19 November, 2007

Plenty of Giggles and Lots of Laughter ....

I had done a post a while back about how the winds of change are blowing around Aparna. The little lady is pretty much evolving – almost on a continuous basis and almost each day presents us with a new facet – sometimes a totally new facet to her personality and at times some old trait with new colors infused in it.

One thing that has been making its mark and making its presence felt is her sense of humor. Oh !! It is absolutely quacky (YES !!!!!!!!!) and so totally whacky. Many a times she manages to have us in splits ever so effortlessly.

Is this the same little girl who hardly used to smile ? Even her Primary One teacher had once remarked to me when Appu had just started Primary School that “Getting Aparna to smile really takes something very very very very funny”. Admittedly she never used to be very liberal with her smiles and the two loony bins that she has for parents used to wonder ever so often as to where those “quacky humor” genes had disappeared.

Had evolution decided that those genes could be done away with ?

Apparently not !!

With time and with her confidence growing, her sense of humor knows no bounds. She is pretty much capable of doing a stand alone comedy show. God – she’d probably give Russell Peters a run for his money. And she definitely does not use the kind of language that he does. She’s pretty child friendly !!!

She has this inimitable capacity to imitate and mime just about anyone she gets to see and interact with – say four or five times. Her favourite target is the busmother that the kids had during their Primary Three year. Now this busmother was a rather birdlike person with a scared-bird attitude. Basically she was the kind of person who always had one finger on the Emergency Button. And Panic was her middle name. And while I knew that the girls on the bus always had been very amused by their busmother and her panic antics, we were rather blissfully unaware of the many different facets that were being absorbed by some of the kids. The way she speaks, for instance or that panic stricken look on her face for absolutely no reason. And the way she mimes and mimics the erstwhile busmother is way too funny for me to even start trying to describe it in words.

And it has not stopped at that. This little lady is getting better by the day. To top things, she is invariably found walking around with a digital camera – be it indoors or outdoors. God Help Us – for we know not when and what inconsistency she is going to catch us in !!!

A burgeoning sense of humor on a budding photographer who is good at miming and imitating !!!! Now if that is not one dangerous combination – what is ???? !!!!!

Another distinct ability that is developing is one of being able to get on people’s nerves effortlessly. Oh !! She can so get one’s goat so smoothly and with such ease that it never ceases to be a source of amazement. And all that nonchalance and the casualness with irritating someone is so cloaked with wit and absurdity at times that it leaves one wondering – “Am I supposed to show my irritation first or should I just give in to the urge and laugh my heart out ?” . That’s what I call “Creating Confusion Naturally”.

Appu’s teacher too was seen remarking (when I met her last week for a Parent Teacher Meeting) that there is a definite twinkle in those eyes now almost all the time. And the shy, sweet smile that was evident in her Primary Three year has now been replaced by a rather impish, elfin grin and many a times, a very pleased and happy beam.

Spontaneous giggles, hearty guffaws and mindblowing laughter. That more than sums up the sense of humor situation with Aparna right now. She does not need any particular time or place to let the hilarity or the wit or the funny side of any situation take over. And once she gets into that mode the laughter gets enormously contagious. People around her cannot help but laugh.

Like Henry Ward Beecher once said

“A person with a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It is jolted by just about every pebble on the road.”

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DotMom said...

i bet she thought she could make better jokes in primary one and she is proving she can. here's to the funny girl!

Itchingtowrite said...


Tharini said...

What a cute post Gauri. I am really fascinated to hear abt this side of Aparna.

I know it would be a whole different thing to see her in action. But thanks for giving us the next best thing.

I loved the quote right after this perfect post. It was...puuurrfect! :)

NainaAshley said...

Its amazing to see how their personalities evolve.
BTW loved the Diwali pictures.

Rohini said...

What a nice age :)

S.S said...

Nice Post. By reading this my serious facial expression turned into smile and slowly my heart was filled with cheerfulness. Loved Appu’s Diwali dress.


karmickids said...

That was so good to read Gauri, especially in context of the brat being on the warpath with anything that crosses his way these days. What a delightful girl she is...

Squiggles Mom said...

It was nice to read about her changing facets. Makes you look forward to each day, na?

WhatsInAName said...

Heres wishing little (but growing) Appu, plenty of giggles and lots of laughter all through her life! :)

Very sweet post.

Hip Grandma said...

let her laugh her heart out and give you nightmares.It is her right and you can't take it away.after all what are children if they don't get on your nerves?

Swati said...