23 October, 2007

Off the Cuff !!! .........

......... That's how this got penned down. Totally out of the blue. Read on ......

The whole project was rather simple. At first glance. It was almost a routine project.

“It’s just a matter of getting all ten of them to cooperate”. “Things can’t get any simpler” thought the Project Manager.

“OK. All of you, listen up.” "Alright. That's enough insubordination. Now listen to me" screamed the Project Manager, knowing within the heart of hearts that noncompliance was the order of the day.

The ten merrily carried on concentrating – totally absorbed, focused and engaged in their own whims.

“Gather around. Time to get to work.”

A note of desperation and futility was fast creeping into his voice.

No response. The ten in question were flailing around wildly – each one doing their own thing. There was no synchronization, no organisation and absolutely no question of harmony.

“Each one to one’s own” said all ten together.

The Project Manager’s frustration was quite evident. The project in question had to be completed within the deadline. If not, there sure was going to be hell to pay. And he certainly did not want to be at the receiving end of the volley that was sure to be aimed at him.

He had to get these ten together to finish off the project. Somehow, anyhow ……

He just had to.

The Project Manager tried to group them into two clusters of five each. One cluster would work while the other cluster rested and then the other cluster would work while the first one rested.

“Alright. You five – get going on this one” said he.

This ploy did work a bit, for the five atleast started, albeit slowly, on the job. It was very slow going because for every bit of the job that got done, a tiny bit of it got undone.

“Collateral Damage” thought the Project Manager. “Can’t be helped.” He reasoned.

Time seemed to fly past and the project was more than halfway through. The first five worked and then the second five.

He was just beginning to see shades of light at the end of the tunnel when suddenly ...

............ without any warning, the door flew open and in walked both the Bosses.

“Uh Oh” thought the Project Manager to himself, growing shades paler by the second.

“There’s going to be trouble. Big Trouble”.

The only thing he could do was brace himself.

All ten of his workmen seemed to shrink and curl up out of sheer fear – because they knew only too well how disastrous the consequences of an uncompleted project could be.

There was a moment of utter silence. Deafening silence. The lull before the storm.

“What have you been doing ?” yelled Mom and Dad, almost unanimously.

“Why have you spilt all my beads on the floor ?” yelled Mom, fuming and almost incoherent.

“And who do you think is going to clean all this up ?” she shrieked.

The Project Manager, all of three years old, looked up.

Words failed him.

“If only all ten of my fingers had listened to me, obeyed my instructions at the same time” he thought to himself.

“If only …….”

[This was penned down about a month back. Since it is not going to be serving the purpose for which it was originally intended, I decided to post it here. This way, when Appu and Abhay are old enough to read this on their own, they can spend quite a bit of time comparing notes and looking back on the times they'd found themselves in the "Project Manager's" shoes :-) - with a very evil "Boss" to contend with, of course :-)]

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Just Like That said...

Please go collect your award.

Usha said...

The bosses are very unfair on the P.M - after all he is trying his best with that un co-operative, insubordiante team.
Bad bosses! Good P.M!!(LOL)

Squiggles Mom said...

They need to read Dilbert :)

Parul said...

Poor, poor Project Manager...you give him a hug now :D

NainaAshley said...

Bosses always have a way of showing up at the wrong time. I feel for the PM.

Gauri said...

JLT, Usha, Parul, NainaAshley : This was a work of pure fiction :-) Like I said, penned down when inspiration struck. Had it been Abhay in question, we would have been more inclined to find all the errant beads and stash them off safely before he could hatch plans to stuff them into his nostrils or his ears. :-))
The hugs sent his way will however be duly passed on to him :-))

WhatsInAName said...

lol :)