05 December, 2007

Oh !!! The Nutty Nutty Siblings !!!

Appu gets back from school before Abhay does. Invariably, when I get Abhay back home, Appu waits for him just outside the elevator doors and the moment they see each other the lobby turns into some kind of Red Indian warfare environment. No – they don’t fight. I’m trying to paint a picture of the amount of noise and sound that is generated by the two of them. There is a lot of screeching and a whole lot of hoopla and jumping and “I’m home” and “Yaay – You’re home” flying around in the air.

Makes me wonder as to how our neighbor puts up with the all the clamor and din that these two create. But sweet lady that she is, she actually gives both the siblings a sweet smile whenever she lays her eyes on them – be it on the road, be it in the lobby – wherever.

Now this sweet neighbor of ours is totally terrified of spiders. In fact, when we were decorating for Halloween this year, we’d put up a huge paper spider as part of the decorations. I was perched rather precariously on a ladder, decorating the top of the door when a scream almost made me topple off the ladder. A cautious peek confirmed that it was our neighbor. She refused to even unlock her door and had to be escorted by one of her friends. Why ? Because there was a paper spider hanging in the lobby.

End of Detour

All the clatter and racket that the siblings create led Vic to remark the other day that in her next life our neighbor, in addition to spiders, is going to be mortally terrified of children too.

That should give one an idea about exactly how boisterous the siblings can get.

The other day, Abhay did not find Appu waiting for him near the lift door and he all but barged home screaming “aparna” “apaaaarnnaa” all the way. This is what followed

Abhay : Aparna Apaarnnaa – you know – food is over.

Aparna : (a huge question mark all over her face) Food is over ???

Abhay : Yeah. Food is over.

Aparna : Where is food over ?

Abhay : At school.

Aparna : At school ? Your school ?

Abhay : (the picture of confidence) yeah.

Aparna : Oh My God !! No food today ?

Abhay : No Aparna. No food today.

Aparna : No food in school today ?

Abhay : No. No food in school today.

Aparna : Are you hungry or something ?

Abhay : No. I not hungry.

Aparna : But no food today at school, right ??

Abhay : Yeah no food today.

Aparna : (a picture of concern) You mean you did not have a snack at school ?

Abhay : (puzzled face) I had my snack at school.

Aparna : (indignation stamped on her face) But you just said no food at school ?

Abhay : Yeah – no food. Today we have transportation.

Aparna : Transportation ???????? I know you like your cars and buses but do you eat them too ??????

Abhay : (with a straight face) No Aparna. Food topic is over. Now we do transportation topic.

Aparna : (realization dawns bright and clear) Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Mommy was to be found rolling on the floor with tears of laughter streaming uncontrollably down her face.

The other day found both siblings furiously arguing over something.

Aparna : You want to eat that.

Abhay : Yes. Yes. I want to.

Aparna : You eat one and I eat one OK ?

Abhay : OK Aparna.

Aparna : Abhay move out of the way. Let me get it out of the fridge.

Abhay : No Aparna. First we go to the spaceship.

Aparna : (puzzled) Spaceship ?? Why do we need a spaceship. It is in the fridge – not a spaceship.

Abhay : No Aparna. Lets go. Lets go.

Aparna : (exasperation beginning to show) G.o W.h.e.r.e ????

Abhay : Into the spaceship.

Aparna : Abhay. I am going to eat this right here – on E.A.R.T.H.

Abhay : See Aparna. M.A.R.S – that is Mars. So we go to Mars in a spaceship to eat M.A.R.S.

They were arguing over MARS Bars which were in the fridge.

Aparna : (thoroughly exasperated) So Abhay tell me – if we have to eat icecreams – will we need to go to Antartica ???!!!!

Scenes like these are pretty much common nowadays.

They haggle, they argue, they fight and end of the day, fact remains that they cannot do without each other.

When Aparna had been away camping last month, she was away from home three days and two nights. Abhay was all questions. Where will she stay ? Will she stay in a tent ? Where will she eat ? Does the tent have a toilet ? Where will she brush her teeth ?

She got back from camp before he got back from school. And when he got back from school and found Appu waiting for him near the elevator, the grin on his face said it all. “Aparna ..... you come back ?” was all he could manage with a huge 100 watt grin on his face.

Mommy gave them a half hour tops. Well, we did not have to wait that long.
Ten minutes and they were haggling furiously over something.
A further ten minutes of sulking and being cross with each other.
Half hour later the walls were resounding with yells of delight and gurgles of laughter.

Such scenarios are pretty commonplace nowadays. For what seems like most of the time, they are at each others’ throats like a cat and a mouse. Yet, when either one of them is at the receiving end of something as small as a stern look or something serious as a reprimand from Mommy, the other sibling is seen jumping into the fray with something like “Mum – don’t talk to Aparna like that” or “Mom – don’t get mad at him” or the like.

Having grown up an only child, I’m now getting to experience the vast panorama of the relationship between siblings in all its colours. Right from the fights to the sulks to the tears to the smiles to the laughter to the banter to the din to the clamor to the fun to the arguments to the exasperations to the competitiveness.

And as an added bonus, they are both nutty and batty in their own ways. I came across an anonymous quote recently that applies to Appu and Abhay perfectly.

It goes something like this ....

“Sibling to sibling they will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.”

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d said...

hey want appu bday details and pics and also appu camp details and pics...

~nm said...

:) So very sweet!! It made me smile and remember my younger days with my sisters!

Orchid said...

:) reminded me of my own childhood with D my younger brother!

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

So beautiful! wants me to have one more, right now.

GettingThereNow said...

Ohhhh Gauri! THIS is why I wanted my children spaced 18 months apart at the most. But you know what they say about man proposing and God disposing, right?

I still hope S and M will have a good relationship and will be as crazy about each other as Aparna and Abhay are. This post warmed my heart!

DotMom said...

catching my breath... this is sooooo hilarious. Aparna is one bright girl, that she is and Abhay is right behind her. God bless these beautiful children.

Neera said...

Wow again!! Can't wait for my children to grow up and have conversations like these :)
Incidentally, have been noticing a few similarities between us ..both of us are Virgos - b'days one day apart, are the only child of our parents (read it in this post) and have a girl and a boy :)

choxbox said...

that was lovely to read!

karmickids said...

Gosh Gauri, the more I read your blog, the guiltier I feel for depriving the brat of a sibling...

mnamma said...

Lovely read Gauri! And I completely understand when you say they simply cannot do without each other :) Excellent read as always!

Tarun Chandel said...

So hilarious I am laughing and everyone around is looking at me as if I have gone crazy :)

Now they all have read it and are laughing as well :)


Tharini said...

That's just beautiful G. I loved seeing the little nuances of thier relationship like this. The best was the thought f either one waiting for each other by the elevator. So sweet!

I am all agog now with desire to see how A and S will be with each other.