural penchant for attracting trouble) and found one little baby turtle prancing around merrily up and over the shells of all the other turtles there.

What can I say ??

It was love at first sight :-D And when we got back home that day, much to the delight of Appu and Abhay, a little turtle too had come home with us. This little one has been christened Tammy. I simply don’t know what it is with the siblings and their weakness for rhyming names. They seem to find rhyming names irresistible. So now we have two turtles too, for good measure.

Well, the story does not end there. The siblings seem to be hell bent on turning our home into a farmhouse of sorts !!! A week after Tammy came home, the siblings were found arguing furiously over something. I did not dare ask what it was. But then, as they normally do, both came over cribbing and complaining.

Appu : Mum – I’m just trying to explain to Abhay that it would be nice to have a cat at home.

Abhay : No !! A doggy. I want a doggy.

Appu : Abhay. Cats are soooo nice. They are so warm, so cuddly and they meow. They don’t bark.

Abhay : I like bark. I don’t like meow.

Appu : If you like bark, why don’t you sit and bark. Why do we need a dog ?

Abhay : No. I cannot bark. Only doggies bark. I don’t like meow.

In the midst of all this, no one actually noticed the horror stricken mommy who was perched on the sofa. Mommy, who was so totally unable to comprehend where this talk about getting a cat or a dog originated. Mommy, who, for once, was totally frightened into shock or shocked into fright, whichever way one looked at it.

Imagine a house with two boisterous kids and a barking dog and the meowing cat. Thank the Lord that fishes and turtles do not make noise.

If there was a spaceship planning a take off to Mars (or any other godforsaken planet, for that matter) and looking for volunteers from Earth, Mommy would certainly have jumped onto it without a second thought.

Cats and Dogs !!!! Hmmmpppffff !!!!

But despite all the heated protests and the furore and ruckus that ensued, eventually, the kids got what they wanted.

Simple as that !!!

And Mommy and Daddy managed to stay sane through it all. In fact, we still are – sane, that is !!!

How did that happen ?

Simple answer – Serendipity !!!!

We were out shopping the other day (without the siblings) and Vic happened to glance at some totally cosy looking blankets and decided to buy two blankets for the siblings. I happened to be in another section and was blissfully unaware of the blanket shopping that was going on.

And when I finally did see the blankets at the checkout counter, nestled in their individual bags, I could not help but smile – no – make that a beam :-D

Like Lawrence Block once said

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”

If this was not serendipitous, I honestly don’t know what else to call it !!!

All those barks and meows do indeed sound like a very very distant dream right now.

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13 voice(s) said so:

dipali said...

What a relief, Gauri!

choxbox said...

brought a smile - as usual :)

DotMom said...

And I was expecting to see cats and dogd and you pulling out your hair... you got out og it this time :) nice suspense!

Neera said...

ha ha ha .I am beaming too!! The quote sums it up so well :)

Preethi said...

haha.. that was really nice.. i bet that has not ended the argument.. but has only sparked it further with Appu looking at the blankets and dreaming of the cuddly cats and Abhay of the barking dogs!!!
Nice post...

Hip Grandma said...

don't be angry with them.I agree with abhay.Doggies are cute.Nice account.

Sraikh said...

My kids all are united in wanting a dog. For now, I have reasoned with them, once we have a house with a yard, we might "think" of getting one.*Shudder at the thought of it* But I like your idea much better.

karmickids said...

I know just how you feel. The mother in law is evilly persuading the brat to harass me for a doggie, just because she loves them, and her reasoning is that if I dont give him a sibling, I should give him a dog to play with. Can you imagine the hell with two bounding bundles in the house? Happy new year to you all...

Lavs said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Squiggles Mom said...

Very very clever :)

Just Like That said...

My dear Gauri, When I got some time, popped in to wish you for the new year. But-- once I started to read, as ususal , You just had me reading on and on.... till i had read ALL of your posts that i missed out on.
I'm glad I have my new job, it makes a world of difference to enjoy what I'm doing at work. But one thing I do miss is blogging and reading up on fellow bloggers. I miss reading and responding immediately to posts that strike a chord (yours inevitably do every time) and I miss the little snippets on the little people a world away, but close to my heart.Probably -no make that definitely- even closer to my heart than some of my relatives.

I wish for you, my friend, that this year has a load of wonderful moments, which in turn lead to memorable posts and memories that you can hold close to your heart. :-)

hillgrandmom said...

Cool, cool serendipity :D

Sue said...

Hey, post already!